Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying I won’t let Sooraj stay in police station for a minute too. Sandhya says leave my husband, I will leave from this house in 2 hours. Birj goes with the men. Meenakshi says you were bearing everything to stay with Sooraj, you left everything to save Sooraj, your Jodi is example for every husband and wife, your love is like diya aur baati. Sandhya tells Sooraj that she is going forever. Sooraj cries. Sandhya says but my love and prayers will be with you, don’t break down, Bhabho and Babasa need you. Bhabho gets shocked.

Sandhya cries and goes from there. Lalima and Sooraj cry. Bhabho stands near the tulsi plant and recalls Babasa’s words about Lalima and Sandhya. She cries and is shaken up realizing the difference between selfish Lalima and

selfless Sandhya. She goes to light diya in inhouse temple. She lights the diya and cries. Babasa comes to her. He asks why is she worried now, it happened as Bhabho wanted, Lalima got Sooraj’s wife’s status, and the one you wanted to cut away from this family, Sandhya is going herself, are you happy now? We all want this, you be happy, thanks to Lord. He cries and says it happened as you wanted, go and sleep, if you could get sleep. He goes.

Bhabho thinks she can’t understand right and wrong and asks Lord to give her strength. Sandhya sees the pic and cries. She gets a message on her phone. She gets a cafe’s manager call, and he tells her about getting CCTV footage of the people who were in café that time. She thanks him. He sends her the footage. She checks the video and gets shocked seeing Lokesh. She turns and sees Lalima. Sandhya asks Lalima about Lokesh, did she know this, did they do this together. Lalima says yes. Sandhya asks why did you do this with Bhabho.

Lalima asks why is she asking this question if you are a famous police officer, you have answer infront of you. Lalima says she loves Sooraj and can’t see him becoming someone else’s, she did every try which she could, see the result, I passed in my tries, your and Sooraj ji’s relation ended and now he is just mine. Sandhya says I will tell everything to him. Lalima asks what will you say, you ended ties with him, so I m his wife now, I don’t like any stranger woman to talk to my husband, your rights on Sooraj finished, I got my love and right on Karwachauth, I got my Sooraj, this is called true love and true devotion.

Sandhya asks what love and devotion, devotees don’t cheat Lord, you have cheated everyone, love is not by cheat, you became Bhabho’s bahu, Sooraj’s wife, but you won’t get Sooraj. Then what would you get, love is not to win, everything is lost in love to get love. Lalima argues and asks you feel you became sacrificing Devi, don’t forget, you are the reason of his madness, but I accepted him in that state, I made him fine by my love, I love him too, that too more than you. Sandhya says love is in us, not me…

Lokesh comes and happily tells Lalima that Sooraj called her in same temple, from where he got her home holding her hand. Lalima asks Sandhya to do packing till she comes back, her husband wants to make a new start, from the same place where our story started. She leaves.

Lalima comes to temple and meets Sooraj. She says I did not know what to say there. Sooraj asks her not to say anything. He reminds the night when they met here before. She smiles. He says the night where you got Mata Rani’s chunri, its not an ordinary thing, pure hearted people get such blessing. He says I can’t forget how you got Sandhya’s pic from that well risking your life, you have done a lot for Ved and me, you made me every work which I left in madness, you made me realize senses and gave me a new life.

She says you remember all this…. He says yes, but I m unable to identify this Lalima who is infront of me, you look scared, I remember that Lalima who was bold and selfless, I don’t feel you are old Lalima, I remember everything, but not one thing, when did I fill sindoor in your maang…. She gets shocked.

He says I don’t remember, maybe because I never filled sindoor in your maang, it was a lie. She asks you know it? He says I went to your room for some work, I got Sandhya’s cupboard duplicate key, then I went to Mahila morcha and came to know you gave that video there. She says yes, I did this, I love you a lot, more than Sandhya, who chose her duty over you, I made you fine, my love made you well. He says you are right, my family and I agree to your favor, everyone is thinking the decision on Karwachauth, I give you this right to decide this…

Lalima cries and sees the Lord idol. The diya blows off by strong wind. She gets shocked and moves away from Sooraj. Emily and Meenakshi wonder where is Sandhya, and how will they complete Karwa rasam. Meenakshi says Sandhya would be packing her bags, Lalima has come. Bhabho cries and sees the Karwa pot in her hand. She wishes to get strength that she makes this storm away from Sooraj’s life, that she can return his peace and happiness. She keeps the Karwa pot and cries. She sees her bahu in ghunghat….

Bhabho lifts the ghunghat of her bahu and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. siggu ledha?????????/
    okate precap eenni years ki istharu ah?
    kothga em chuinchakapote muskoni serial apeyandi.anteh kani ,chepindhe padi sarlu chepte visugu matrame ostadi

    1. i hate lalaima… a ungly girl who spoils reltn b/w sandhya and sooraj
      its gng worst she is selfshs lalima
      .. y cnt sandhya say truth abt them..
      dnt show same recap same for 3 days…
      ya i acpet u MR.acchu

    2. Please mind your language. This is a public site. So please maintain decency in language in whichever language you comment. Don’t comment rubbish . the same message which you have commented in Telugu is also been commented by Priya but in a very very descent manner. Please If I had hurt you SORRYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

      1. xxx plss translate the comment

      2. Let me translate richa. Acchu got frustrated with same precap. The comment is don’t you have a shame? Why are you guys repeating precap multiple times. If you don’t have new things to show shutdown the serial.

      3. thnxxx a lot luv dabhhh veryyyyy veryy muchhhh

      4. Shit butch

    3. frustration vachinda meku kuda….

