Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th February 2013 Written Update

Bhabo is not touching Jalebi but on Brandon;s request she takes one and every one eats it and then asks brandon about the good news, he says if his project goes well then he will be moving down to India forever to them and tells them that his food court has got a good contract . and its will be in a Mall which will be build in Ajmeer .Every one are happy hearing it and bhaboo prays that he should be able to get it and babasa says in that case he can come and eat bhaboo food daily , while vikram is worried about cost … Sandhya asks him further details about the mall as she and no one has heard about it , Brandon says he dont remember much about it but his contract has the address and he goes to fetch it, and then they hear some Dhol celebration in their lane, meena says looks

like its a good news and runs to see it, and the connection of network gets disconnected , mohit is working on it and meena calls rest of the family out saying Daisa is asking them to come out, bhaboo asks mohit to check the connection while they all go out and see wats the celebration is all about … mohit logs into his id and asks sandhya to look for the details and goes to check outside, bhaboo asks Daisa wats this celebration is all about, daisa says that Swami ji is coming to their lane and its all about this and they all start their celebration again, the connection is set again and brandon is back with a set of papers, and asks where did the rest of them go? sandhya tells him that they went to check on some celebration outside , and asks brandon to read about address, brandon does and both sandhya and suraj has a confused and stunned expressions on their faces, sandhya asks him to read it again and confirm, brandon asks why is she asking him to re read as he had read it rightly … she tells him that its the address where she goes for the night college and its getting demolished for a temple and how can they start a mall in that place, brandon is confused , then sandhya asks him to read the names of the opposite parties who have signed it, brandon reads a big company name and then Shekar name , who sandhya confirms as Malathi mam;s son and rem how mam said that so many had pressured her to sell this place, including her own son, and asks about third name and brandon says , Govindlal, both sandhya and suraj are confused as they havent heard this name and talks to each other that how can any one close a college and declare temple construction and then about mall, brandon asks suraj, how can any one give a wrong address on contract ? and shows them the papers, sandhya says again that how can anyone plan for a mall when talks about the temple are making round , brandon is nervous and asks sandhya to dig deep into it as he has already invested his amount in it … sandhya asks him to send a hard copy of the contract and just then chaturi asks suraj and sandhya to come out , sandhya was about to log off when brandon rem something and says in phone of the person was saying , its our fate and something , sandhya says she will remember it and goes out … babasa sees them and tells them since the moment the news o temple is out swami is is firstly stepping into their street and its all about it , and then asks Daisa and others where he will be staying? daisa says ofcourse in my house and all, but then other lady says it depends and its best if we all are prepared … then Daisa reminds them that Swami and his disciples are collecting money for temple construction so they all should donate it generously and properly … every one starts talking abut how much they are going to donate and all, Daisa says she will be donating 11,000 and they will have the pic of the highest dona tor along with swami ji in paper, bhaboo is silent and suraj notices bhaboo when daisa says about the amount , vikram is stunned , meena warns him in sign language and daisa asks babasa to write names of every one who are going to donate the amount while one of the them says that since swami is coming they better call for two cops for security thing, and meena remembers that she had to go and see cop in police station and give him pic too and if swami comes she wont be able to go its better she goes now, every one leaves for their houses… meena heads inside and takes the tablets while rest of the family is sitting in the hall, chavi comments about the attitude of daisa giving 11,000 rs… and babasa asks why were u silent , ur always first in giving donations a lot , bhaboo says when a women gets old she wont say much but her sons attittude says , but now she has lost it and is living a life of Taras (sorry donno english word ) but wat a dialogue and says she has three sons but when it was time for donation, vikram ran into the house as if she is gonna ride his pocket , vikram is embrassed and cast a angry look at meena and was about to say about suraj, when he comes there and hands her 11,000 and says its donation for temple from her, she looks at sandhya and reminds suraj, that he should be aware of the fact that why he is donating the money? its for temple where they are going to demolish the school and build temple and break dreams of his and his wife, better if he asks and takes advice of sandhya before giving money as a donation given with sad hard will never be of any good … suraj says he is aware of it and gives her money, babasa says that now bhaboo photo will come in paper with swami ji and bhaboo says that she dont want it to happen as she is not doing it for any selfish or show off reasons but will donate as a anonymous person and she takes the envelop counts the money and gives back 6000 to suraj and says she will donate only 5000 and cuts off suraj before he says something… meena is worried about her pic being published in paper … bhaboo then is worried how less time they have and how much work they have and all, suraj says he will make prasad from shop and sandhya says she will clean house, vikram goes off to bring some stuff while chaturi is planning on cleaning the pooja saman, and babasa already says he is incharge of collecting money from people ,they will come anytime soon, bhaboo asks mohit to get ready and asks chavi to write list, and meena asks about some work to do , just then daisa enters the house , and says no need to make any preparations as swami will be staying in her place, and along with her rest of the people comes to pay their donations, babasa is writing names , while vikram wonders how every one got so much money … mohit asks them to prepare list , and daisa asks sandhya to choose one pic of her , sandhya selects one , and daisa gives it to babasa along with money, meena has a plan on seeing pic and thanks swami ji …

Precap:- Swami ji does something to coconut , every one are stunned to see it , and says which ever lady will be able to break the coconut , she will be able to do the pooja with him …

Update Credit to: breezy

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