Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho justifying her decision. She says she will talk to Sooraj. Babasa asks her to be careful and reminds Sooraj’s state when they tried to tell him the truth. She says I m his mum, I will do this for his good. She goes to Sooraj and sees the video of Shiv ji’s play. Sooraj smiles and talks to Sandhya, while being alone. He compliments her that she looked good as Sati and Parvati, she did good that she did not let anyone else become Parvati, be it play or life, you are with me for seven births. Bhabho hears him and thinks Emily said right, its diya and baati togetherness, Sooraj won’t agree for marriage.

She comes to him and asks whats he seeing. He says Shiv ji’s play, come and sit. She says play your marriage video, I will see that. He says fine, and

plays it. He says see, I m looking so happy. She asks him to come, and relive this happiness, and asks will he marry third time, as Ved complained he did not attend his parent’s marriage, you married for second time for Sandhya’s wish, and this time marry for Ved’s wish. Sooraj says I have no objection to marry Sandhya again, idea is good, and asks Sandhya is she ready to marry him again. Bhabho thinks she is lying for his better life, and cries.

Sooraj says he will marry Sandhya 1000times, but on one condition, he will do all the arrangements. He says Sandhya is also ready, and hugs Bhabho. She cries seeing Sooraj and leaves. Emily says we learnt from you Bhabho to keep relations, you say that marriage foundation should never be kept on lie, how can you make this marriage on lie, Sooraj has Sandhya’s name on his heart, can you hide his love from Lalima, tell me. Bhabho says I know, Sooraj still loves Sandhya, the truth is Sandhya’s love is responsible for his state, her love has given him the pain, what shall I do, if Sandhya left him, he takes Sandhya’s name even today, but time is the mighty, you see Sooraj will take Lalima’s name one day.She says Sooraj and Sandhya can’t be together, but Lalima will always stany by Sooraj. Sandhya makes a heart and writes S S in the flour.

Chandu comes to her and asks her to come in the special play where all secrets will come out. She asks what secrets. He says like last time. The boy comes and gives her kada. Chandu asks her to drink it. She drinks it. He thinks her truth and real identity, motives will come out. She says its bitter. He says its medicine, drink it. He asks her to come with Sajni and leaves. Sandhya drinks more and gets drunk. Chandu looks on. She thinks whats happening to her, she feels weak and dizzy. He says now her secrets will be out. Vikram tells Meenakshi that she can’t even thread the needle. She says Lalima knows stitching well, Sooraj will marry her, I will make Lalima do all the work. Ved hears this and runs to ask Bhabho, about getting Sooraj remarried.

Ved says I did everything what you said, and did not take mum’s name when I missed her, don’t bring anyone in my mum’s place, please and cries. She says I know you are very hurt by this, but Sooraj is in bad state, you will wish to see your dad fine, I m doing this to make your dad fine. They cry. She says when Sooraj saw Lalima in temple, he has smiled after long time, Lalima can keep him happy and make him fine, understand me, accept Lalima as your new mum for Sooraj’s sake. Ved hugs her and cries.

Lalima is unable to focus on work and smiles. She sees her and Sooraj’s pics, and says Sooraj and Lalima. Sajni comes to see Sagarika and gets stunned seeing her wear jewelry, bangles and says what will happen now, she is drunk.

Chandu says everyone clap for the next great dance. Sandhya comes there and says she will dance today. Sandhya wears red bridal dress. Chandu thinks her secret will be out. Everyone say she looks drunk. Manjari gets angry. Chandu asks is she drunk, what happened to her, go home. Sandhya says she will tell her truth today, do they think she is Sagarika, she is not Sagarika, do they want to know who she is, she will tell them…. Chandu looks on.

Sandhya dances on the song Honto pe aisi baat……….. She says do they want to know who she is, she will tell them….

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. richa

    bechara ved ………………how cud u do such a big sin bhabho u manuplated a small child…… remarry his father ……………….lalima was acting crazy for sooraj and due to this reason my be she turn negative after knowing truth or sandy return,…………………

  2. richa

    now it’s becoming bhabho nonscence ….plss dabh team show bhabhima(bhabho + lalima) scenes less…………… or suffer trp decrease,,,,,,,bcoz many veiwers are hating this track……………..

