Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th August 2013 Written Update

The lady inquires Meena aout the SMBC & tells that mishri looks like her than kanha. Bhabo comes & meena panics… Bhabo finds some lady & follows… Meena makes excuse & rins to hide. Bhabo wonders where did meena go all of a sudden. Meena worries & prays to God. Bhabo wonders with whom she talks always. Bhabo leaves the place…

Abhi shows the screen where they can see sandy & others are trying to open the door. Sandy puts the key inside & everyone watch her closely through the screen. But the key gets broken. Abhi leaves to find out. Sandy & other participants wonder how it happened. Everyone is shocked. SAndy tries to explain to Abhi but he is not ready to do so… He adds that she has put him into huge trouble.. Mean

while sandy finds the number code in the lock. Abhi looks at him. abhi nods & there is digital nod & tells that he doesn’t know the password & she must do that… He adds that the password is of 8 letters… Ashutosh & Emily question how to do?? & is impossible. Abhi tells that only those who make the impossible possible will be respected. Abhi asks whether they understood anything. Everyone is still wacky… Abhi tells that this is the semi final round. Mohit here shouts that how can they do that & adds that they are gone today.

Prateik too objects to this. Abhi denies that about 90% are un preapred in the world…

Abhi tells that they have top prove that they are ever ready to face the challenge.. & they get 15 mins time to solve this. The name of the challenge is “Aaj nahi toh kabhi nahi”

Emily panics saying that there is no knowledge involved in this… Abhi tells that they will show something outside in which they would get the clue… Already they have a clue of 8 digit no. Those who open the locker will get through to the next round & that person who fails will go to home. The time will end when the song ends. Asks them to notice the act with care.

Here bhabo thinks that tomorrow is the last day of competition & she must inform satishchandra asap & asks chavi’s phone but she says that she forgot to bring. Suraj offers his cell phone. Bhabo takes the phone & leaves.

Abhi calls the contestants..

Here the rings goes.. Bhabo waits & is tensed too…


Bhabo returns… Suraj aks her done.. Bhabo replies done
Abhi announces that the audience may be worried not the contestants who always be ready for challenges… Sandy loudly says yes… Abhi asks everyone to take their seats.

Abhi starts telling story. About his friend & himself used to clim the tree. He tells that he asks everyone to climb the tree ie. to take part in the compeition. He adds that the password has 8 digit. Meena thinks that she is good at doing this & thinks that she did many times in bhabo’s room. Meena asks whether she would get 50000 if she gets the correct answer. Abhi tells yes NO YES. He tells that they would get a special gift. Meena thinks that she will participate. Bhabo asks mohit to have some responsibility towards his wife. Abhi asks the contestants to take their seats.
The katputli starts (puppet dance show)on pallo latke song…

The katputli starts (puppet dance show)on pallo latke song…

One man & one girl start dancing… Two other jodi join them. SurYa have eye lock omg… They show men & women in a two tier bus.. One is in middle & another in the below.. also they connect the both with a scarf..

Then they show tri cycle… Everyone wonder…

Three nos done. Then they come with some tambura Which is in the shape of six i guess…

Emily thinks that she must follow sandy. Ashutosh & prateil wonder too..

Then the first jodi dance & they make circle && exchange garlands… Then they show ganesha (9 no)

SAndy thinks double decker bus means two (sandy they showed two nos there ) & then tricycle means three, Tambura & wonders & gets iktara… & gets it is one & wonders she got only five nos… wonders whether it is some dob… On closing they show swastik symbol with ganesha…

Precap: Abhi shows the right code & asks whether sandy was right. Adds that it seems like sandy’s journey ends there itself…eeveryone shocked…

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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