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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Arpita stopping Mansi. Amit and Neeta come there. Sandhya asks Arpita did she call them. Arpita says no. Amit says Mansi called them. They talk to Mansi. Mansi gets scared. Neeta acts and cries. Arpita says Sandhya fulfilled her promise and made Mansi unite with her parents. Sandhya thinks why is Mansi not happy meeting her parents, she looks afraid and upset, she was in city and did not meet her parents. She says I want to talk to Mansi. She asks Mansi to come and have water. Neeta and Amit ask her to go. Mansi’s hands get shaken.

Sandhya says you don’t need to get scared, if you are afraid seeing us, I will tell you, police came to help you, is there is anything, tell me, you are safe, look at me, don’t get scared, tell me. Amit and Neeta get

tensed. Mansi says I m fine, I don’t have any problem. Sandhya asks why were you staying here in disguise, why did you leave home, answer me, don’t lie. Amit stares at Mansi. Neeta holds Mansi and says Mansi is not able to say anything, you returned our daughter, we won’t forget your favor. Amit says we want to take her to safe place before any other trouble comes, panchayat will kill her.

Sandhya says don’t think police is weak, Mansi’s security is our duty, we want to know why she disappeared, I m with you, if there is criminal plan behind her disappearance, police has to check. She asks Mansi why did she leave her parents, if anyone was troubling her, why did she not take police help, you were going today, how did you call your parents suddenly then, how did your heart change today. She says just Mansi can answer this, it can’t happen suddenly, did Mansi do this intentionally, or is she helpless. Amit signs her and scares.

Arpita says law is with you, don’t get scared. Sandhya says we know you went to hospital and you had done some tests, its for girls who get caught in s*x racket, tell me are you caught in such crime. Neeta holds Mansi’s back and hurts her.

Meenakshi is worried as Misri got fever and cold. She says how will Misri go abroad now. Mansi says its nothing like that, I had relation with a guy, I thought he will kill my parents too. Sandhya asks whats this burn mark on your hand. Amit says enough, she is scared, let us go. Sandhya says fine, Arpita and my team will drop you. Amit says leave us on our own, my daughter has gone through pain, we don’t want anyone, not even police, we want to go to such place where no one knows us, we are going to Ahmedabad, don’t tell this to anyone.

Neeta asks Mansi to come. Sandhya feels restless. Mansi looks at Sandhya. Amit and Neeta take her. Sandhya says there is something wrong, we have to note her car number, come fast.

Sandhya goes home. Sooraj tells her that Kanak was missing you. She says I found Mansi today. He says great, Mansi’s parents would be happy, why are you upset. She says I should be satisfied and happy, but I m not feeling so, Mansi met her parents after two months, she was not happy. Arpita calls Sandhya and says I got to know someone hacked my phone, they are tapping my phone by downloading the app. Sandhya recalls Amit’s words and says Amit tapped your phone, its bad sign, tap their phones and know where they are. Arpita hurriedly tracks Amit and Neeta’s phones. Sandhya worries.

Maasa thinks to act again, as Om and Emily are not affected. She asks Emily to pack her bags, Pari will come tomorrow, I will not hear Bhabho’s taunts. Maasa thinks now Emily and Om will understand. Maasa goes. Emily and Om think they both should have talked to each other and ended the fight. They don’t talk waiting for each other to end fight.

Arpita and Sandhya are on the way and find out about Amit’s car. They get to know Amit’s car did not go Ahmedabad, but towards Mount Abu. Sandhya says it means Amit and Neeta are not Mansi’s real parents, Mansi is in big problem.

Misri leaves with the lady and says this way does not go to airport, I won’t go with you. The lady beats her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good Episode.Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.Track is moving fast.There is no unnecessary drag in this track.Hats Off DABH team.Hope SANDHYA will save MANSI soon as well as she manages to save the other girls including MISRI from the clutches of this s*x racket soon.
    Plzzz don’t drag this track unnecessarily for so long.End this track soon.
    We want VANSH to reunite with RATHIS soon.We want him to stay with RATHIS.We want him to forgive SOORAJ-SANDHYA & whole RATHI family.
    SANDHYA Rockzzzz.
    How well SANDHYA guessed AMIT tapped ARPITA’s phone.That scene was really very nice.
    Hope ARPITA won’t try to trouble SANDHYA again just for promotion sake.

  2. Old wine in new bottles- the same kind of story seen in many serials and films.. Any how rapid movements of evwnts keep us interested.

  3. Its high time, finish this drama and take a season 2, let us see new characters with grown up ved,vansh,kanak.mishri,pari,golu…Enuf of this…

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