Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th October 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th October 2013 Written Update

Everyone praising the jewellery, Sandy gives lemonade to Bhabo and she takes it as everyone is looking at them. Meena doesn’t move from the place and keeps glaring at the jewels. Babho asks Emily for hot water to soak her feet Sandy runs to bring it and the whole HG is surprised by Sandy’s love for her MIL. Bhabo feels uneasy. HG ladies praise the jewellery again, Dhaisa as usual finds faults. They ask where did Bhabo get these jewellery from and she says the new shop located in shastri nagar. The ladies say that buying jewellery from a new shop and that too worth lakhs. Dhaisa says she should have asked her before going to the new shop.

Bhabo does aarthi to Chavi to keep her away from evil eyes She ties Mouli to all ladies of RM. Sandy too comes forward for mouli but

Bhabo denies. Dhaisa notices it. HG ladies advice Bhabo to take care of jewels. Sandy and Bhabo come to Bhabo’s room and Sandy asks did she change the bed cover but Bhabo starts her taunts she says why does she act before others. Sandy says she came not to trouble but they are children of Bhabo and Babhasa and where will they go. Sandy asks Bhabo will she come to take them back to RM.

Sandy has flashback of yesterday rose bouquet scene and says she will surprise Sooraj. She lights diyas. The rose petals, she places them on the fan. Sandy almost finished lighting the lamps. Sooraj nears SSM. Sandy is smiling. Someone knocks the door and its Meena. Meena asks Sandy why is she close to the wall like a lizard. Sooraj too enters and sees Meena. Sandy is upset.

Meena taang pulls Sandy and Sooraj asks why so much of diyas and why the room is dark? Meena says Sandy is perspiring and switches the fan and the rose petals falls on Sandy. Meena enjoys the taang pulling. Both are embaressed. She explains whatever Sandy did to impress Sooraj. Meena says she must have come on wrong time. Sooraj teases Sandy that she surprised Meena Meena goes to RM Mandir and asks kanhaji permission to take the flowers and she needs to impress Vikram

Meena tries to place the flowers on the fan standing on the stool, Vikram opens the door and thinks she is going to commit suicide Meena explains that she was placing flowers on fan to woo him and says she wanted to shower him with flowers and he was ready for funeral of Meena Bhabo wakes in the middle of the night and is thinking, Babhasa wakes up and asks her the matter. She explains that she has the responsiblity of the jewellery. Bhabo asks Babhasa to call dilip’s mom and speaks to her saying they have to take the jewels asap as there is fear of theft.

Next day Sooraj makes a heart of rose petals, Sandy comes after shower and is surprised. Sooraj asks Sandy how was this surprise and she says its very nice later adds she couldn’t surprise him. Sooraj comes near and Sandy gets a bit back and he says welcome. Dhaisa DIL comes to SurYa home to ask for some Sugar and informs dont tell two DIL’s about this. Sandy gets idea and tells Sooraj she will be back and goes out.

In RM all are having tea in the hall and Meena taunts Emily indirectly. Bhabo says Emily not to add ghee to Meena’s rotis as it will cost a lot and Meena is trying to reduce her expenditures. Bhabo asks Vikram to accompany her to go to bank, he refuses and Mohit gives excuses. Sandy is standing in the threshold enters saying she will go with Bhabo. Bhabasa hides just before Bhabo calls but later gets to say that he has to accompany Bhabo.Sandy says she came to get sugar as its over in their house and Sooraj likes house tea, if its not available he has to get shop tea. So she can make it if they give sugar. Bhabasa says to give sugar as they can do so much for neighbors. Bhabo gives stare look.

Bhabo-Bhabasa in a place, Bhabo says jewel or something and a thief listens and grabs the bag, pushes Bhabasa but he says to Bhabo to chase that guy. Bhabo screaming and taunting runs behind the thief.

Update Credit to: Ramyaks

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