Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya crossing the river to follow that man. The man turns and she hides. He goes inside the jungle. She loses track of him and looks for him. She thinks how did the foreigner disappear suddenly. The man goes in dark and dense place between the trees. Sandhya looks for him around and says how can anyone disappear like this, where is he, where did he go. She sees some stones green and black, and finds it weird.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Lalima has gone, she does not tell us anything when she goes and comes, what will we tell Sooraj, he would feel we kicked her out. Lalima comes home with some bags. Meenakshi says did she come here to stay. Lalima asks Ved to help and make Sandhya’s items reach the room. Ved gets glad and sees Sandhya’s clothes. He hugs

Sandhya’s saree. Ved asks why did she give the items in ashram. Bhabho looks on. Lalima says she did not tell anyone about the blames on her, as she believes we should give explanation to clean heart people who trusts them. She says I could not do this, I know the imp of these things in your and Sooraj’s life, I will show something that will make you trust me.

Meenakshi asks what magic will she do. Lalima says Meenakshi and Mohit said I have written my name and address on this chit, I did not do this, as I never went to school, I m not educated, I don’t know to read and write, how can I write on this, I m illiterate, and shows proof. She says when was going to apply thumb impression on register at the time of her marriage, but then Sooraj got unwell. Meenakshi recalls it and says you are lying, you know reading Geeta, Ramayana…. Lalima says my dad used to read it for me, and answers her.

Meenakshi says Mohit we should have known whether Lalima can write or not, we just wrote it. Mohit bows down. Lalima looks at her. Meenakshi says I pray for Sooraj, I want him to get well. Lalima says I feel you don’t want him to get fine, you won’t succeed till I m here. She takes bags and goes with Ved. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to stop it now. She says I told you and Mohit before, not to test my patience, Sooraj has to get fine, I don’t know why you both are doing this, next time I won’t spare for anything wrong.

Sandhya comes to village and thinks she is missing something. She stops and sees similar green rock. The boy asks her to be careful, and he is making Garjana fort. He asks how did she like it. She says very nice, and notices the rocks. She thinks she has seen such stones in far off jungle, it means this boy went there, and asks him did he go in jungle, he can have risk to life. He asks how does she know he went there. She says these stones are found in jungle. He promises he won’t go again, and asks her not to say anyone, ghost stays there so people are prohibited to go there. Sandhya thinks why did foreigner go there, there is some secret. The boy asks her how did she know the stones are just found there. He says we both won’t tell anyone about going there.

Vikram gets glad that sale was good at shop today. Meenakshi cries and says Lalima is illiterate, but she is very clever, when I do anything against her, I fall in trap. He asks what is she saying. Meenakshi says Sooraj’s first wife Sandhya, and now this Lalima is very clever, if they both come face to face, it will be war. Vikram says this can happen in your dreams. She says I m more clever than Lalima, see what I do now.

Bhabho recalls Sooraj’s trust on Lalima. She asks Babasa did he see Sooraj stopped Lalima as he trusted Lalima, he did not know Lalima is illiterate, Sooraj identified her right, I can see same trust in Sooraj’s eyes, which he had for Sandhya. Lalima talks to Lord and says she is in love with Sooraj, she knows Sooraj loves Sandhya and will never give her place to anyone, but her love is selfless, she won’t hope that Sooraj loves her, she got to know her reason of life, Sooraj ji…..

Lalima sees Sooraj and smiles. Bin phere hum tere…………….plays…………. Sooraj shows the bangles to her and smiles. She takes the broken bangle and throws it. Lalima takes Sooraj to the shop. Bhabho and Meenakshi look on from window. Lalima and Sooraj go on his scooter. Sooraj plays in the lane. Lalima smiles seeing him. Bhabho comes there and smiles seeing Sooraj. Lalima sees the diyas and hugs Sooraj, to stop him from turning. The neighbors, Bhabho and Meenakshi get shocked seeing this.

Sandhya aims gun at herself. Shekhar and Manjari look at her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Rekha

    Great episode….happy for ved he got back his mamma’s things….precap is very exciting.. Waiting for twist in episode…

    • When lalima bring sandhya’s cloth and show to ved and that time ved see and take sandhya’s sari. And then he cry. That part was awesomeeeeeee. So sweet of u ved.??????????

