Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat coming in disguise. She asks who is he, they can’t give charity. He says no, I came to give something. She asks is he any govt officer. He says he has come to sell jaggery. He enters the house and sees Sooraj and Ved. He makes Sooraj taste jaggery and says its made in village. Bharat recalls Sandhya giving it. Sooraj says Sandhya in heart. Bharat looks at him. Meenakshi says they don’t want jaggery and asks Bharat to leave. Sooraj says no, this is very sweet and different, the taste looks similar and known, keep this jaggery here and asks Meenakshi to bring money.

Bharat thinks he has seen this love in Sandhya’s eyes, and seen same shine of love in Sooraj’s eyes…. Sandhya your love and jaggery reached Sooraj. Meenakshi says she will get money and

asks Bharat to charge less. Ved says he has to do homework and goes. Sooraj asks Bharat to wait and take money. He goes.

Bharat keeps jaggery there and leaves. Bhabho says Lalima is Shiv ji’s devotee and knows everything about him, even Shiv ji did second marriage with Parvati, Parvati is preached along Shiv ji, her example is given to every girl. She says Sooraj is pure like Shiv ji, become his Parvati, you will be very happy, ask anyone, he is the best. She says if Lalima marries Sooraj, she will stay infront of her brother, she has no objection that Lalima works at shop and takes care of her brother. Babasa says we don’t have objection, think well and reply us.

He asks Bhabho to come. Bhabho looks at Lalima with teary eyes and lots of hope. He asks her to come, and she goes sadly. Sandhya rests to sleep and hears Narayani calling her. Sandhya comes out and asks what happened. Narayai says you think you are the only one to love, and there is no one here who can love, are they heartless stones. Chandu and Manjari look on.

Narayani says she has loved, and no one did love like her. Chandu thinks Devi Narayani is drunk. Narayani says she did true love and what did she get. Sandhya holds her and Narayani pushes her, saying she does not want support. She says love just took everything from me, my smile, happiness…..I got cheated in love, he trapped me in love and asked me to come along, leaving this village. She says he was a police officer, a liar who wanted to take me, but I have killed him.

She says she has killed him. Sandhya asks what? You killed him, your love? How can you do this? Narayani says I did wrong, what did he do? She says she was not selfish, she could not leave innocent villagers and go with that enemy. She says she has killed him for this land.

Manjari says people call Narayani as Devi from that day. Chandu thinks this is right chance to bring Sagarika’s truth out, tomorrow her true face will be out.

Sooraj is sleeping, and Sandhya recalls Narayani’s words. She says if Narayani knew my and Sooraj’s relation, she would have not said that love does not exist. Bhabho thinks Sandhya and Sooraj’s unity is incomplete, Lalima is of Sooraj. Lalima talks to Shiv idol and says your second wife was Parvati, she did not ask this and wanted to become his wife, is this Lord’ sign that she is linked to Sooraj and his family, and his wife’s death.

Meenakshi and Emily have a talk. Someone comes and Meenakshi goes to open the door. Its Lalima’s brother Lokesh. Meenakshi thinks why did he come. Bhabho blesses him and asks what happened. He says he accepts Sooraj’s proposal for Lalima. He says she is Shiv ji’s bid devotee and your words have touched her, she said yes. Meenakshi says marriage with a man man, I mean who will be that mad who refused to marry Sooraj. Lokesh says Lalima is everything for him, your words about Shiv Parvati have impressed her, but will Sooraj be able to accept Lalima and give love.

Bhabho says Sooraj did all duties well, people give example of Sooraj and Sandhya, they will give examples of Sooraj and Lalima’s love too. Lokesh asks is Sooraj at home. Meenakshi says yes. Bhabho says no, he went for some work. Meenakshi thinks why is Bhabho lying, she has hidden about Sooraj’s mental state.

Meenakshi and Emily talk about Bhabho’s decision. Emily says they don’t think Sooraj can give place to anyone, he still loves Sandhya, her love has become his passion. She is dead and she is alive in Sooraj’s heart, they are like Diya aur Baati. Bhabho says it was like Diya and Baati pair, it is not like that now.