    • ANU

      Ya True Say @richa 90 percent people is hating bhaboo character ………….plz end this nonsense drama …..kum se kum mission ka scene tho jadha dikhavo…………..

      trp ke liye etna drama lagaya tho mission ka scenes dhika vo atleast trp tho badega…………..eee nonsense end karo…..

  3. ANU

    Thanx amena for fast updation…….

    i really consider abt ved feeling …..ved i petty u ………….khitna begg karahai….oooo tere dadi hai na bus uske bete ka kushi dekhthi hai …..bas uskho aur kuch nahi chahiye….

    but bhaboo etna tho samjho lalima se shaadi kiya tho bho tere chora kush nahi rahpayega…………….sooraj aur sandhya ek doosre ke liye bane hai….

  4. Jeyam

    Sandya is not an ordinary woman. She will overcome the obstacles very easily. Poor Lalima is being cheated and convinced.

  5. ANU

    emily ur words is really heart touching and true also………..kum se kum thum tho sandy kho support karo ……..mai thum se umed karthi hu……..

  6. ANU

    director and writer bhaboo ka script change karo kyo etna enemy banare views ke dil me esehi chelega sab nafrat karenge aap se ………..

    DABh fans koyi bhi aap kho dekh ne ke liye ready nahi hai…………….aur bura math bano……..

  7. richa

    bhabho tu toh us sauteli maa se bhi gayi guzari h voh toh atleast thoda toh taras khati sooraj par ved par par tum…….. disgusting…….. 😛

  8. ANU

    what the hell that photo scene ……… dare you to remove sandy photo …………….

    i hate you lalima sooraj ke pass only sandy rahegi dont do that again ………..

    Ved plzzzzzzzzzzz dont accept lalimaaaaaaaaa for god sake…………….i think u will never accept ……….ur mumma is a best mumma………….

  9. ANU

    Actually mujhe tho 2 din se serial dekhne khe liye bhi dar lagra …………..means i cant bare this bus sandy ke liye aur sooraj and ved ke liye dekhre hu…………..

    plz end this bleddy drama….

  10. ANU

    bhaboo sooraj kho taklif me deka nahi jara thum say ………..wt abt ved ????????? ved is not ur blood?????????????

  11. richa

    voh shekhar sagrika ka dance dekhkr khush ho rha the precap me hope sandy ne uske matlab ki hi baat kahi ho naa ki mission k baare main………………………………

    • ANU

      True say @NS4 too much irritating why these people is showing more scenes of lalima and bhaboo i dont want to watch bhaboo and lalima………..

      • NS4

        Yeah Anu ..too much nonsense.. DABH Team.. has taken viewer’s thoughts to the top of the hill.. with Sandhya mission
        And now they showing Hell the top of sky

    • seema

      yes ns4 ….its very irritating…no country n no govt wud tell such a big lie to their servants’ family…huge injustice ….ridiculous…pls end this track or end the whole drama….v know that sandhya is a good wife , bahu ,mom , patriot n still wt r u trying to say Mr.story writer

  12. DABH FAN

    Bhabo already spoiled sandhya and Emily life by giving them pressure no she is ready to spoil lalima life. Horrible. Better script writer should stop his nonsense story line.

  13. NS4

    Bhabu can give answer to any one.. in sooraj marriage drama and she won’t leave anyone…till they accept for her words…
    see how easily she convinced Ved by telling its all for your papa!!!!

  14. richa

    bhabho ko aise bahu mile abki baar jo ki bhabho ka jeena dushwar kar de thats wat i wish and if she remarry mohit she wil shorely get this type of bahu

  15. AD

    Sandhya’s secret mission track & Sooraj-Ved scenes are really superb.
    Watch DABH just as a story.
    Bhabho is doing all this as she is very ordinary as well as she thinks Sandhya cheat her.Sooraj is like this only bcoz he can’t accept Sandhya’s death.No need to blame Bhabho.Bhabho loved Sandhya a lot.So when Sandhya returns she will definitely accept Sandhya.Bt in my opinion,it will look unreal & bad if Lalima turns into negative.So plz dont make her character negative.If everyone comes b/w Sooraj & Sandhya are bad it will be unacceptable and unreal.