  2. richa

    hmm… nice to c meena and mohit defeat but………..hated lsat5 few scenes and suspence precap as sandhaya aim at her as chandus test…………

  3. Rekha

    Great episode….happy for ved he got back his mamma’s things….precap is very exciting.. Waiting for twist in episode…n sandhya n sooraj to get back again….

    • Ya.that was nice when lalima taunt rathi family in front of bhaboo. And then bhaboo get angry. ????Plz tell me one thing what is kaju???????

  4. richa

    sandhya shuld miss and hit manjiri if that gun contain bullet….haha but it cant happen as manjiri drama cant end soo soon…………..

    • Ya bt they show in comedy way na. Means they show that manjri thing that she want to shot sandhya with gun means this kind of comedy scene they show. Plz show this kind of comedy scene.??????????

  5. Jeyam

    Sandya is a trained officer. Why couldn’t she guess that there may be some hiding place where the foreigner might have gone. And Varsha What is that green tinged stone actually? Does Lalima really love Sooraj.

    • May be that green stone is like bomb. Or may be this is just like normal stone they only give color and they put that stone in that place where that place that foreigner easily get know that where is actual place. Where he stay This is my opinion. Bcoz now they didn’t reveal that. ???
      And today they show that lalima love suraj.???

  6. Richa

    @ dharini hume fool kaise banaya dabh team ne which scene u r talking about? And strange lalima anpadh h aur menu spit out her plan herself was funny and hr wish sandy vs lalima wil cm true soon and vikram answrd hr right


    Really it is strange to hear that Lalima is not educated bcoz the writer had shown in the earlier episode Lalima reading Mohitz letter unbelievable.

    • No they dnt show that lalima read that mohit letter. They only show that lalima see that letter. And then bhabasa read that letter and then they show that lalima only see that letter. ????

      • Varsha

        No dear lalima nt read that letter… she just see that letter….they never show that lalima read the letter….. on that suraj letter also they show that lokesh voice in background when lalima see suraj letter………

      • xxxxxxxxx

        Hai Varshu I am talking about the episode which got the letter that is when she got the shagun along with the letter plz do clarify as I am learning Hindi only through this serial.I watch many times every episode I m the biggest fan to the core. Thank u.

  8. As usual in starting they show sandhya’s scene. She see stones in near by that place where that foreigner disappeared. Hope as soon as sagrika find that mystery place.?????

  9. So sweet of lalima. What I say that happened. Lalima bring all Sandhya’s cloth home. Ved scene was nice when he see his mother’s cloth. That time his expression was awesomeeeeeee. ?????

  10. Always ye sho hmaRe liye suspense chod jata h ye bat mujhe bahut interesting lagti h……..bytheway sandy u r awesome…..yr song was very good …but this time Is very bad……..

    • I also love suspense. Bcoz of I get more excited to watch upcoming episodes. ????hope they give this kind of suspence in upcoming episodes also.????

  11. Nice that lalima give explanation to ved. That lalima never go school. She was uneducated. Bcoz of lalima’ s this truth Minakshi speak that she and mohit do that means that they both give Sandhya’s cloth in ashram. Finally this reveal in front of bhaboo.?????

  12. Sandhya and chote raja scene was awesome as well as so funny. When she see that stone which she see in that jungal. Then she say chote raja that why u go that jungal. That place was so dangerous. And then chote raja say that plz dnt tell anyone that he go that jungal. And sandhya say k. Then chote raja say how can u know that abt this stone its means u also go that jungal. And then chote raja say we go one thing that u hide my truth and I hide u truth that we both go that jungal. That part was awesomeeeeeee. On that part I can’t stop my laugh. LOL.?????????

  13. OMG lalima love suraj. Bt one thing I like that lalima don’t want that suraj also love her.bcoz she know that suraj dnt give Sandhya’s place to other girl. Bt I think that they dnt show that lalima love suraj. Bt unfortunately they show that lalima love suraj.?????