Sandhya is drunk and shouts to everyone, that she is not Sagarika, she is…. Chandu and everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Romi

    Nice episode! Thanks for the fastest updates! Waiting for 2morow episode! Hope sandya will be in full senses ?

  2. Jeyam

    Sandya’s words will be the turning point?And does Lalima want to marry Suraj out of piety or pity?

  3. richa

    seeing pre i wanna sing main talli main talli main talli ho gayi …….. though sandy .will be in full sences still….. but 4 narayini she was talli…………………..

  4. richa

    ok 4 bhabho shee is a way too much nd minudi fyn she support her 4 money but emily u tooo betray ur jethani g 4 whose child ur r bearing dat mohit…………. 🙁

    bharat sirr u were rokinng…………. and u tooo understood dya baati love………….. lol

  5. richa

    justtt imagine sandy pointing gun at bhabho…………. lol i will lov that scene………….watever the reason may be

  6. ANU

    Thanks amena for fast updation…..

    Guys we will see tomm sandy performance

    Deepika’s raunchy number in her show
    Deepika Singh is no longer the docile bahu Sandhya in the show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. A tough cop now, she is out on an undercover mission. In one of the sequences, she will perform to Hotho Pe Aisi Baat (Jewel Thief) in a drunk state.
    She says, “The choreography for the number was all about letting myself loose. I had to enact the role of a drunk woman, who randomly dances in a s*xy manner. It’s one of my favourite songs. Though the veteran actress Vyjayanthimala had performed brilliantly to the song in the film, I had to dance in such a fashion that it looked impromptu and yet, follow the script and the choreography. After being so coy, it was a task to perform s*xy moves.”

  7. richa

    m sooo sad 4 the martyrs who died today in firing……but happy that they caught a terrorist named kasim ………. in kashmir today…………..i salute bravry of those two ppl who overcame their fear and got him caught not caring for their lives………………. a salute to all
    lol with this i hope sandy also clears her mission ……………….. and lov dis show who shows abt the lives or these brave soldiers…………. but still hate u bhabhoo u dont deser a brave nd good bahu like sandy who hav always been ready to giv life 4 u nd country…………..

  8. richa

    pta nahi sarkaar ne in logo k saath aisa kyaa kiya h jo vo unke dusman ban baithe h …………..

  9. ANU

    ya except bhaboo words episode is nice ………..i love emily reaction and meenudi how dare u told sooraj pagal…..just kidding …. he is not pagal …..he is love with sandy……sandy ke judyi usko pagal kardiya………..

    and bharath sir reaction for sandy so nice and superb……..i dont want to speak abt bhaboo maana khi suraj ko is halath me dekh aap e decide kiya but wt abt that juth …. you are hiding big truth with lalima ……aap ne lalimaa se kya kaha maa ka example diya na …ek maa ayisa karsakhi kya aap ne bete ke liye kise doosri ladkhi ka life spoil karsak thi kya…

    aap maa nahi ak ache insan bhi nahi i hate you bhabo…..sooraj pe pyaar hai tho hai par aisa pyaar nahi hona chahiye ise pyaar nahi kahte swardh kahte…………..

    and sooraj shock se bahar ake bhaboo kho acha lesson sikahaoooo………umeed karthi hu khi shaadi takh ayeghi magar shadi nahi hogi……plz writer and director i am begging you dont disappoint fans…….

    • richa

      ryt hate u bhabhoo nd i say haste makes waste …………………………. u will learn it soon………..

      • Romi

        Yeah bhabo jaldi ka kaam shaitan ka
        Atleast sandya ki 1st death annevesary tak to wait karo , tab tak sandya as kar sambhal le gi situation ?

  10. richa

    With the current track of Diya Aur Baati Hum (Star Plus), Sandhya (Deepika Singh) is busy on her mission having full faith that her love Sooraj (Anas Rashid) will be waiting for her. However, it does not seems to be happening.
    Yes! You heard it right because Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) is all set for his re-marriage.
    Bhabho who accepted the fact that Sandhya is dead and just for the sake of Sooraj’s happiness, proposes the idea of his marriage to Lalima (Shefali Sharma). The reason for all these being that she thinks Lalima will be a perfect wife for him. However, Lalima’s brother has denied this proposal as Sooraj is already married and a father to eight year old kid.
    After Bhabho’s repeated efforts, Lalima and her brother will agree for the marriage. Sooraj will be unaware about his marriage being fixed with Lalima. Bhabho will give her the responsibilities and thereon Lalima will try to bring Sooraj out of the shock of Sandhya’s death and soon the bond will build between the duo where Sooraj will start seeing Sandhya in Lalima.
    Does this mean he will move on in his life and forget about the promise Sandhya took from him? Is it the end of their love story?……………………………………….
    har jagah ek hi spoiler kyuu h…………. i wantt new spoiler were sooraj nd sandy reunite,…..

