Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the match going on. The team goes against Sooraj’s advice. Sooraj thinks why are they doing this. They start beating the man. The player is rushed to immediate care. Mahendra thinks team has gone against captain and did fault action, this will be proved costly for the team. Both the team argue. The referee suspends Sooraj, as no one is taking responsibility from his team. Aditi says what. Sooraj goes and sits away. The team does not play well an wants to play for themselves and not the team. They all want the credit. Mahendra gets glad. Sooraj asks why are they not helping each other. Meenakshi asks Sandhya why are they doing this. Sandhya says they are not playing united and the other team is scoring.

Emily gets headache and Mohit comes to her. Emily gets angry

and he argues, saying he is her husband. She says its just name sake relation and asks him to be away. He asks why is she saying all this. She says she got courage as she does not have anything to lose. He shouts in anger and throws the clothes. He gets Zakir’s mum’s letter and the pics of the girls. He says why is this here with Emily and doubts on Emily and Zakir. Sooraj asks the team to play united and they go against him.

He asks all the team members to play well, as they are leading by one point, forget everything and play united. He says we have to win this match in any way. The team does not play in sync and Lakhan holds a guy to make him out. No one helps him and he struggles to hold the guy alone. Sooraj sees the scores. Everyone think why is the team not helping Lakhan, the team will lose. The team loses and Avinash blames Sooraj for this. Sandhya says she will meet Sooraj and goes. Ved cries and hugs her. He thinks why did Sooraj lose, it means Vedansh will not be made and he does not have shop now.

Bhabho says our hope was on this contest, he has risked his life with this dream, and he feels he did a mistake. Babasa says our Vedansh dreams look tough. Sooraj asks everyone not to get disheartened as the team has tried hard. Sandhya supports him. Bhabho sees his hurt and he says its nothing. Bhabho asks him to be strong. Ved hugs Sooraj and gets sad. He cries. Sooraj asks him why is he crying. Ved says he lost the match and he does not have his shop too, what will he do now if he can’t make Vedansh. Sooraj asks him not to worry, he has lost one match and he will work hard in other matches in the tournament.

Aditi talks to the team and they ask her to remove Sooraj from the captain post. Aditi talks to Sooraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. um from kashmir…. n ths track z the best track ever…… dn get disheartened… ur work vl hv true supporters… u deserve appreciations…. 🙂

  2. u jv the courage to chng the world vth good stuf….. trust ur work… n success vl b urz….. i feel proud tht um here to appreciate ur work….

  3. great episode………

  4. Nice track.but why trp so low.hope u’ll come back to top

  5. great espisode. Lovely serial.

  6. I could not find any reason for the players to go against Suraj. Unwanted and unwarranted jealasy of the players far fetched by the director to create suspense?

    1. Here director used a simple logic. ..for players to go against each other ..all players want to win best player award and get money.

  7. nice episode,coach is a villain please open the secret of coach to every member

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