Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho smiling seeing many families going to Dubai. Chaturi says look at them, I think they are newly married as they holds hands. She says they are like Sooraj and Sandhya. Bhabho says yes. Sooraj gets Zakir’s paperin his laptop bag and calls Sandhya. He can’t connect. He messages her that Zakir told him and he wrote in the paper, if possible, come to airport and take it. Sandhya is trying to find Prema. She gets the message and is in Jaipur. She thinks whats in the chit, as Zakir wanted to say something. She thinks is there any 2310 secret, I will message Sooraj that I m coming to airport. Sooraj gets the message and smiles.

He looks for her being glad. He thinks he will tell Bhabho later, it will be a surprise. The guy asks his wife to keep smiling. Prema

says she is reaching in some time. Maya says fine, its not good if you come here this time, you come late, so that security people can’t find you well. Prema says fine and changes the way. Maya says passengers are many, one is air commander who will in the flight, it will be tough. Prema says how to find out. Maya says I have passenger list, just find out who is the commando, its in last min and no one knows it, as he is like an ordinary passenger.

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Prema gets the list sent by Maya and stops at a restaurant. Chaturi says its such a long queue. Bhabho asks her to keep patience and they all are doing this for our security. Chaturi says fine. Sweety and her family show the luggage. Bhabho says we don’t have any such thing, so no need. Disha thinks Sooraj’s bag should pass the check. Shanky looks at Disha and winks. A man asks him to proceed. Disha gets her bag checked and passes the check. Vikram teaches Misri. Meenakshi and Emily cook food. Babasa tells Pari that he is free for one week, as Bhabho went for one week. He dances happily. They see him and smile.

Vikram jokes on him calling Babasa a rat. Babasa says I m tiger and will always be, its true that tigress overpowers me. He says I want tea, paan and sweets. Emily says Bhabho stops you for your good. Babasa says I m fed up, the food festival should have been for two years. Meenakshi says yes, don’t say this to Sandhya, this 7 days are like 7 years, as she will miss Sooraj. Babasa says yes, I was also like this, but after 30 years, its opposite. He says I will tell Sooraj to keep Bhabho there. They laugh. He says make new dishes and give hot pakodas now. Meenakshi says yes, I was also thinking to have pakodas made by Emily. Babasa says yes, call Mohit from Sooraj’s shop when its done.

Sooraj prays to see Sandhya once before leaving. Sandhya comes there and meets Sooraj while he is at security check point. She says Sooraj ji and hugs him smiling. Everyone see them and smile. Maya and Disha are shocked seeing her. Maya says Sandhya Rathi, why did she come here. She can spoil our plan. Sandhya says she came here for some urgent work. Disha signs Sooraj to come. Maya thinks if Sandhya sees the flight number flashing on the board, the 2310 secret can come out. Mohit tells the customer that Sooraj went to Dubai for the cooking competition, and till he comes back, I will see the shop. He cleans the table. Emily looks on. She feels bad.

She tells Mohit that she is feeling bad seeing him work like this. He says if Sooraj can work like this, he can work it too, and he can get benefit if he is working now. She asks him to come for having pakodas. He says he can’t leave shop and come. Mohit serves the customers and she looks on. Sooraj gives the paper to Sandhya and holds her hand. The man asks Sooraj to go as he is next. Sooraj asks her to keep it safe, as he wanted to give her. He leaves her hand and goes. Sandhya smiles and waves bye to everyone. She moves far. Maya gets angry seeing her. Sooraj waves bye to Sandhya and they smile. Diya aur baati…………….plays…………….Sandhya sees the paper and reads the alphabets. She is shocked.

Sandhya sees the word and calls SP. Sooraj’s bag is passed in security and it beeps, he is asked to come with police. Disha is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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