  11. richa

    agar sandy aur lalima dono rathi house main rehne lagi to……………. sooraj gayega ek taraf h ghar walliii……….ek taraf bahar waali lol i hope it dont happen nd bhabho learn a lesson

  12. richa

    While actress Deepika Singh does all kinds of brave stunts to justify her role as a police officer in ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’, little is known about her conservative background. Currently the lead actress of a show with high ratings, Deepika grew up in a joint family in Pahargunj area of Delhi.

    ALSO READ: Deepika Singh shoots action sequence despite fasting all day long

    “Being an actress was far from my dreams in those days,” she recalls, adding, “My mother taught us karate and self-defence techniques to fight thugs and rouges. I grew up thinking that I will get married after my studies. So, my parents were surprised when I began thinking of a career in acting.”

    Her mother did not tell her relatives that Deepika had gone to Mumbai to try her luck in acting. “My mother told my relatives that I was working at the airport. My father, on the other hand, was distressed that he would not be able to find a suitable guy for me as I was pursuing acting. Life in Mumbai was also very difficult. I was staying with a friend who was also trying her luck in the industry. Her career did not take off, while I got selected for ‘Diya Aur Baati’, so she threw me out. I thought of returning to Delhi, when someone directed me to a PG accommodation, where I had to stay with 12 girls in a small flat. Those were the toughest times in Mumbai.”

  13. richa

    lol this spoiler hope this happens soon…………
    The latest reports about the show is that Sooraj will remarry. The Rathi family is all engrossed in making preparations of their son’s second wedding. But Sooraj is upset and has a strong belief that his wife Sandhya is still alive. Much to everyone’s surprise, Sandhya will decide to go back to her family in Pushkar.

    Her re-entry in the Rathi house will happen on the day of Sooraj’s second wedding. Everyone will be shaken to see Sandhya back all fit and fine. How will Sooraj react on seeing Sandhya back? Will Sooraj go ahead and marry the girl his family chose for him? For latest updates on Diya Aur Baati Hum, stay tuned to this space.

    • ANU

      how it will possible @richa sandy is in mission na…..mission complete then only she will go home na ……..

      • LuvDABH

        Yes, to make it happen either marriage track to be stretched or mission track to be shortened. Sooraj can’t forget sandhya. Even Lalima can’t replace her. Sooraj and sandhya love is lifetime and unlimited. I am unable to imagine future tracks if marriage happens. I feel either Sooraj or Ved will ran away from home.

  14. LuvDABH

    Sooraj will be disappointed with Baboo and ran away from home. Dramatically Sooraj goes to Bengal and the village where sandhya lives.

    • Romi

      And the mission will remain incomplete and they both will b killed ( god forbids) by the naxalwadis ? lol ?

    • Romi

      I’m hoping so! Suraj should regain his senses and refuse to the marriage to save 4 lives
      Sandya suraj ved and lalima’s lives will be ruined ????

  15. zaaz

    great episode thanks for updates waiting for tomrows hope sandhya fools then and fufils in her mission and gets back in time to save her relationship

  16. ANU

    Hi Guys good morning i am waiting for today eoisode …… and one more thing from the beggining of the story In sooraj and sandy relationship so many difficulties they faced and at the end they save their relation…………..

    In present track same result will come…. but jab thak bhaboo ka bakwass dekhna hai that is irritating………..kitna mushkile bhi ane dho sandhya jaroor unka relation save karthi.

    and that too sooraj hosh me ane khe baad real story starts…………..

  17. Starting was nice. bharat sir give jeggery to suraj that time he take that jeggery and he is remember sandhya that part awesome.????

