Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Garjana men talking about wine. They plan to make Sandhya drink wine and laugh saying how she danced last time after drinking. Sooraj hears them and gets angry. He thinks they want to make fun of Sandhya, she has to be in senses, as she has much things to go, I have to stop Sandhya from drinking wine. The men take the wine and drop the pipe inside the wall. Sooraj looks on.

Shekhar tells commander that tomorrow will be new sunrise for Garjana. Shekhar stops Sooraj and asks him to bring sweets. The men tell Sandhya that Shekhar has sent water and asks her to drink. They put the pipe inside and try to hear. She tries to hold the pipe. She drinks it and spits as water is cold. She then drinks it. Sooraj looks on and drinks water from the similar pot. Jai hanuman…………..plays…………

Sandhya drinks water. He men think she is drinking wine and laugh. Sooraj thinks he has sent water for Sandhya and fulfilled his promise.

FB shows how man was taking the pot and Sooraj collided with the man. He then changed the wine pot with water pot. Sooraj says now nothing will happen to my Sandhya and breaks the wine pot. He thinks to free Sandhya in some time and says it seems dance started, its time, and prays to Lord. He says he has to do his duty by saving Sandhya and then doing his duty towards his country. The dancer girl makes everyone busy.

Sooraj thinks he has make them have the sweets to make them faint. The song Ghagra……….plays…….Shekhar and all the men dance. Sandhya is seen relaxing against the wall. Sooraj serves them sweets. Shekhar stops him and asks him to eat the sweets himself. They all look at Sooraj. Sooraj takes a piece and recalls Sandhya’s words to make some sweets for himself, by marking it, as Garjana men can ask him to eat sweets too.

Sooraj eats sweets and then Shekhar and everyone eat. Shekhar asks them to play music. The girl continues to dance. They all eat sweets. Sooraj sees they all fainted and runs towards Sandhya. He sees the wall broken down and vacant place. He shouts Sandhya….

Meenakshi apologizes to Bhabho. She asks her to forgive her and holds her feet. Bhabho says she has forgiven her. Meenakshi leaves. Babasa asks Bhabho to answer the family and end this matter. Bhabho says this is not simple, it will be big matter. Vikram and Meenakshi talk about that matter. She says she will find out. He stops her and asks her not to do anything. She says I will surely find out what they are hiding.

A man takes Sandhya, while she struggles to free herself. Sooraj looks for her and says where shall I find her. Sandhya asks the man to leave her. Sooraj worries and asks who can broken the wall, who took Sandhya. The man sings Bengali song. Sandhya thinks who can this be. The man removes his shawl and shows his face. Sandhya gets shocked seeing Himanshu.

She says Himanshu….. He says yes, Himanshu. She recalls him. FB shows old moments. Himanshu says your fiancé Himanshu, you trapped me and reached Garjana. He claps for her and praises her cleverness. Sooraj shouts Sandhya and runs in the jungle. Himanshu asks did you think you and your supporter will ruin Garjana’s plan, you will not win every time, Garjana is very strong. Sooraj gets Sandhya’s name badge in the jungle.

Sooraj and Himanshu have a fight. While Sandhya is tired to a tree and fire lit near her. Himanshu overpowers Sooraj and takes a stone in his hand.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Xxxxx

      Ya. I too agree with you richa. Ithink Bhaboo is being trapped by
      Lalima as if she is carrying Sooraj’s child. Only Sandy will come and
      prove that they have been trapped by Lalima because Suraj’s nature
      is so good as he never touches even his wife without her consent.
      This will be the negative part of Lalima. This is my imagination. If
      anybody find hurt please excuse me. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jeyam

    It’s a great puzzle how Himanshu came there. He being the leader of Garjana why didn’t he come before Shekar &co instead of doing things against Garjana? Let us assume that Suraj will not be killed and Sandya.

    • Varsha

      Ya… Now they show us with superb upcoming episodes….. Full of action…. Thanks to all dabh team…. Hatts of all that team….??????

