Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya slapping Purvi. Sooraj asks Sandhya what did you do, Purvi saved Meenakshi’s life and you slapped her. Bhabho asks Sandhya did she get mad to slap Purvi. Meenakshi says yes, Sandhya is slapping Purvi as if Purvi did a crime. Sandhya stares at Purvi angrily.
Purvi says now my case got more strong, I will file domestic violence case against you Sandhya. Sandhya’s imagination ends. Bhabho says its good that nothing happened. Sandhya thinks I won’t let Purvi succeed in her bad motives. She goes to her room and thinks I have fought with many criminals, its first time I m dealing with a mentally sick criminal, she has entered my home, don’t know what will she do, what shall I do, I will not let her win, I will not let her harm my family, and not let use the

laws for helpless women, Purvi’s way is different, I will reply her in her language.

Its morning, Sandhya asks Sooraj to wait, I forgot the files. Sooraj says I have got the files, I m responsible father, come sit. She ties his helmet and sits on the scooter. The tyre bursts. Everyone come there and they all get shocked seeing the tyre burst. Sandhya says its good we did not leave, if this tyre bursted on the way. Meenakshi says Sandhya is pregnant, anything could have happened. Sandhya says its new tyre, how did this happen. Bhabho asks Sooraj to take Sandhya inside. Purvi looks on and says all these ways are mine, but if I did not do this, then who did this. Vikram says I think it bursted as this has less air. Meenakshi says Om took the scooter. Vikram shouts Om. Purvi looks on and says how did Om’s name come in between.

Vikram asks Om did you take scooter, and did you get air filled. Om says yes, I think the guy filled excess air. Vikram scolds Om and blames him. Bhabho stops them. Om says I know its my mistake, but I did not do this intentionally. Vikram and Meenakshi blame Om and scold him badly. Purvi looks on and gets angry. Sooraj and Sandhya look on. Sooraj says I think Sandhya you should think again, how long will Om stay here. She says yes, we have to end this tension. Bhabho says Om you told me, who will guarantee that you will not hurt Rathi family. Purvi takes guarantee and says whatever happened by Om was not intentionally, I promise he will not do this again. Meenakshi says Purvi, you know him well, you are taking his guarantee. Purvi says yes, I assure this, don’t file case against Om. They all get shocked.

Om looks at Sandhya and smiles. Sandhya recalls talking to Maasa and Om. FB shows Maasa and Om going to Sandhya. Maasa asks her not to take tension and be happy. She asks Sandhya to agree to Purvi. Sandhya says I have seen you strong always, I did not see you falling weak, then why today. Maasa says anything could have happened today, even if everyone is standing against me, I can’t bear Purvi hurting anyone. Sandhya says even I can’t bear it, innocent shouldn’t get punished, I have a plan, Om is Purvi’s weakness, I need Om’s help to save my family. Om says yes, I will do as you say. Sandhya tells Sooraj that Vikram cares for our baby and he asked Om to promise this won’t happen again. Sooraj says Vikram always has anger. She says I know my family’s nature well, and is thankful to Vikram. She thinks to work on next plan, now Purvi can’t do anything to my family.

Sandhya talks to Emily and asks for her help. Emily says I want Purvi to get justice and her rights. Sandhya says I know you married Om in hurry, but your choice was not wrong, you are angry and not able to see Om’s good. Emily asks what goodness, Om has locked Purvi in a room, and proved her dead, he cheated me and married me, is this goodness and humanity. Sandhya says I agree Om did mistake, but if there is good intention behind mistake, its not a mistake, Om lied and married you, did he tried to misuse this marriage, tell me, did he take wrong advantage of you, you answer me, did he touch you, if Om is really bad, would he not do bad to you. Emily says this does not prove Om is a good man. Sandhya says if you understand, it can be proved, you told me to prove out truth, I need your help for this work. Emily says I can’t help you. Sandhya asks her to help for Sparsh’s sake, just think by my perception once, that I want to show you. Emily agrees and asks what do I have to do, tell me. Sandhya smiles.

Emily goes to meet Om. Om thanks Emily for giving him another chance. Emily says whatever I m doing is just for Sparsh, I m not related to anyone else. He asks her to have water. Sandhya asks Meenakshi about Emily. Meenakshi says Emily has gone for parlor work. Sandhya says fine, call her, I have imp work. Sandhya recalls telling Emily to make Om receive Meenakshi’s call on her phone. She thinks to bring out Purvi’s truth her way.

Purvi goes to Om and Emily, and gets angry seeing him filling sindoor. She gets a knife and says you like to come between me and Om. Emily cries and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Nice episode….this track is good going….very nice…marvellous…dabh always rockzzzzz……my mother tongue was Tamil…i didn’t give up my mother language…but for one thing I will give means definitely serial…..hindi serials are far far far better than Tamil serials…specifically my serial Diya aur baati hum..i’m seeing from episode 1 in Tamil…still now I didn’t get bored….there is no words to express how I like Diya aur baati hum….pakka mass….

  2. Wow! Superb Episode.
    Awesome Precap.
    If precap is not a dream,Purvi’s truth will be revealed completely in the next 2 episodes.
    DABH always Rockzzzz…….
    Go Ahead DABH team.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.

    Hope they don’t bring any Mom-Child separation track like that in YHM & YRKKH.
    Plzzz don’t bring any such bakwas in this show.We want unique & different tracks in DABH.

    1. I love Om’s child Sparsh a lot
      He is so cute & innocent
      His acting (performance) is awesome

      Purvi is awesome as a villainous characters.But in the climax of this track send Purvi to a mental health care centre & council her.And turn her character good & unite Purvi-Om-Sparsh.That’s better.We want Zakir as Emily’s pair.
      Plzzz do so
      Plzzz DABH team

  3. Sandya angled Purvi with Om’s line and she has easily fished the devil. Really exciting is today’s episode.

  4. Guys wat a news is this…..dabh going to really end? No this cant happen yaar….plzzzz don’t do it…

  5. ND today episode is awwwwww………..eagerly waiting for tomorrow s one

  6. hai AD, who is Zakir?

    1. ZAKIR is a police officer as well as SANDHYA’s best friend too.He has one side love towards EMILY

  7. Dn’t wry all.. upcoming episode r perfect. sooraj turn to hanuman funny episode stay tuned???

  8. Zakir was sandhya’s duty partner. he fell in love with emily but the rathi family din’t accept his one sided love so they broke relations with him. somehow after that he was not seen anymore. i guess the actor that plays zakir is too busy acting in other shows and quit.

  9. i think the actrass playing sandhya is pregnant for real that is why they had to input in the show. DABH never drags, give them props for that

  10. thanks pari miss…

  11. Hi I am new here.I also heard news about dabh going off air.pls tell me a better serial to watch if it goes off air as I don’t follow any

  12. thank you AD.!!!

  13. Hi I’m new here is that true at dabh going off air pls do not end.. ?

  14. Hi I’m new here is that true that
    dabh going off air pls do not end.. ?


    No it will not happen…..i just pray ? this all want to b rumours…

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