Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahek saying now its time to insult Arzoo, it will be fun when the misunderstanding gets cleared late. Resham asks her to come fast. Mahek says I m coming and packs her bag. Sooraj asks a man to decorate flowers, and then does himself. He fixes the floral lines, and asks the man to give another. Sandhya helps Sooraj and smiles. He asks for more, and holds her hand. He says bangles…. And turns to see Sandhya. She winks to him and they both fall over the mattresses kept there. They smile having an eyelock. They hold the glowing bulbs wires, and smile. Sooraj hugs her. Diya aur baati plays………..

Meenakshi comes there. She sees Sooraj and Sandhya, and says they are romancing at Chotu’s time. She sees Bhabho and starts coughing to alert Sooraj and Sandhya.

Vikram and Bhabho see Sooraj and Sandhya. Sooraj and Sandhya quickly get up. Bhabho asks Meenakshi why is she smiling. Meenakshi says just like that. Bhabho says I have just heard about Arzoo, I will see her today. Sandhya and Meenakshi say we both are also eager to meet. Meenakshi says I mean, I have seen her from far and goes to keep sweet boxes. Ved says Chotu, I will become Arzoo’s friend. Bhabho compliments Chotu and asks about his friend. She says its good she did not come, I don’t like Piya.

Babasa comes shouting Sooraj and asks him to open attar box, Resham is coming, so I mean I have to apply to show Rathi family status. Sooraj opens the box. Meenakshi likes laddoos, and Bhabho stops her. Everyone go out and welcome Resham and family. Babasa is glad seeing Resham. Ved asks Sandhya where is Arzoo Chachi. Sandhya says she will be here. Sandhya asks Resham where is Arzoo. Mahek thinks before Resham says, I have to stop her before she tells about visa problem, Pakistan secret will be out. Resham says Arzoo could not come because…. Mahek drops the plate. Meenakshi says she is like me. Mahek says sorry, Arzoo could not come with us, one phone call ruined our preparations, Arzoo’s friend wanted blood O-, and Arzoo went there to donate blood to her friend. Resham thinks why is Mahek lying. Mahek says don’t worry, Arzoo will come till tomorrow.

Meenakshi says see Chotu, he got upset. Vikram says Chotu, she will come. Bhabho says Arzoo stayed for good deed, its fine, and welcomes them. Babasa does shayari and everyone clap. Resham asks Mahek why did she lie, why did she not say about visa problem. Mahek says I will tell you later. Chotu greets them. Mahek compliments Chotu. Mahek asks her husband to introduce their relatives with Rathi family. She takes Resham aside, and says I lied, I did not wish them to know real reason. Resham asks why. Mahek says we are worried, do you want them to get worried as well, do you want to spoil happiness, its matter of one day, Khan Sahab said visa will come in one day. Resham thinks how is Mahek thinking good. Mahek says I know what are you thinking, Arzoo would have not got visa problem if she was our own. Resham asks her to stop this.

Chotu’s Bhabhi Uma comes there and creates a scene, asking why did Bhabho fix Chotu’s marriage with a muslim girl. She asks for how much amount did they sell Chotu, that’s why I was thinking why is Rathi family adopted useless Chotu. Sandhya says stop it Uma, I thought you will be happy to attend his marriage, and I invited you, this marriage is fixed as per Sita’s wish, she has fixed Chotu and Arzoo’s marriage, and Arzoo is a hindu girl. Uma says I can’t believe this, see their clothing. Bhabho says Sandhya is right, Arzoo is hindu, Resham and her family has adopted a orphan girl, they found her crying in heavy rain. Sandhya says they did not see her religion when they got Arzoo, they raised her without expressing she is different than them. Uma says but Arzoo would have accepted their religion being with them. Resham says its wrong, we did not force our religion on Arzoo, we taught her humanity over any religion, that’s why her heart is like innocent kid, she can’t even hurt any animal too, don’t equate her based on religion. Sooraj asks Resham not to say this, I m sorry. He says I regret that our society can’t think over religions, Lord made us same, humans have set the borders and limits for their selfish motive, I m proud of Resham, who has given Arzoo’s hand to our Chotu just to keep promise to Sita, we should now take rituals ahead, don’t care for this. Uma says do anything, but Rathi family can pay a prize for this.

Sandhya asks Mahek did she get courier. Mahek says no, and thinks it won’t reach them and come back, just as baraat. Sandhya calls to check on courier, and the lady says the address you gave was wrong. Sandhya says check again, it does not take much time to send courier within country. The lady checks its Pakistan’s address and says this address is not of here……

Sandhya and Bhabho come somewhere, and Bhabho hears Arzoo saying she has come from Pakistan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Confusions galore. No proper editing.

  2. Boring episode.So much dragging..

  3. Well now they know they from Pakistan n the wedding will be postpone because bhabo doesn’t like pakistani

  4. good that they showed aarzoo as hindu girl
    otherwise the story line gives wrong impact promoting inter religious marriages as if religion has no importance

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