    • richa

      ryt @ad but wat bhabho is doing now is irresistable i agree she can’t digest sandy’s departure and sooraj’s mental condition but i say she is hurrrying things out she cud hav waited a lil more and acc to indian mythology u dont do shubh(good) karya (deed) atleast for 1 year after a person’s death (like marrig ,havna etc) ppl do small celeb but atleast wait for 6 months…………… but bhabho she is sooo vvv stubborn nd hasty woman. she dont use her mind at first and all hav to fix her doings…………and abt lalima i think she will turn negativ as she is overpossessive abt sooraj even though they r not even engaged………….. LOL 🙂 thats my pov about the current track……………

    • ANU

      ya ok mana khi bhaboo jho kare sooraj ke vaste kar rahi hai …. wt abt lalima se juth jho bola means aapne kushi ke liye doosre kho koyi juth bol kar shaadi kar sakthe kya………..i dont agree wt bhaboo is doing ………..that totally against for a mother character…………..

  16. Wait I just remembers In one episode bahbo said nothing of sandiyas should be in this house what about ved he is shandiyas son and her blood so does that mean ved would have to go

  17. ANU

    In today episode sooraj words are heart touching….. true say sooraj……… sweet …….

    i am also thinking that lalimaa will turn in negitive…..abhi oooo bevakufi ka kam start kiya na…………uska reaction tho bugath na tho padega na………….

  18. ANU

    Ya but bhaboo is very irritating ……really…………. @varshu kitna upset hai aap comment bhi share karna nahi chahri…………..

    i am also in same situation………….

    • LuvDABH

      Yes, lalima turns negative and decided to create problems in rathi pariwar. Lalima will teach a lesson to baboo.

    • No I m nt upset. Just I say that dabh team plz show some more scene of sandhya. And also say that dabh plz do nt focus trp. Bcoz for us dabh is always top one position.??????

  19. sami

    I think she’s not swallowed that drink may be it just vomit in another jug while chandu passing out from main door

  20. Bely

    I’m from Bangladesh. I’m a crazy fan of DABH. I don’t miss any episode still this track. But now I didn’t like to watch DABH. And I request for show mission fast and success sandhya.

  21. john

    this is getting like piece of shit ,the episodes writers are useless ,i am sure an ass got more brain.

  22. yeah dats y u r here john.. if a*s dint hav mind den hw cud u use intrnt… superb luv u meher u r soooooo swt i wud lyk to hav my luv of lyf jus lyk u.. abeer u r too gud dude.. luv #MehBeer

      • NS4

        Story writer and director has forgotten remaining all characters… Now there target is to spoil whole show with this sooraj marriage drama….

        These people are not even interested to show Sandhya mission… I think DABH Team decided to show the hell to viewer’s

  23. NS4

    I was thinking that Sandhya will say that I am not sagarika……
    I am manajri maa ke bhabu ? ?
    How is it chandu??? ??

  24. KM

    I am interested in present track.I agree that babho is wrong at every angle.yet this laalima sooraj track shows the unwavering bonding in Surya.waiting anxiously for Sandy to return.hope laalima understand sooraj and sandya. Mission mahabali is dragging.jabtak mahabali is there, there will be sooraj laalima guys hope Sandy complete mission fast and return to rathi house to save babho from all her sins.?????

    • ANU

      I agree your words @Km but we dont want that lalimaa bakwas…………….that will be negetive mark for the show……..the story will be like this no body will support this and trp rate also decrease………..bcoz of the sandy and sooraj relation only the show will be in no 1 position………

  25. ANU

    Good morning guys 🙂

    True say NS4. these people are not concentrating in mission……….the target is totally spoil the show……….

    i am not happy this separation track…. and that to how could sooraj think that lalima is sandy nonsense ……..writer plz change the script………..this concept will not work out………

  26. ANU

    I am waiting of today episode for only sandy…………..

    sandy ka track kitna acha hai……….. she gone for mission and she is facing so many problems still she remainds sooraj sweet memories …………….sandy ka script jho bhi writer likha hoga simply superb……..

    why dont you think in this way abt sooraj………….