    • Also nice to see that ved also eat that jaggery. True say Bharat u always see sandhya’s love for suraj and today u see suraj love for sandhya.???

      • Thanks Bharat sir u did big thing for sandhya’s happiness. For sandhya’s happiness u go rathi family and give that jaggery. ????

      • U prof that U also have feelings towards sandhya. Bcoz u see in sandhya’s eye that how much sandhya love her family. And how much sandhya love suraj and ved.???

  18. AD

    I think Sandhya says she is not Sagarika but Devi Sagarika or something else like that.But not going to reveal her real identity.
    I read in google (DABH news) that Deepika said that she has to play Sagarika for 5-6 months.Just 1 month is over.So what are the upcoming tracks.I think Sagarika win their trust and join Garjana for her mission mahabali.Then she will get trained by garjana.Mission continues…
    I think Sooraj gets some shock & goes into coma.Then his recovery may took long time.Remarriage track gets dragged.

  19. Sandhya part was nice.bichari devi how pain in her heart.? in that pain she kill her love.? devi acting was nice.that’s why she hate love.???

  20. As usual suspense precap. Bt sandhya never say truth. Bcoz Bharat sir definitely give this ki and of training to sandhya. So sandhya not say truth.??

    • In this they say Deepika Singh is no longer the docile bahu Sandhya in the show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. A tough cop now, she is out on an undercover mission. In one of the sequences, she will perform to Hotho Pe Aisi Baat (Jewel Thief) in a drunk state.She says, “The choreography for the number was all about letting myself loose. I had to enact the role of a drunk woman, who randomly dances in a s*xy manner. It’s one of my favourite songs. Though the veteran actress Vyjayanthimala had performed brilliantly to the song in the film, I had to dance in such a fashion that it looked impromptu and yet, follow the script and the choreography. After being so coy, it was a task to perform s*xy moves.”??

      • In this promo they say that it is shown that Sandhya is sleeping. It seems as if she is seeing a bad dream.Then, the same scene of old promo is shown in which Leader of Garjana Sanghatan tells Sandhya tht if she wants to be alive, she has to tell her real identity.. Then, flash back scene is shown in which, Sandhya sees Sooraj taking the same train in which she had to travel to complete her mission.. And flash back, in which, Sandhya accepted the case file of mission Mahabali.Then a flash back is shown, in which Sandhya takes a promise from Sooraj that he will not do second marriage.Bhabho put chuneri/ Dupatta on Lalima’s head and tells that she will soon marry Sooraj with her (Lalima).. Suddenly, Sandhya wakes up.. She is in a fear.. She says she has a believe that Sooraj will not break his promise..???

    • In this they say that Bhabho will now be seen using a trick to get Sooraj married to Lalima in the upcoming episodes of Diya Aur Baati Hum . Bhabho thinks that by getting Sooraj ( Anas Rashid ) married to Lalima, she will make him come out of the trauma of losing Sandhaya ( Deepika Singh ). Lalima respects Sooraj and will agree to get married to him for Bhabho’s sake.

      However, Bhabho will lie to Sooraj about the marriage and she will tell him that she will get him married to Sandhya. Sooraj will be happy hearing this and will get ready for the engagement. Lalima will not be aware that Sooraj is being tricked by Bhabho for the engagement.

      Bhabho will use a trick where she will not show Lalima’s face to Sooraj and instead she will show him Sandhaya’s face using a mirror. Bhabho will finally be successful in getting Sooraj and Lalima engaged and but it will be interesting to see whether she is successful in getting the marriage done by lying to Sooraj.???


    • In this link they show suraj sagai with lalima and how bhaboo chit lalima and suraj. In mirror she show suraj sandhya’s pic.for this bhaboo take sandhya name in front of suraj that way suraj think he doing sagai with sandhya. We also see in this video that ved and emli is nt happy.???

