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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing the paper. She calls SP Sir and tells everything about Sooraj talking to Zakir and finding the hint. He asks her to check it soon and decode it, and he will see RK’s hanging. Sandhya says fine and sits there to decode the info. Disha says the big bag will go to luggage dept and wishes the bag to pass the check. Shanky sees her and smiles. He calls her Senorita and wishes she is in his flight. He gets his mum’s call who tells her about food. He says I m going Dubai, not a jungle. Chaturi sees a pregnant woman and how will she travel. Bhabho says we can reach in few hours. Chaturi says she can’t stay for long, and wants to go to bathroom.

Bhabho scolds her. She asks Disha to take Chaturi to the bathroom. Disha thinks she can’t go and has

to be here. She says we will go later. Chaturi says no, I can’t control. Bhabho says take her. Disha takes her and leaves. Sooraj forwards his bag. Bhabho asks him to put the laptop bag also. Disha thinks he can’t send it, it has gun which I need in flight. She stops him and says we will take it with us. Bhabho says what will we do now, its heavy. Disha says yes, but it has decoration items, its delicate, it can break. Bhabho says fine. . Disha is tensed as the officers stop Sooraj at the check point. The man sees the metal in the trolley rods. The officer stops Sooraj and asks him to come with him. Disha looks on.

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Bhabho asks what happened. Sooraj says he will come and goes with them. The officers check the trolley and asks Sooraj to open it.Disha thinks did they see the bullets filled in the trolley bag, if they catch it then…. They check the bag and take out all the clothes. The man says there is nothing in this. The man takes it to recheck in the machine. He does not see any metal this time and says there is something wrong. He says I think there is something in this metal pull.

Disha says its design metal maybe, its new fashion. The man says yes, maybe. Bhabho says we don’t know about it, I bought it from market. The man apologizes to them. Bhabho gets angry. Disha says its fine, they were doing their duty. Disha thinks they got safe, the handbag should also pass checking now. Sandhya comes in the airport café and tries to see the word. Prema is also present there and sees the list. She thinks they are travelling alone and can be commando. Prema thinks how to know commando and they take outside seats, not window seats. She thinks who can be commando from thus two names. Sandhya names words with the alphabets. Prema sees Mr Verma and says he is the one. Sandhya uses laptop to frame the word. Prema is done with her work and sees Sandhya there. She is shocked.

Prema hides from Sandhya and thinks how did Sandhya come here, if she identifies me, it will be big problem, what to do now. She says I will tell Maya that Sandhya is here. Sooraj and everyone stand in the last security check. Disha thinks our hangbags will be checked here. Mamta’s mum says she wants to talk to her son as she is feeling upset. Mamta says he will not take your call, I m with you. She calls him and says see, he did not take the call. Shalini holds her husband’s hand as they will be getting apart again. He says I m here, don’t worry, I will keep phone on. They talk on phone. She says I love you. He says I love you too, phone is not allowed during checking. He tells Shalini to be together by eyes. Disha looks at Sooraj’s handbag.

A lady comes and says she will make presentation and this meeting will be good for the bank. Sooraj gives his handbag for checking. Disha gets tensed. Sandhya thinks to make the words. She sees the page reloaded and flight number not matching. She says how can this be and checks other flights from Jaipur to Dubai. She is shocked seeing 2310 flight number. Prema says it looks like she won’t go, I m stuck here. She sees the word Hijack. She is shocked and cries. She says it means Sooraj ji’s flight will be hijacked.

The kids make fun of Prema. Sandhya sees her and runs after her to catch her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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