  27. xxxx

    Hai guys one shocking news pls check India forums for upcoming promo shoot mission mahaballi and suraj laalima wedding n same location.

  28. Bad episode.???
    Sandhya part was nice.she make heart in sweet part.??

    Suraj part also nice.when suraj see that shiv parvti drama video. So happy to see that video again.??
    That was nice when suraj see marriage video of sandhya and suraj.??

    How can bhaboo chit her own son yaar.its disgusting. She lie to suraj for second marriage.?
    bichara suraj he thought he doing second marriage with sandhya. Suraj never accpet anyone girl in his life accpet sandhya.???
    That’s suraj prof today. True say suraj in 7 birth he only marry sandhya nt other girl.good to see that suraj part. ????

  29. Emli was right. Bhaboo always say dnt make relations with lie. How can bhaboo forget selfish.???
    Actually bhaboo forget that when sandhya and suraj marriage finish that time ankur lie that sandhya is uneducated.??
    And then fews days of after marriage bhaboo no that ankur lie and sandhya is welled educated.??
    That time she break all relationship with ankur and sandhya. That time also ankur explain bhaboo that he do this only for sandhya’s happiness.??

  30. On that time u say that we dnt make relations with lie.and u scold sandhya for that.after all in that nt Sandhya’s fault on that situation.????
    Bt bhaboo dnt understand sandhya. She give punishment to sandhya. And sandhya dnt say any words to bhaboo and she accpet bhaboo’s punishment.????
    That time also ankur explain bhaboo BT bhaboo dnt understand ankur and sandhya. ???
    Bt now what happened to bhaboo. Now bhaboo do that same mistake. And bhaboo do guilty for that lie.???

    See when this situation is with bhaboo then she also do that which ankur do on sandhya’s time.?????
    Now bhaboo understand the pain when lalima do this when she get to know abt bhaboo’s lie. On that she give big punshiment to bhaboo.???

    Bichara ved.he dnt want other ledy as a mother. So sad for ved.bhaboo dnt understand ved’s pain.????
    Ved always listen bhaboo what bhaboo say he do that.he never hurt bhaboo.??
    Bhaboo say ved dnt use sandhya’s name in this house. He take stone in his heart and accpet that and never say abt sandhya name.??
    Ved miss sandhya lot BT what? Bcoz of bhaboo ved dnt expresses his feelings with anyone of rathi family.???
    Bt what bhaboo do, she again do emotionally blackmail ved to accept lalima as a mother. I can’t see ved madly ved cry and say that he never accpet any girl as his mother.????

    Bt bhaboo disappoint ved. On that part can’t control my tears.and bhaboo do what she want.she break small child heart. ???
    Nice acting by ved.when he cry that look like real.good job ved. Bt bhaboo never understand.???

    How can that lalima do this.she remove sandhya’s pic frm suraj pic and imaging her pic with suraj.???

    May be when suraj doing his second marriage on that time suraj knows everything and he come frm that trauma. And suraj refuse to marry to lalima. This is my opinion. This can also happened in show.this is my opinion.?????
    Hope this can happened in show. Bcoz suraj never accpet this second marriage with lalima.????

  31. Aadesh interview who play chandu role:

    The good looking actor Aadesh Chaudhry , who has recently entered Shashi Sumeet Mittal’s popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum ( Star Plus ) is happy with the appreciation he is getting while portraying his character on the show. Aadesh feels lucky to have portrayed so many characters and in a candid chat with TellyBuzz, he shares more about essaying negative characters and much more.