  14. Priti

    An to trp pakka zero hoga…bin fere hm tere chhi….ab mujhe mn nhi kr rha dekhne ka…sandhya ko dikha hi nhi rha

  15. For so many days back they show Minakshi’ and Vikram’s shop. That shop part was nice. Minakshi say to vikarm that lalima never go school bt I m 4 the fail. At least did my education 4 the fail. I have good knowledge compared to lalima. Bt lalima is more smarter then me.???

  16. Then Minakshi say if sandhya and lalima come face to face then what happened.????? And then vikarm replay that if sandhya and lalima come face to face then Minakshi definitely change in good manner. So funny that scene. LOL.????

  17. That scene was nice when ved and lalima arranged Sandhya’s cloth and then they put all Sandhya’s cloth in cupburd. And then they show that suraj play with Sandhya’s payal. That scene was so cute.????

    • And then they show lalima bring suraj in her sweet shop and then so many times suraj make sweet. And then he go on bike ride. That was also nice .and then suraj play with children. That was awesome. ?????

    • Background song was nice. Bt nt suit for lalima and suraj. Plz dnt play this song. I hate when they play this song for lalima and suraj. And also hate that lalima and suraj hug. How can she hug suraj.??????

    • Anu

      ya i loved that scene …….how nice suraj is seeing that things …………..lalima how nicely arranging that cloths……..nd ved part also awesome

      • Romi

        @ Anu agreed to you but it seems to me that you are having a soft corner inside your heart for lalima!! ? that’s cheating with our sweet sandya naa !?

      • Anu

        No yaar @romi sandhya nd suraj is forever nd sweet couple………bt lalima is also nice girl she is doing help of suraj nd ved….are director sab khi eyi tho jadoo hai…..directly we are not accepting lalima so thats wy they r showing lalima scene’s………slowly we all are liking lalima bt nt as a suraj wife ……….suraj wife is only sandhya that’s it……..

        no one accept lalima – suraj as a couple ………..they r best friends that it…..lekin lalima tho abhi pyaar karne lagi…….story kaise turn karega nd lalima kaisa justice koga patha nahi

        guys any body guess

  18. As usual full suspense Precap. May be chandu take one more test for sandhya. May be he tell sandhya that can she die for this mission. So for that she put gun on her head. To prof that. ??????

  19. May be tomorrow we see that bhaboo angery on lalima bcoz she hug suraj in front of all people. And as usual Minakshi and daisa tount lalima ??????

  20. @richa,
    today was Maha Shukravar, Suspence reveals.. Sandy knows abt Garjana’s plan… like that promo….
    So, i felt , they shows Lalima’s love story instead…

  21. Wating for tomorrow episode bcoz tomorrow is very special day. Hope tomorrow’s episode we see sandhya’s more scene.?????

    I wish you Happy Janmashtami and
    I pray to God for your prosperous life
    May you find all the delights of life
    May your all dreams come true
    My best wishes will always be with You.

    !!!!Happy Krishna Janmashtami!!!! To my dearest friends.????????

    Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo
    Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo

    Radha Raman Hari Gopal Bolo
    Radha Raman Hari Gopal Bolo ???????

  22. Idirama

    Okay Letts say the truth saathiya is never ending!!!!!!!!!! And it gets rubisher and lamer everyday

    One thought one tight slap will teach meera a lesson

  23. Anu

    Guys mere man me ek thought aya abhi……….in past episodes they showed lalima nd suraj marriage….all views nd fans r not accepting that …….so they thought lalima kho positive manner me dhikake (means suraj ko help karkhe) view nd fans ka interest divert kane lage… at last suraj will not accept lalima as wife……lalima tho abhi suraj kho pyaar karne lagi badh me lalima kha kya hoga……… today episode lalima words r excellent….superb….khi pyaar me kuch bhi sward nahi hota……………nd that tooo etna positive manner me bataynge tho bhaboo bhi pigal jayegi na………..sach patha chal gaya tho oooo chahegi khi lalima kho………..

    wt do u say guys give ur thoughts of my funny thinking………….

