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Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya addressing the media and telling that Arzoo is innocent, she is not a terrorist. She says by wrong evidence and misunderstandings, I have seen her like a terrorist, I misunderstood her, she is true Indian, she has saved all the people for which you all gave credit to me, it was my mistake to shoot her, even then she has saved people. Resham sees this on tv and cries, telling Arzoo that she is innocent. Sandhya says this truth came out to me later, Arzoo is innocent and faced humiliation with a bad blame, I want to apologize to Arzoo, Resham, my family and Pushkar residents. The man says this is big mistake. Sandhya says I know, it was misunderstanding. The reporter says you mean your fight was false, it means you misused the power and shot an innocent girl, do you

know your sorry can make the girl stay a simple life now. Sandhya thanks Sooraj for showing her the way, she got rid of this big burden on heart. The reporters ask Sandhya to answer, she shot an innocent girl, the one who saved everyone, you blamed her as terrorist, you should be ashamed of yourself. They all protest against Sandhya. Sandhya looks on.

Bhabho says don’t know whats happening in this house, Sandhya left from house and was found in bajpaas village, then what imp work she had that she did not come back home. Babasa asks her not to worry, be thankful to God that Sandhya is fine. Meenakshi says yes, Babasa is saying right, now good is happening, since many days everything bad was happening. Someone knocks the door. Bhabho says I think Sooraj and Sandhya have come. She opens the door and sees Emily and Om wearing garlands. Bhabho, Babasa, Meenakshi and Vikram get shocked seeing Om and Emily.

Maasa says I will tell everyone how did this marriage happen and in what situation. They all see Maasa. Media protest against Sandhya and Pushkar police. Sooraj gets worried. The reporter says this is injustice with innocent, police misused powers, we trusted you a lot. A girl says I m student and big fan of Sandhya, I remember all your great things well. She throws black ink on Sandhya’s face. Media takes the pics. The girl says this happened in your childhood, when you have thrown ink on a corrupt govt officer. FB shows that scene. The girl says I did same as you broke our trust, and killed an innocent girl, I hate people like you Sandhya Rathi. Sooraj takes Sandhya, while police makes reporters leave. Sooraj cleans Sandhya’s face and asks are you fine. Sandhya says don’t worry, everything is fine, my heart feels light after many days. He says I know Sandhya, but remember one thing, your struggle to walk on truth started now, you should not lose to any difficulties. She says don’t worry, true path is difficult, but I m not scared. He says I m with you and smiles.

Commissioner sees the news and says I m surprised and extremely shocked by the whole thing, I did not expect this from Sandhya, media will point fingers at us, we will tell media that Sandhya gave her personal statement, we are not related to this, Arzoo is still a terrorist and she is involved in townhall incident, I explained Sandhya, she did not stop, her statement can be dangerous for her career, maybe she does not know this.

Maasa tells everyone about Purvi’s accident and death, it was like big storm without warning for them, Om came and he could not bear all this, Emily was regretting for her doings, and then they both…. FB shows Emily telling Om that she is feeling guilty, her crime is breaking her within, Sparsh lost his mother, you lost your life partner, I m reason of your sorrow and anger, I wish I could change all this, I m ready to pay any price for this, its not possible, but I can’t leave Sparsh in this pain, I can’t hurt you and Sparsh more. She holds his hand and he asks do you want to do aid to my hand and do repentance, you will leave then, what about Om, Maasa and my mentally ill sister, your worry for one day won’t change my and Sparsh’s sorrow, my family can’t be formed now. Emily says Om, Sparsh will not get one day love and concern, he will not be orphan, I will return what he lost. She gets sindoor and holds his hand. She makes him fill sindoor in her maang. FB ends. Bhabho looks at Emily.

Minister Purushottam says some people don’t feel difference between honesty and foolishness, Sandhya’s statement made our plan ruined. Puru calls commissioner and asks about Sandhya’s statement, department has to answer for it. Commissioner says sorry, we decided to not change our statement, Arzoo is still a terrorist for us. Puru says good, we should do this. He ends call and says I could not calm down Sandhya by giving her award, she did this thing and this time she will be punished.

Sandhya faces enquiry. The man says Sandhya can get jail or death sentence if Arzoo dies. Arzoo gets critical.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pata nai sandhya sahi kiya ya phir nayi? Confusing. Please end this worst track.

  2. ‘Truth always triumphs’ has been proved false in Sandya’s case.

  3. SANDHYA did absolutely right. But that stupid people throw Ink on her.
    Minister & her own Police department trying to ruin SANDHYA’s life & career.
    End this bakwas track sooooooon………
    Why always SANDHYA has to suffer?
    So happy at least SOORAJ understood SANDHYA.
    Emotional Episode.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    I think Minister is linked with GUL.

    1. SANDHYA’S selfish senior officer trying to put SANDHYA in more trouble.
      Now only ARZOO can save SANDHYA.
      Hope she don’t cheat SANDHYA & SOORAJ.
      Please make everything fine soon. Please end this track sooooooon……
      We are fed up by this stupid logicless senseless ongoing TRACKS of both EMILY & SANDHYA.

  4. what will happen to sandhya

    1. by her minister and senior offucer

  5. Nice episode…..I hope arzoo gets well soon and sandhya don’t feel any more regret. I hope this topic ends soon too

  6. Y emily married om she is innocent om kill his wife n arzoo will not die she has to find gul n his men to help sandhya

  7. What I learnt is this: why people hesitate to be honest? Answer is: they may not be able to be accepted in the society because of their honesty. Many people are quick to make judgements about others without knowing clear evidence. Our weakness is to point fingers at others than ourselves. Hope Sandhya overcomes all repucussions and eventuates into a bigger and stronger police officer!

  8. I think Minister’s men did something to make ARZOO critical.
    Please end this bakwas track sooooooon…..
    Fed up by this track. Dragging…….. Irritating…… Senseless…….. Stupid……
    What was Minister’s plan which he mentioned in this episode?
    I hope SANDHYA will prove both her & ARZOO’s innocence.
    Being a Police officer SANDHYA did absolutely right.
    Please ARZOO. Please don’t hate SANDHYA. Please don’t try to trouble her.

  9. Excepted something like this.. Emliy will marry Om …
    cha… they could have brought Zakir back na..
    Emily – Zakir pair was very nice

  10. I think Arzoo was aware of what she was doing all the time she was helping Gul and his people, she knew they were about to burn off the place and had to be true to her plan to be there so she can set the fire and in the same time she wanted to come out clear so when Sandhya shot her she had to open the water tap in case she survives the gunshot

    I expect Santosh to show her strong side by supporting her bindini after all

  11. I think Gul has put chip in arzooz’s hand exactly the same way when chandu did to sandya in MM! That’s why arzoo didn’t speak to sandya about gul’s plan in the police station!!
    Another mission is awaiting sandya to find out purvi’s murderer and to get Emily divorced from that hypocrite person Om! Emily deserves a loving husband like zakir not another useless mohit.

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