Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya cooking the maha Prasad and thinking she has less time now. Bhabho and everyone pray. Soroaj is restless. Sandhya makes the sugar syrup and checks it. She sees its not sticky. Sooraj says in heart that I m with you Sandhya. Sandhya imagines Sooraj with her. He shows her how to make Chashni. Diya aur baati………..plays…………. Sandhya smiles. They both cook together and smile. She sees Sooraj disappeared and smiles seeing the Chashni getting firm. She thanks Sooraj and thinks she has time to make laddoos now. Babasa asks Bhabho not to worry, everything will be fine. Bhabho says if Sandhya does any mistake today. Sooraj won’t get any chance.

Dipen and Sandhya continue cooking. She thinks I just have 25mins, boondi mix is not made till now. She makes

the mixture and thinks is this rightly made or not. Dipen thinks what will Sandhya do now. Sooraj appears to Sandhya and tells her how to check if boondi mix is made right. She nods and fries the boondis. She checks its very watery and adds more chana flour in it. Pandit does abhishek of the Lord idol.

Sandhya tries to make the boondi. Dipen thinks Anari/unknowledgeable is always Anari, if besan mix is so solid, how will she make boondi and maha Prasad. Sandhya thinks boondi is not coming out of the frying pan, what to do. Sooraj appears for guiding her again and helps her. She smiles seeing Sooraj showing to make perfect boondis. Sooraj disappears soon.

Mahen tells Emily that I feel like my wish turned true. Om comes there and hears Mahen. Om holds the Pagdi. Mahen asks what happened Bhabhi, why are you not saying anything, I want to hear your sweet voice. Om says every relation has a limit, we respect Bhabhi as mother in our homes. Mahen says I was joking. Om says joke is done so that two families get together and come close, but breaking limits is wrong, you are going to marry my sister, how dare you tease my wife. Mahen says I was just joking, Emily made it an issue, you are not respecting me, I will tell everyone. He goes out and reacts angrily. He tells Maasa that your family thinks small joke is big crime. Om says you crossed limits to joke, I was thinking why is Emily running away from Mahen, now I understood that Mahen has crossed his limits. Maasa asks Emily is this true.

Dipen starts making laddoos. Sandhya sees that and thinks Dipen started making laddoos, and I could not make boondi till now. Sandhya gets boondi out of the fryer and dips that in Chashni/sugar syrup. She thinks why is laddoo not forming. Sooraj says boondi have to tied in ghee, which you always forget. Sandhya adds ghee in boondi. Siya ram…..plays………….. pujari does the puja and everyone pray. Sandhya makes a laddoo and smiles seeing it forming well. Dipen arranges the laddoos in the plate. Sandhya also finishes in time. Dipen sees Sandhya and thinks she made 51 laddoos, I have to do something.

Maasa asks Emily. Emily cries. Mahen says Emily is crying, Ritu I love you, I can’t imagine to tease Emily, they made me embarrassed. Om asks Mahen to think how is Emily thinking by his doings, sorry, we don’t have such customs to joke cheaply. Maasa says Om is saying right. Mahen’s mum apologizes. Mahen’s dad says its no use to take talk ahead. Mahen asks them not to apologize, who is this woman, she acts to be Sati Savitri, she married twice, she got her husband killed and now Om…. Om slaps Mahen…. Om says I was bearing all this as it was regarding my sister’s life, if you say a word against my wife, I will not leave you. Mahen says I won’t stay here where jokes are made a big scene. Mahen goes. Mahen’s parents apologize and leave. Emily and Ritu cry. Dipen sees Sandhya going away and throws the laddoos bowl on the ground. Sandhya turns by sound and gets shocked.

Dipen reaches with laddoos. Pujari says Dipen’s made prasad will be kept as bhog. Sandhya comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really Superb Episode.
    SANDHYA’s imaginations about SOORAJ is too much.But it was great to see them together.SOORAJ-SANDHYA scenes are awesome.
    Maryank also got exposed.
    Hope everything will be back to normal soon.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Bad end.Bad Precap.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming twists and turns.

  2. Episode of Imagination
    But not too bad.
    DABH always Rockzzzz

    1. AD ! I hope this track finishes soon on Eid day!! Maybe in next two episodes ?

  3. The serial had become a fantasy and the image of Suraj did all the work manually. Now what will be the next magic?

  4. Richa

    guyss surya will hav a baby grl bbooo willl dilever baby and sooraj will get fine 🙂 🙂

    1. Richa

      it was shown yesterday sbs India tv 😀

      1. Yeah suraj will b helping sandya in shop , suddenly the shop shutter will fall down and will be locked automatically. Sandya will be gone in labour, suraj could not see sandya in pain and will stand and rush to open the door! Bhabu will deliver sandy’s baby girl coz it would b too late to her to hospital!!

  5. haha nice one i wish this week trp will increase..

  6. Super episode Suraj sandhya dream scene was awesome
    .I saw the vedio of sandhya delivered a girl baby. It means dabh will end soon? I request the production peoples don’t end dabh.

  7. If trp of dabh increases then neither the production house nor the channel will shut it down

  8. soumitra majumder

    I want see more and episode dabh this is best serial in the tv industry and realy everyday something we r learn from it i approciate all of dabh team their acting just fantastic and suraj sandhaya jodi like a real hasband wife and i am speciallyrequesting the starplus production house plz dnt stop the serial the upcpming episode it will b no1serian which my belief

  9. I don’t think dabh will be over because since now the episodes are getting better and better I am sure rating will be increasing I request pls do no end this serial as its the best of all the other

  10. I want ki sandhya ki bethi bari ho ur o usiki tara ek IPS officer bane ur bhabho parishan kare binni ko to galti par dadh te hea poti ko kia karigi..binni to bas rasoi me aag lagati hea per poti to ma ur dadhi dono ki gun will be fun to see..suray ka dead ho jai ur sandhya uski beti banke opas ae..because it needs a leap..

  11. I Want To See More Episode

  12. I wish dabh trp will increase.This serial is
    Favourite to me

  13. This serial is very.I am sure to ratings will increase one day.The show will become no1 serial

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