    • Romi

      A few days ago someone on this page wrote about lalima’s charecter that she is too much positive and that is dangerous be oz when someone turns negative from their positiveness than its highly unacceptable be coz of their inside poison which is build up inside them for years due to their positiveness !!!
      That’s why @ Anu I don’t except something good from that lalima !! Why is she doing all this when nowadays everyone thinks about their own benefits!! I think this girl is dhongi she’s only doing drama like that politician kawita ji !!! She will slowly make suraj addicted to her!! God forbids!!

  24. What’s wrong if lalima loves sooraj? Doesn’t she has any rights to love anyone? She is a women like you who wants beautiful life with good husband and at the same time she knows that sooraj can’t give that place to anyone. Sooraj is pure hearted so anyone can fall in love with him. It’s all happening because of baboo.

    • Romi

      Bhabo is also a woman she also can think something good for her children chahi vi galat hi kiyon na ho !!
      And a woman never wants to build her own house on another woman’s house !!! She knows that suraj loves sandya madly than why she ‘s loving him!! I know love happens by itself but when somebody doesn’t love you so why wasting your love for him or her!! I believe that you should expect love from other person too ?
      Suraj and lalima are like two sides of river which goes side by side but never unite with each other!!!

      • Lalima started liking Sooraj when baboo fixed their marriage and that time she doesn’t not even know anything about him. When she got to know him her love increased.

        She doesn’t not want to build her house on another woman’s house because no one knows sandhya is alive except us. The problem is she believes lord shiva a lot and that’s why when baboo gave shiv and Parvati example she agreed for alliance. Also when she got cheated by baboo she went to temple to question lord shiva with so much pain. At the same time Sooraj also came to same temple to ask lord shiva about sandhya. It’s just a coincidence but the people who believes god more they think that situation is destiny not coincidence. She started thinking that for some reason lord shiva made her to meet Sooraj. That’s why she is staying in his home and trying to make him normal.

  25. Romi

    Guys I think that stone is grenite bcoz it has chemical bonding with uranium ( pardon me bcoz I don’t know much about chemistry ) and uranium is used in atomic bombs !! What is your opinion friends!! Sandya will soon find about this stone purposes !!

  26. This week sandhya’s life is going to change. Garjana will get to know that sagarika is IPS Sandhya Rathi and she will try to kill herself….. ???

  27. Priya

    They show Lalima character too positive and still she loves Suraj. These points will make Sandhya character weak. It will make people to think that if a woman becomes a dedicated officer, she has to sacrifice her family which is a wrong message to the people.

    • This is not a wrong message. A true soldier have to sacrifice family or themselves for a country. During the training they do that promise.

  28. Anu

    New Promo:
    Sandhya is doing mujra (Dance performance).. Manjari reads an article in newspaper -‘IPS Agrima Singh is missing’.. She sees Sandhya standing with Officer Agrima Singh in that pic in newspaper.. Manjari takes Sandhya in a corner and tells “IPS Sandhya Rathi, Your Identity has been revealed”.. Sandhya is shocked.. Shekhar and some Garjana members point gun at Sandhya.. Sandhya is going to take out gun from her backside..
    VO: This week, Sandhya’s life would change!!!

    guys new promo of diya aur batee hum

  29. Anu

    lalima s character is admirable don’t spoil their relationship let them be best friends like zakir and sandhya let sandhya complete the mission and come back to sooraj

  30. Richa

    .Anyways garjana kya newspaper nahi leta jo ki bahar padha nd guys promos are misleading remembe 15 aug promo they shwd sandy seeing suraj marig but she didnt….. Forgt d promo they r horible than spoilrs all fake so no take tension guys just chill…..and is se zayda posibility h ki suraj aur lalima ka pagalpan to find sandhya will expose the truth…….. So just relax sandy nahi maregi nd 2 oct se pehle sachai ka pta chale aisa kuch nahi hoga….

  31. 1 thing is clear that Mission Mahabali’s climax is coming. The last stage is near… chill guys. After some days sandy will return back…
    Interesting track…

  32. bantu

    This song is awesome .superb
    I think it is not play at right time.

    How did i get this song .someone plz rpl me

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