    Talking about his character of Diya Aur Baati Hum , Adesh told us, “The character of Shikhar has two shades; at one side he is a villager and on the other side, he is the leader of the Naxals who fight for their right. It’s difficult to portray both the shades at the same time to make it convincing for the audience but I enjoy it. People like the way I am doing it. In Sasural Simar Ka, my character was completely different from this. My character in that show was introduced with a positive approach and later on it was turned into negative. In Diya Aur Baati Hum , I have been introduced as a negative character who is fighting for his own people. He never wants to hurt anyone without any reason. Whatever he does, is for some purpose. This character has so many layers and it is giving me scope to act.”

    When we asked Adesh about his preference of playing positive or negative roles, he added, “I am so fortunate that I have always been getting so many different characters to portray on- screen. I have always been getting performance oriented roles and I have been lucky enough to perform them well. I have always got compliments from people that I mould myself easily in any character. I have achieved this from my hard work and passion. Being an actor, my job is to act. Positive roles don’t have any variations; they have a very straight layer but in negative, you get to hold the situation and you are the leader of the situation. You are responsible for things happening around you.”

    So, what’s Aadesh dream role? He shared, “I am trying my best to get into movies. I would love to portray a role that was played by Amitabh Bachchan in Agneepath. I am a big fan of him and totally inspired by him. I would love to play a role similar to what he played in Agneepath.”

    “I just want to convey a message whoever wants to get into acting that there is no shortcut to acting. If you are loyal and passionate towards your work then nobody can stop whether you have good looks or not. People try using shortcuts and it works for some but you cannot fool people like this because you have to act on- screen. Your approach to the work should be positive and honest. I am really thankful to my fans who like my work in Diya Aur Baati Hum,” signs off the actor.

  32. I accpet that bhaboo do suraj second marriage. Bt if bhaboo want suraj second marriage then she should tell truth to lalima abt suraj’s current situation and bhaboo should tell truth to suraj that suraj is marriage is with lalima nt sandhya.
    Bhaboo plz dnt play with suraj, ved and lalima’ emotional.????

  33. ANU

    REally @varsha i dont like this ……baboo ur doing wrong wt the hell…………..

    sooraj how can u do this???// lalima ko sandy kaise samjte hooooooooo that is wrong dont do this …………..

  34. NS4

    Emily meena OR ved pari golu mishri…………….anyone plz fire a cracker infront sooraj.. at the time when lalima and her bro lokesh ..enter rathi house… then this nonsence will be ended

    if lalima’s bro watch sooraj condition…then he will never accept for marriage again

    • NS4

      Director and writer…..production team gone mad………..spoiled the show
      such a brain less people…

      By this they have proved that…these people are nly for money making ..not for anything and won’t bother about audiences ……..such an idiots..rascales…

    • NS4

      Such an idiots…. Such a fools…..such a blo*dy rascals….????????
      Hate all you people. .????????
      Such a devils are you ???????? ?????????

    • Guys plz chil.dnt disappoint. Bcoz just think that it’s nice that suraj and lalima marriage drama end now . and also they dnt marriage in that scene may be lalima see suraj real situation.?????

  35. Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh, the lead pair of Diya Aur Baati Hum will soon be seen celebrating recently Independence Day in their show. The lead actors along with the other star cast have already shot the promo of the same.

    Talking about the upcoming sequence, Sandhya aka Deepika Singh says, “Sandhya has come down to Jaipur for her mission, ‘Mahabali’ where she also witnesses the wedding of Suraj with Lalima in the same place. On the same ground, children are celebrating Independence Day; whereas on the other side, the wedding cereomy is taking place. So, during this mission ‘Mahabali’, Sandya and Suraj will come closer. Overall, the upcoming track will be full of twist and turns.”

    Talking more about the promo, the actress says, “This special episode will be telecasted nearby Independence Day. The creative team has come up with a lovely idea of celebrating this occasion with twist in the show. After a long time, I have got a chance to shoot with my other star casts and I am really enjoying this get together.”