  2. ANU

    Its very nice episode waiting for tomm episode ….precap is very exited to watch…..thanks amena….you doing very good job

    Mission mahabali is rocking

    • Varsha

      Ya ek dam zakaassssssssss… We see tomorrow suraj action scene…. Wating to see upcoming episodes….???????

  3. AD

    If I’m hurting anybody,plz forgive me.
    Mission Mahabali is a high profile mission related to nation’s security.How can this stupid writers do this stupid idiotic move of bringing Sooraj in between Sandhya’s mission.That’s so foolish.This is my fav show.But the only thing i hate is the writers always bring family in between Sandhya’s mission.
    Sorry if i hurt anybody’s feeling.

    • ANU

      Actually team has decided that they want to highlight sooraj character may be….and kuch bhi mission ho diya aur bati saath rahenge……chahe ooo official ho or personel…..see recollect sooraj wards sandhya mushkil me hai pati hone khe nathe mujhe sNDHYA khi help karna hai….

      he is doing his responsibility as a husband and as well as indian. desh khe liye kuch tho farZ bantha hai na.

    • Varsha

      Wow in starting they show suraj and sandhya scene…. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again my thought come true…????

    • Varsha

      In past I say that suraj save sandhya frm that drink ???
      And see that happened suraj change that drink?? into water??……?????

    • Varsha

      That scene was nice when sandhya drink water at that time suraj say drink that water so cute scene……. ??????

    • Varsha

      Hanuman chalisa:
      sriguru charan saroj raja, nija mana mukuru sudhari
      barnau raghbar bimal jasu, jo dayaku phal chari

      “After cleaning the mirror of my mind with the dust from my guru’s lotus feet, I recite the pure glory of Sri Rama, which provides the four fruits of life.”

      buddhiheen tanu janike, sumiron pavankumar
      bal buddhi bidya dehi mohin, harhu kalesa bikar

      “Having understood that I am devoid of intellect, I am remembering Hanuman, the son of Pavan. I request him to grant me intellect, power, and knowledge and to remove my flaws and sufferings.”

      jai hanuman jnana guna sagar, jai kapisa tihun loka ujagar ||1||
      rama doot atulita bal dhama, anjani putra pavan suta nama ||2||

      “Salutations to Hanuman, the ocean of jnana and virtue; salutations to the king of vanaras, who is renowned in the three worlds, is the messenger of Sri Rama, possesses incomparable strength, and is known as Anjani-putra (“child of Anjani”) and Pavan-putra (“son of wind”).

      mahavira bikrama bajrangi, kumati nivara sumati ke sangi ||3||
      kanchan baran biraj subesa, kanan kundal kunchit kesa ||4||

      “O Hanuman! You are supremely powerful and heroic, have a physique like lightning, ward off evil thoughts, and grant the companionship of wisdom. You possess a golden complexion, wear auspicious attire, are adorned with ear-rings, and have curly hair.

      haath bajra au dhwaja biraje, kandhe moonj janeu saaje ||5||
      sankar suvana kesari nandan, tej pratap maha jag bandan ||6||

      “You carry lightning and a flag in your hands and wear a sacred thread over your shoulder. You are Shiva-incarnate and the son of Kesari. The whole world praises you for your brilliance.”

      bidyavana guni ati chatur, rama kaja karibe ko aatur ||7||
      prabhu charitra sunibe ko rasiya, rama lakhan sita mana basiya ||8||

      “You are extremely intelligent, virtuous, and smart and are always keen to work for Rama. You enjoy listening to Rama’s praise and live in the hearts of Rama, Sita, and Lakshman.”