  22. Richa (titli)

    @ anu dr that was a spoiler that sandy wil return on marig day…. I just want it to hapen soonn… and bhabho’s face will be worth seeing then 😀
    JUST IMAGINE that scene sandy comes to the rathi house nd thinks wat’s going on as bharat is unable tel sandy about it………she thinks that some puja is going on as she overhears some words like sooraj ….sandhya…. Diya bati……puja……muma…. Ved…. While going inside rathi house…. She rushes in from inbetween the crowd to see wat’s the matter and suddenly stops in shock ……… And sees suraj sitting in mandap with pandit chanting mantras….(suraj thinks sandy is alive and he is marying her so his fear of fire goes away)And now the pandit asks to call d bride….and suddenly sandy shouts “NO”and everyone look at her and some ppl murmer sandhya….. And lokesh is confused…….and sooraj dashes toward sandy from mandap….
    TO BE CONTINUED….. 😉 lol

  23. I think Ved will get that Sandhya’s letter and with the help of Emily they contact Zakir that Sandhya is alive. Zakir will do investigation abt Sagarika Das in West Bengale and they will confirmed that Sagarika Das had been kednapped by Naxalites. So Zakir understands their whole plan and urgue with Bharat also. And try to reach Sandhya’s place. Emily n ved will confront bhabhoo that Sandhya is alive. Whole bachha party is with Suraj n ved.

    • Romi

      If zakir investigates and goes to Bengal then he’ll spoil the mission! He has to understand the severity of the situation and act wisely ?

  24. LuvDABH

    Baboo character is really irritating…. How can they compare second marriage with goddess Parvati marriage. So silly.

  25. ANU

    Lalima’s entry is useless and uninteresting at all..and Shefali Sharma is so weak in acting…….It makes us boring to watch DABH when Shefali is in the scene….and this attemp of bringing Lalima to Rathi family is a big weak point in the script…Audience will never get impressed at all for that decision….how can the script writers do so much injustice to Bhabho’s role by spoiling her role….Bhabho’s so selfish just only for her son….Please do exit Lalima/Shefali from DABH asap as no one is interested on her….pls bring Sandhya home soon after completing her secret mission without dragging it…..Surya scenes,togetherness and romance are only needed and expected by fans…..along with that bring Ankur family,Chathuri back to the scene as strengths,support for Sandhya!!!

  26. Bhabo is selfish in the beginning she I’ll treated sandhya and now she is trying to get another wife for her son she has n0 love for even Emily she deserves to have daughter in law like minaksi

    • Romi

      Actually she’s missing one bahu for doing her insult ? I don’t understand why Emily and sandya are praising her for her greatness ? she’s always insulting towards her DILs though minakshi taunts her behind her back for being rude ????

  27. anu

    hey meenudi use your brain, trick bhabho and fail her stupid marriage plans….. come on… boost up your brain…. missing diya bati jodi….. 🙁 ….. dont drag the track guys… end this mission soon…. boring and getting irritated just like HIJACK track….. so much of non sense…

    • richa

      minudi….zara soch……………..teri nayi jethani bhabho ki favbahu ban jayegi……………..tujhe toh bhabho sirf 1 neklace hi degi aur voh sara zewar le jayegi……….sab na usko pujenge aur tu kahin ki nahi reh jayegi………lol hope thesr thoughts come in her mind………….and she fail bhabho marrig plan………………..

      • richa

        sahi kha anu meenakshi is a big laalchi nd comedy i also hope she think it and spoil or delay bhabho plan till sandy comes bak…………….

      • NS4

        i don’t think so….meena will object sooraj-lalima marriage.. because she want sandhya’s pension money…if there is any problem for that money by sooraj marriage then meena will use her brain….

  28. NS4

    I think that sandhya drunk scene was also… Sandhya’s plan….may be she was she drunk to win garjana chadu trust..

    • richa

      may be she is really drunk and faints b4 telling truth…………….but if she is not drunk she might be having a solid plan……………………but naarayani aka neem hakim is dangerous…..

      • NS4

        sandhya won’t faint…. if she really have taken alchol then sandhya will dance…and make commedy..(if you remember the episode that in holi when sandhya knows her pregnency)

        so today also sandhya do both commedy and dance

      • richa

        yeah she do comedy dr but she spoke it all that time thats why i am afraid…..she faints is the only way to stop her blabbering……………

  29. NS4

    Yeah dance by deepika(sandhya)….ysterday they showed in precap naa.. it will be telecasted today…But if my guess was correct ….sandhya drunk scene will be shown at the end of today’s episode…..

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