  36. NS4

    show has gone to helllllllllllllllllllllllll….

    sandhya will be there at sooraj-lalima marriage….But she won’t stop marriage…… its non-sence

    stupid wats this nonsence…
    useless fellowssssssss
    get lostttttttttt
    i cant tolerate this bull shit………

    • Just chillll. Dnt so happer. Wait and watch. Sandhya is only in suraj be positive guys.plz dnt tensed. This nt happened. Trust me.what I m say that may be happened in me once and dabh team.????

    • ANU

      ya sandy shaadi rokh bhi nahi sakthi bcoz ooooo tho mission pe hai na……………sooraj kho hi pata karna hoga sandy as pass me hai………….

    • NS4

      if the mission end on 15th august 2015 will be your dream… not possible
      How can they complete the track in 1 week

  37. Richa (titli)

    @ ns4 i think they shud light up d havan kund (were fere nd marig puja take place)bright and large flames so that suraj fear sandy is gonna burn and act scared etc and unintentionaly burn bhahn hands nd bhabho take it as her sin punishment and apologises to all and lalima’s bro taunts lalima on believing bhabho…….. And cancel marig and all ladies badmouth bhab nd family on hiding d truth… All try to coverup and minu taunts bhabho while covering up bhabho as usual stand in her dumbstruck avatar and sandy enters and control d situation and all r shocked to see sandy…lol tat’s my pov dr dont mind 😉

  38. ANU

    Really very disappointed with Suraj Lalima track, And other fans are not happy with this – If suraj is being prestented as Shiv then we know Sandhya is both Sati and Parvati in Suraj’s life, then why Lalima ? Please don’t show us Suraj Lalima bonding- Suraj should get well and stand against Bhabo to stop this marriage. Suraj go find ure Sandhya .

  39. ANU

    Suraj and Sandhya will surely get back together..But we all r not interested to see Lalima bonding with suraj

  40. ANU

    This show is Diya aur baati hum why is it losing the concept with such pathetic track.Suraj knows who sandhya is , so how can he ” see ” Sandhya in Lalima . Please its really giving me a head ache

  41. Richa (titli)

    Today in ume aur tv they showed the promo shoot were sandy comes with garjana to jaipur for their mision…. She is on the same ground were suraj is marrying ……. Nd sandy look at them teary eyed….. At end they said sandy was returning from her misn so they created a confusion wether sandy was wth garjana or bak from mision ……… Lol 😉

    • NS4

      i feel no confusion…. as they said sandhya came jaipur on mission with garjana.. and were at the same place where sooraj was marriage lalima….sandhya see sooraj and will stay teary eyed but she will not stop marriage…to complete mission

      if sandhya really came with those garjana people…then she will not stop sooraj marriage..
      So i feel Director and Writer creating confusion in viewers But they have already decided to end that track with sooraj-lalima marriage………………..And too free sandhya from all relations to serve for country…

      But it was a stupid message they are going to convey..

  42. ANU

    Actually this is the promo shoot na not in serial i think so

    In latest we seen havan promo but not in serial like this i think so……….

    but DABH team views kya mess dena chahre………..marriage will take place or it will drag till mission ends………i dont know wt is going on …..i am becoming mad………… baba…………….

  43. ANU

    but one thing i want to share In bridal dress anas is looking handsome in previous bridal shoot oooooo babut patla tha but anas me babut change agaya…………..

  44. So this is only promo chil guys this nt happened. Bcoz may be this happened that It means sandhya first go mission mahabali and then she stop suraj marriage. ???so suraj and lalima marriage nt happened in show.???????

    • For my suck plz trust me and dabh team.they can’t sepert just promo.what I say that on marriage time sandhya come and she stop this marriage. And may be in that time lalima get know that bhaboo’s lie. Then lalima break this marriage. So trust me .nt happened second marriage. Bt positive. Trust me plzzzzzzzzzz????

      • I say this very confidentiality bcoz in marriage we can’t do marriage without if suraj see fire then definitely lalima know suraj situation. And marriage nt happenef.So trust me ????

      • NS4

        I don’t think so happens. if Bhabu decided then she won’t care about any rituals… so without fire only Bhabu do the marriage

      • NS4

        If you remember that sandhya karma done by sooraj in home….Bhabu completed without fire @Varsha

      • ANU

        Good joke ns4 abt fire … but i think before marriage lalima kho sooraj kha stage ke bare me pata ho jayega………..