    • Varsha

      sukshma rupa dhari siyahi dikhawa, bikata rupa dhari lank jarava ||9||
      bheem rupa dhari asura sanhare, ramchandra ke kaaj sanware ||10||

      “Though you appeared before Devi Sita in a tiny form, you assumed a fearsome form to burn Lanka. You assumed a gigantic form to annihilate asuras and make preparations for Rama’s divine plan.”

      laye sajivan lakhan jiyaye, shriraghubir harashi ur laye||11||
      raghupati kinhi bahut badhai, tum mam priye bharathi sam bhai ||12||

      “By bringing the Sanjivani (an herb) to revive Lakshman’s life, you filled Sri Rama’s heart with happiness, who then embraced you. Rama praised you extensively and stated that you are as dear to him as Bharata, his brother.”

      sahas badan tumharo jasa gavein, asa kahi shripati kanth lagavein||13||
      sanakadik brahmadi munisa, narad sarad sahit ahisa||14||
      jama kuber digpala jahan te, kabi kobid kahi sake kahan te||15||

      “After saying that the thousand-hooded Sheshnaga sings your praise, Rama, the Lord of Shri, embraced you. When Sanaka and his brothers, Brahma and the munis, Narada, Devi Saraswati, Yama, Kubera, and Digpala can not describe your glories, how can poets and scholars describe them?”

      tum upkara sugreevahi kinha, rama milaye raja pada dinha||16||
      tumharo mantra vibhishan mana, lankeshwar bhaye sab jaga jaana||17||

      “As a result of your beneficence, Sugreeva met Rama and got his throne. The world already knows that Vibhishana became the king of Lanka by following your advice.”

      juga sahastra jojan par bhanu, leelyo taahi madhur phal jaanu||18||
      prabhu mudrika meli mukha maahi, jaladhi langh gaye achraja nahin||19||
      durgam kaaj jagat ke jete, sugam anugrah tumhare tete||20||

      “You swallowed the Sun, located thousands if miles away, believing it to be a sweet fruit. It is unsurprising that you jumped over the ocean with Rama’s ring in your mouth. The impossible tasks of the world become easy with your grace.”

    • Varsha

      jai jai jai hanuman gosain, kripa karahu guru deva ki nain||37||
      jo sat baar path kar koi, chhutahi bandi maha sukh hoi||38||

      “Hail to you, Lord Hanuman! Please grace me as my guru. Whoever recites this prayer a hundred times is liberated from bondage and experiences the greatest joy.”

      jo yeh pade hanuman chalisa, hoye siddhi saakhi gaurisa||39||
      tulasidasa sada hari chera, kije naath hriday mahan dera||40||

      “Whoever reads this Hanuman Chalisa becomes spiritually accomplished; Bhagavan Shiva himself is the witness to this. Tulasidasa is an eternal servant of Sri Rama. O Lord Hanuman! Please dwell in my heart.”

      pavantanaye sankat haran, mangal murati rupa
      rama lakhan sita sahit, hriday basahu sur bhupa

      “O son of Pavan! You are the remover of miseries and the embodiment of auspiciousness. Please reside in my heart, O King of gods, with Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita.”

      Hope u like this…. Song… Which I post….????

  4. Varsha

    Wowwwww m thought once again come true…. Welcome back himanshu… In past I say that in the end of mission mahabali definitely they bring himanshu….???????

    • Varsha

      Now the main movie start….
      I also say that frm that wall himanshu free sandhya and take with him…. See this my thought was come true….????

    • Varsha

      Nice to see sandhya’s flashback scene as sagrika…. So happy to see that flashback scene… As well as that bangali song also nice…. If I get that song video link then I post that…..???????

      • Xxxxx

        Varsha really hatsoff to you the above Hanuman Chalisa and
        all other comments are very very nice. I need not surf anything.
        You give replies to all my doubts without asking. Earlier I read
        that song Lyrics of Diya Bhati. that was amazing. See I am not
        well versed in surfing or working on computers. the previous day
        Dharani had commented to visit Deepikas official instagram. I
        don’t know how to visit. Please help me. Thank you …………………….

    • Varsha

      Wating to see tomorrow action episode…. As usual superb mind blowing…. And in my style ek dam zakaassssssssss Precap ….. Now tomorrow definitely suraj and sandhya scene we see in last…..?????
      Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys if I hurt someone feelings…. if possible then plz forgive me….??????

    • Romi

      Hi @ DV! ? How r you?? Thanks god you speak too little otherwise it would be difficult to bear you! I hope you won’t mind bcoz you don’t have it ??

