Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Sooraj and Sandhya come. Sooraj tells Sandhya that Bhabho does not know this, she will be hurt, I don’t want her to know this. Everyone make Ved ready for his first day at school. Sandhya keeps the bag ready and asks Sooraj is he done. Sooraj says yes, see and shows Ved in the uniform. He says he is ready. Ved says no, apply some hair oil. Bhabho says I also applied oil to Sooraj since childhood, see he does not have white hair. Golu says see Babasa, did you not apply to him, see his white hair. They all laugh.

Ved says my Papa will apply oil and I heard my mum calling him hero. Sooraj applies hair oil and says done. Ved asks what did she give in tiffin. Sooraj says your fav cheese pasta. Ved asks who made it. Sooraj asks who. Sandhya says Emily

made it, don’t worry. Bhabho scolds Babasa. She blesses Ved. Babasa says make our name shine. The kids wish best of luck to Ved for his first day of school and not lose to Vansh. Ved says I will not leave that Vansh. Sooraj and Sandhya bring Ved to school. He asks Ved to study, play and not fight with anyone.

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Sandhya asks him to study well and wishes best of luck. Ved runs and asks them to leave. Sandhya looks out for Vansh. Sooraj sees her and she says maybe Vansh got inside. He says Vansh, and smiles. He says no, we came early, I know you want to see him, he will come. Vansh comes and they smile seeing him. He sees his shoe lace open and stop Vansh. Sooraj sits and ties the lace. He looks at him while tying it. Sandhya cries and holds him. She asks how is he. Vansh says I m fine aunty, thanks uncle, bye. He goes. They get sad. Sooraj smiles and they leave. Ankur and Ankita see this. Ankur gets angry and says see they are meeting Vansh, they did Ved’s admission here to meet Vansh, I have to stop them, I have to do something drastic now.

Ved smiles seeing the school. Vansh teases Ved and does not let him sit. Ved goes to other seat and looks at him. The kids get some oil and Vansh says its chameli oil smell. Ved gets worried and holds his hair. Vansh says my driver used to use it and my dad fired him, find out who applied it, else we can’t sit in class. Ved says Papa applied me the oil, if they know I have it, then they will laugh on me, no, they can kick me out, think something fast.

Vansh tries to find who applied it. Ved hides under the seat. He leaves. Vansh says the smell is coming from Ved’s seat, where did he go. Ved goes to washroom and tries to clean his hair. A teacher asks him what happened and asks him to come to class. She asks why is he crying. He says he misses dad and can he make a call. She says fine and gives the phone. He calls home an Misri takes the call.

He cries and tells her how he is alone there without them, and everyone is after him, to find the chameli oil and making fun of him. Pari says we will come there. Misri says it will take time, we will think something. She tells his plan and he thanks her. He returns the phone and the teacher leaves. He washes his hair with handwash and gets rid of the oil.

Sooraj says he will get Ved from school. Sandhya says its far, how can you go alone. Pari asks Mohit to drop them to school. She says I can tell my friends that my dad came back from UK. Mohit says its not possible today, I have back ache. Sandhya says I will drop you all. Pari says no, and asks Mohit to rest, they will go on bicycle. They all leave. Sandhya asks Mohit why did he not go to drop them, he did not do anything in 6 years and even now….

He argues and asks Bhabho to tell Sandhya not to taunt him, he really has back ache and could not go to drop them. He asks why did she not scold Ankur, Bhabho and Babasa want to see Vansh, if she can, then get Vansh for a day. Mohit scolds Sooraj and Sandhya for hurting Bhabho and Babasa. Sandhya gets sad.

Sooraj makes jalebis and talks to Ved. Ved says you don’t love me since mum came, I m angry on you. Sooraj says fine. Sandhya comes and ask what fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ved and golu are in the same age. Isn’t it?

  2. Bakwas show….please stop this show…I think we viewers can do something to stop this show…no meaning at all…it has lost its charm…

  3. This slot could have been given to master chef something that is really interesting…

  4. Though mohit was wrong all the he was right about sooraj and sandhya.they deserve this

  5. @kalaivani thy hv 6-8 mnth dffrnc…..slfsh ankur nd slfsh mohit….dnt kno hw ankita nd emily tolrt thm..

  6. yeah @archana u r rit….mohit is a totly slfsh man bt tdy he sd absolutly rit

  7. MISRI leads to Minakshi. She give a 3rd class idea to Ved like Minakshi.

  8. Wtf..this serial is abt sandhya and her dream(ips)…run u the he’ll r they showing all this…And this serial is only giving wrong news like snatching children and breAking the relation….total crap

    1. I agree with you. … after hijack and before sandhy pregnancy. crap

  9. Really. ..This show is abt sandhya aspiring to be ips…. y dis stupid tracks are running can’t watchable..
    Total show became a big crap. .

  10. Did Ankur gave kid to Sandhya or other way? Ankur is acting as if Sandhya stole his kid…
    Writers why did u take a leap?

  11. I have a doubt. ….
    y ASP sandhya transferred to pusker…. for police duty or family duty. …
    How can she goes to school to drop ved. She should be in office at d same time.
    She is the most sincere police naaa
    Days r going but sandhya not yet taken charge as asp.
    Wat a crap?
    Crap crap

  12. This story lines are unbelievable – selfish Ankur already got one child so why he needs another taking away from his own sister? serves Sandya & Soorag right they should pay for giving their child to a brat Bulbul and a selfish brother . Sandya got short memory sp called brother married her to first man who came because he wanted get rid of his duty?
    I he producers should change the story lines quickly before it is too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sandhya still ASP… seems no promotion n yeah after kidney drama how can she alone run n kill a terrorist while all other police just watching from vicinity…. Director.. . Kuch bhi mat dikhao… N these ankur y he came back in this serial… after his entry serial just went to gutter… Either stop the crap show else murder the ankur character smhw.. N end this bacha daan drama.. . Ips ka wo episode n today this episode seems this s not diya baati.. . After 6 yrs same jalebi with no staff.. . No financial improvement… Hell yaar

    1. Seriously. .wat u said is right..
      Now a days it’s like hell watching dis show

  14. Jeyam Ramachandran

    The story line is being dragged with unimportant events sans romance sans heroism, sans suspense, sans song and sans singer.

  15. Bakwaas n guys I think we should stop texting here as positive or negative publicity is publicity so we should try avoid to comment on this non sense show

  16. i hav a doubt ankur and ankita hav bulbul…if they want another child ok but …they can have s*x and beget another child right then y snatching s&s’s child vansh?????????????

  17. Totally becoming like kids serial..not interesting anymore..very childish.

  18. dont watch this serial here is blunder upcoming episode they will show that ankur will send court order to sandhya and soooraj .i.e they are not allowed to see vansh here after.

  19. really this serial is about sandhya n that it is successful but ankur he should not in serial because of him this serial very boaring

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