Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th February 2013 Written Update

Bhabhasa is taking money and listing names of donators. Bhabho tells prasad and pooja things to Chavvi who is listing them. Mohit comes there to take the list. Meena remembers something and asks Mohit to wait and asks Bhabho’s permission to go to the market to help Mohit. Bhabho taunts her saying she has to return on time and not spend time in chat shops. Meena assures she will not.

Sandhya is putting genda phool garland to the door threshold. She is thinking about Brandon’s words and slips from the stool. Suraj who is passing by catches her and the garland falls around their neck. Eye lock with BG and then while they are trying to remove the garland, Chotu with puppy and his friends are laughing at them. Suraj manages to remove the garland and hushes Chotu to stop

laughing and asks what they are doing there. Chotu answers it is street and they are playing. Suraj asks whose puppy it is and Chotu says it is his friend’s. Sandhya take the puppy and says it is very cute. Suraj asks her to leave it down but Chotu says Bankelal won’t bite, it is very nice. Suraj wonders who Bankelal is and Chotu says it is the puppy’s name. Suraj wonders puppies are always named moti, etc and not Bankelal. He calls the puppy as moti but the puppy is not listening. Sandhya says to Suraj that the puppy knows its name is Bankelal so to call it by that name. Suraj calls Bankelal and the puppy turns to him. Bhabho calls Sandhya and she runs inside giving the puppy to Suraj who is hesitant. He then gives it to Chotu and goes to shop.

Swamiji has arrived in hanuman galli which is all decorated and people shower flowers on Swamiji and chanting slogans. Meena is feeling uneasy with nausea and dizziness. All the people praise Swamiji and wish to serve him. Swamiji says he is pleased and wish to visit all the houses but cannot due to shortage of time and he does everything as per Bholenath’s orders. A follower gives a coconut to Swamiji who puts a tilak on it and sprinkles holy water, fumes are seen from the coconut and Chotu tells someone that it is chamatkari coconut. Swamiji says in whichever lady’s hands, the coconut breaks, they will get the opportunity to serve him that day. A lady takes it in her hand and observes. Others tell her to pass the coconut soon. All the ladies take it and observe while others hurry them to pass. Daisa takes it and is chanting prayers but it does not break. Chavvi urges Daisa to pass it and all hurry Bhabho to take it. Bhabho takes it and chants prayers. A line forms circularly on the coconut shell and it breaks into two with fumes coming out of it. All the people wondering seeing this. Swamiji says “apne apne lakir, koi raja aur koi fakir.” Bhabho is overwhelmed and all the Rathi members are happy seeing this except Sandhya who is not carried away by all this.

Swamiji enters the house and takes the seat. Vikram brings a big silver vessel for doing paad pooja of Swamiji. Bhabho pours water and Bhabhasa washes Swamiji’s legs. Bhabho signals Suraj to do and then Sandhya who hesitates but then does it. All others follow. Then, Bhabhasa wipes Swamiji’s legs with a cloth and Bhabho does aarti. She gives the aarti plate to Sandhya to keep it in the mandir. Sandhya is going towards the mandir in their house where a boy takes some laddoos from the plate and eating. He hides behind the idol seeing Sandhya. Sandhya sees him and asks what he is doing. He shows the laddoos and Sandhya is amused, she gives him some more laddoos to eat and asks his name. He says his name is same showing Krishna idol. Sandhya asks whether his name is Krishna and the boy says his name is Govind.

In the hall, all the people are seated and Swamiji telling remedies to someone’s question. Chotu and his friends see each other and then go to Swamiji. Meena is shown feeling uneasy again. Chotu tells Swamiji that Bhabho has told him that he is equal to God and does wonders and knows everything so he wants Swamiji to find his friend’s lost gilli. Everyone laugh and Bhabho tells him she will get a new one. Chotu is pleased and tells Swamiji that as soon as he said his problem to Swamiji, it has been resolved and also he has another question. He asks Swamiji how did he make the shivling appear from the ground without digging the earth. Swamiji gets serious listening this.

Precap: Swamiji says “apne apne lakir, koi raja aur koi fakir.” Sandhya is shocked listening this and Suraj is also suspecting.

Update Credit to: b2011

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