  5. binny gupta

    Varsha speaks cool but darth stop your backwas and comment bad about others varsha go on dear well done

  6. ANU

    Watch running rates of your favourite STAR Plus shows here!

    ye rishta kya kahlata hai———–87.9%
    DABH —————90.9%
    Tu mera hero————-73.7%
    sumeet sambhalega—————49.4%
    mere agne me ———————61.3%

    DABH is in top running rate 90.9%

    congrats DABH team

    • ANU

      @vaishnavi who told u lalima is pregnant u saw any news. can u send link of this news

      I think it will not happen. suraj not even touch her and lalima know he love only my point of u lokesh and babhoo is preparing to do shaadi with sooraj may be this is the reason baboo is behaving like that.and she dont want to accept sandhya….she break her promise na that’s babhoo is hating sandhya ………

      babhoo will not accept sandhya again sooraj want to fight with babhoo for sandhya…..the directors and writer how they end lalimaa character we will see……

  7. I hope nothing will happen to sooraj. Till now gharjana did a lot now it’s time for sandhya and Bharat has to show their power to them. I’m waiting for that action scenes. Tomorrow chandu will be in big shock because of sooraj.

    Bharat sir plan is really nice.

    • ANU

      @lavdabh nothing will happen to sooraj sooraj die news also a fake news …..coz mujhe lagtha hai mm kab se start huva sooraj character kho kuch bhi story line nahi diya and he is not happy with present track may be this is the reason he put a pressure to prod team…….see end of the mission he is playing main role and now he is happy for that.

      we wish all things will be ok now…..i hope sandhya and sooraj will return safely…..

  8. Jeyam

    Bhabu’s mysterious dealings continue to be a suspense. While Hamanshu’s behaviour also seems to be eerie. If has wished to kill Sandya he might have done it within the four walls. Why should he break the walls ,carry her into jungle, and try to kill? The director should answer.

  9. Niraaj

    Be prepared for the next exciting episode of DABH, as it will reveal the escape of himanshu or its a plan from Bharat sir which is well executed.. 😉

  10. Hi Dabh fans,
    Mission Mahabali is going v good, but now Himanshu & Majari with the help of Garjana, they will make Sandhya& Sooraj captive. Sandhya is forced to marry eith Himanshu in ordet to save Sooraj, but at the last moment Sooraj stops himanshu…

  11. Agar End unhappy hai, to uksa matlab hai Picture abhi baki hai mere Dost.
    Just chill and enjoy twists…
    Btw Team Dabh is No 1 in making end moment Twist… but Team Dabh always end any track with Happiness.

  12. vaishnavi

    s i also watched i think sooraj ll nt die…like hijack track in tat bhabho…in tis sooraj…

  13. vaishnavi

    Because sooraj ll die v r all nt accept…i mean viewers so i hope they didnt show like tat…

  14. While Hijack drama, i was little upset with Team Dabh abt less action scenes spl from Deepika,
    But this time, viewers have no complain

  15. richa

    Diya Aur Baati Hum’s Deepika Singh says upcoming track is challenging yet thrilling experience
    Television actress Deepika Singh says shooting for some action sequences for upcoming track in “Diya Aur Baati Hum”, has been extremely challenging for her. According to her, the audience can expect an “adventurous ride” with some Hollywood inspired “Mission Impossible” stunts in store.
    “Mission Mahaabali has been an adventurous ride for me. My experience while shooting for this entire track has been extremely challenging. I’ve had to perform some really tough stunts and action sequences,” Deepika said in a statement. She added that she has “shot in extremely tough locations and there have been a lot of difficulties as well, but it has been a thrilling experience so far”.
    The Star Plus show is gearing up for a power packed action chasing sequence as Mission Mahaabali gears up for its climax with Sandhya (Deepika) saving the country from facing nuclear attack. Deepika will also set her fear of heights aside as she will be seen jumping over a moving truck and performing a mid-air fight sequence and also will be seen hanging on to a chopper.
    The actress notes that the best is yet to come. “Mission Mahaabali will end on a thrilling note. There will be a lot of drama, a lot of action,” she added.
    credit: Indianexpress

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