      • ANU

        And mujhe lagtha hai kho sandy family mem khe samne nahi ayegi but sooraj sandy kho dekhega i think so………thenhe will find out the truth serial me eeeeeeee huva acha rahta……….

  45. ANU

    sooraj should take a step to know the mystery behind sandhya’s death.. rather than sitting in home and crying or.. getting married again.. this is not done ya. sooraj is losing his importance in the story.. he is the hero of the show.. divert the track please.. but no use of telling now..

  46. ANU

    Sandhya will definetly go back home …but pleas till then dont bring lalima to sooraj life…we dont interest lalima -sooraj scense…we want only SurYa scence…Diya and Baati togather…

  47. Today they show in SBB and SBS that suraj doing his second marriage and on that time sandhya see suraj with lalima marriage scene. For mission mahabali she can’t do anything she just see suraj and she cry.????

    • See what I say they SBB say that suraj and lalima marriage nt air. Now sure second marriage nt happened in show.they say more twist on the way say sandhya and SBB team.???

      • And show sandhya off screen
        masti.BT its Nice to see when sandhya know that suraj second marriage. And that time she think suraj is happy and then she go frm that place.???
        So sweet of u sandhya for suraj happiness she sacrifice her love.she thought suraj is happy with that girl.???

      • Rock

        As you said…..sandhya gone away from sooraj marriage place becoz of sooraj happiness ..
        DABH team giving a hint in it….don’t you understand that sooraj marriage was confiremed

    • ANU

      OOOOOo hhhhhhhhhooooooooo fir se sacrifise ……….she will think sooraj is happy ………….so shaadi kaise rukhga sooraj dekhega kya sandy kooooo

  48. They also say that lalima get know that suraj real situation. And then sandhya say now so many unacceptable twist on the way.which get viewer’s get shock.they like that twist. So plz once trust me.plz dnt happer. Now today’s news I confirm that suraj is only and only Sandhya’s life.and nt any girl come between suraj life.???

    • Wating to see upcoming suspense and interesting track. For that I can bear lalima scene. After that more drama on the way.??? so happy. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeee ??? m trust won today.when I see that news. So I always say be positive and think positive.???

  49. ANU

    maine kaha na kuch bhi track work out nahi huva tho deffinatly they end the track……ex ” sooraj -lalima kha story end hone kho araha hai

    kabbadi kha track vaise hi chuva na deepika said in one interview sooraj kha character upar lane ke liye kabbadi ka track shuru kiya but ooo utna work out nahi huva……….they changed the ved feeling and end that track………

  50. Richa (titli)

    Ok sbb and sbs confirmed it sandy was with garjana ppl for their mission in jaipur…sandy see d marig but didnt come infront of rathi family and leaves being teary eyed ….but something wil hapen and marig wil not hapn…..and acc to sbb dabh is#8 on trp

  51. Rock

    This show is best for full filling there dreams…… first sandhya completed her dream…. Sooraj also completed his kabbadi dream But hotel dream postponed …….Bhabu was just going to complete her dream and Ved dream also ..dancing in his father marriage.

    Ha ha ha ha ….Great Serial !!!!!

    it better to change the show name as “Dreaming People”

  52. Richa (titli)

    Yeah vashu it is gud that marig vont hapen i think on the other side of ground were independence day celeb r going on garjana wil do smthng and marig vont hapen

  53. ANU

    It is very good new for us marriage not happen we can celebrate this………….. 🙂

    @ns4, Richa, varshu allllllllll KM

  54. ANU

    Ya vashu itrs right mujhe bhi bharosa tha khi shaadi nahi hogi but mujhe bhabo ka words irritate kare the………

    • ANU

      ya right richa………….trp bhi sooraj and sandhya performance and feelings pe depend kartha hai……

  55. NS4

    One hour left for today episode…
    So excited to watch ???.. Sandhya dance ??? ???… ..And what she will tell abt her???? ??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.