    4. Hi acchu , baleh cheppev !! ?.. Same precap for how many days ?? They think the audience are crazy

    5. Cool acchu, mee frustration naaku ardamayindi ?

  2. Same precap for three days. Doesn’t make sense.

  3. Who will be in that ghunghat…. may be lalima…. so that bhaboo get a new lesson of that selfish lalima

  4. Suraj has rightly pointed out that the Lalima who saved him from all his problems is not available now. This is a different Lalima. Is this the way that the women change their minds from angelic to devilish? Any one has any idea?

  5. abbaa ada raaaaama…sema preacap

  6. precap###

  7. nee mokhamm..

    here linkkkk that sandy under veil… 🙂

    1. Thank you richa

      1. u r welcm dr

      1. welcm luv dabh dr

  9. in sbb video they say s&s find boy for lalimaa cud it be aryan orr zakirr ???

    1. ZAKIR possible

      1. mee too think the same @ ad

    2. Hey whoz aryan..i dnt rem him!

      1. aryan is chotu dr

  10. i wonder… so many telugu audience here in telly updates..

    1. Even I surprised.

  11. this is d only serial im watching in now a days.. DABH rockss… Hope this Lalima track end soon

  12. Anyone guess who’s she sandhya or Lalima?

    1. look up linkk i posted itsss sandyyyyy

  13. blo*dy Lalima.How dare you can talk like this to our SANDHYA?You asked her whether she feel she is sacrificing devi.YES , our SANDHYA is sacrificing devi.

    How nicely SOORAJ gave word slap to Lalima.SOORAJ & SANDHYA rocks today.SANDHYA’s words to Lalima were superb & absolutely right?

    Feeling happy that Bhabho realised her mistake.Babasa rocks.

    But I hate they repeating same precap.

    1. Yes , she is calling sandhya as stranger. I really felt bad.

  14. precap lady is sandhya maybe I think so

  15. All forgot sandya gave kidney to bhabho. How much hasn’t she done in 14 years for 8 months of duty the family found her wrong. Proven that in laws are like parents but never real parents. Would a mom behave like this? Even if daughter in law give her life parents in law will doubt. This is reality of the world.

  16. It ll b Sandy.. Bhabho thinks its lalima and asks her to leave the rathi house and when she lifts the veil it ll b our Sandy…..

  17. Finally lalima exposed to sandhya and suraj

  18. Well said nono in-laws ll never understand their daughter in laws

    1. Hey wt is dt cafe scene?

  19. This is a typical Indian drama where the illitrates ( not educated) people win and the well educated like IPS officer loose and there are many “Hen pegged” husbands in India, they are not dare enough and scared to express their love

  20. Hello frds, I am new here. I like Diya Bathi aur Hum. But it is not fair to show same precap for 3 days. Makers should understand that it is only 18mins serial and from that they show 3 minutes from previous episode and same precap for weeks. Don’t make viewer fool and don’t test their patience yar.

  21. I hope tomorrow also we will not get same precap.

  22. Seema Katara

    Sooraj was very mature
    Sandhya very cal and dignified
    Babasa as usual takes the cake
    I hope Lalima has realised the fruits of her action
    Let us have another track with Bharat and Govt rewarding Sandhya and of course a civilian honor to Sooraj

  23. Lalima going to out from rathi house. Oh rathi family will get rescue from her.

  24. I think it sandhya

  25. Hi rich don’t ya remember chotu loves sandyas nice ankurs ladlee daughter and zakir wanted to marry emily do ya rally think zakir would accept loni Lalima for his bride. Zak knows s and s love each other and for sandy I applod her very clever girl she will deffo tell boo and the rest of the fam about looni trechras betrayal after boo lifts the vail . Reply.

    1. ya ryt YRKKH fan but may b 4 famlys peace he marry hr and take her away 4m familynd abt chotu nd blbl huh thay rae relativs soo in north relativs usually dont marry but these two were dc priorties until any new entry 4 her nd ya she will plot more i think…..

  26. Lovely episode.

  27. I don’t understand why Sandhya is shown to suffer in most of the episodes and some one or other should trouble her. This is really absurd. What do the director and writer try to tell the public. Don’t be good you will suffer for ever. Why should one go on sacrificing everyerything?

  28. can any1 tell me whether bhabho knows tht sandhya gave her kidney?

    1. Yes, she knows. That’s why she could not able to say anything when sandhya and sooraj decided to give their another son to her brother for bulbul.

  29. hi guys i’m from Sri lanka.. i love this drama a lot.

  30. Enni rojulu ade precap chupistharu…. Sandhya n suraj got a boy for lalima? I think lalima won’t agree for this…. Pls Zakir n Emily get married… Mohit lalima ni money kosam blackmail chesina vishyam andariki teliyali apudu bhabho vadni intlo nundi ganteyali….

  31. Wat vil b d next track? Anybody knows?

  32. here today’s spoillerrr
    Sandhya tells Bhabho that she will manage home very well and is excited to become a good bahu again. Bhabho has challenged her to do all the household work for 24 hours, without anyone’s help. Sandhya does all the work… cooking and managing kids. She lifts the water pots and takes pots to kitchen. Bhabho has made Meenakshi turn into a spy to keep an eye on Sandhya. Meenakshi says Sandhya can’t cheat in my presence and acts like a detective. Sandhya’s test will be bringing some happy moments in the show.
    😀 😀 can’t imaginee sandy doing all the wrkk splyy cookinggg 😀 😀 her kadha chaiii 😀 😀 itss gonna b funny 😀 😀

  33. Bhabho is selfish ignorant she has never realize her mistake , the whole house full people living in 18th century, she did not make mistake , that’s the way she is . I can’t understand why only sandhya has to prove she is worthy enough .i think the writer is thinking and writing when he in bathroom

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