Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Sooraj following Riddhi. Riddhi goes towards the temple and gets tired. She gets weak and stops. Sooraj tells Sandhya that he is feeling bad for Riddhi, she is walking in this weak state. They see Riddhi disappeared. They look for Riddhi. The boy tells Ved about the way to temple, but think well, if anyone except neelvish patient goes there, they don’t survive. Ved says its lie, my mumma says there is nothing like miracle, I will prove to everyone that mumma is right, take me to temple by this short cut. Boy asks him to rethink. Ved says I thought well, come.

Sandhya says where did Riddhi go. They look for Riddhi. Bhabho is worried. Binny sees her and asks her to apply vibhuti to Golu and Ved, they will be blessed. Bhabho goes to the kids. Sooraj and

Sandhya look for Riddhi in the jungle. Ved falls down and asks the boy to save him. The boy pulls him up. Ved goes ahead with the boy. Riddhi goes in the jungle holding her savings box. Bhabho goes to see kids and sees pillow instead Ved. She asks Meenakshi where is Ved. Meenakshi asks Golu to say where is Ved. Bhabho scolds Golu and asks him not to lie. Golu says Ved has gone to temple. They get shocked. Golu says I stopped him, but he did not listen to me, he asked me not to tell Sooraj. Meenakshi gets angry. Binny says no one can enter temple except neelvish patient, else that person dies. Bhabho says this can’t happen. She calls out Sooraj.

Maasa comes out of that room and locks the door. She pulls cupboard to cover up that door. She says no one would have woke up, they will not know anything. She takes something in white cloth and goes out. Emily sees her. Maasa digs some soil in backyard. Emily looks on and thinks what is Maasa doing, what is that thing which Maasa is hiding this way, that too at night.

Maasa hides the blood stained white towel. Emily sees this and thinks whose blood it is, why is Maasa hiding this. She gets worried. Maasa leaves from there. Emily hides and thinks to find whose blood it is. Sandhya and Sooraj reach the temple and enter…… Bhabho shouts to Sooraj and Sandhya, saying Ved is not in his room. The door opens. Meenakshi says they are not here, did they also go to temple. Bhabho gets worried.

Ved sees Riddhi and asks boy to come. The boy says I won’t come, I m scared. He runs away. Bhabho calls Sooraj. He tells Sandhya and answers call. Bhabho tells him that Ved has gone to temple. He says I can’t hear you, hello…. Sandhya goes to see Riddhi. Meenakshi tries to tell Sooraj. Ved follows Riddhi. Ved sees Riddhi and enters the temple after she steps in. Sandhya turns and looks at the door……. She seems to get shocked.

Sandhya sees the door and touches it. She flies by the air and falls down. A huge snake comes to bite her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Funny episode….not able to imagine how the script writer can be soo stupid….I guess he is making comic episodes….
    Its good to watch cartoon instead of these serials now days……

  2. Okay Episode.
    Suspense horrible Precap.
    Eagerly waiting for the climax of this track. Plzzz end this track soon……

  3. Can’t wait for next episode.

  4. Something unimaginable. But if it has a message “Don’t believe in blind faith” then this idiocy is worth viewing because in our country we have a lot of trust in “Blind Faith”

    Maasa is quite a vamp. Why did she come into the story again?

  5. Maasa is hiding purvi n i think sandhya is bieng trick it all an illusion but y i think binny is behind all this

  6. It’s not a funny episode…..they r showing such things to the people who still believes in blind faith….interesting track…ths serial is different, it really shows morals n values..

  7. Dat child actor is a bit irritating… So many child actors in other tele series who act so well… But this dude is a bit overboard. Should blame script writer or he is naturally lyk dis…

    1. Which child ? Gulo r ved?
      Anyways I agree with u if u r saying about ved ! He’s s dumb , doesn’t deserve to be surya’s son!?

  8. Now we have entered in a mysterious world and we can expect some magic.

  9. Can any one tell me who is purvi

    1. Massa’s bahu and om’s first wife! Emily’s second husband’s first wife?
      She had a mysterious death ( or may b she’s alive) but maasa trapped Emily and she feels that she killed purvi ! Just waiting to see massa’s real intention and how rathi’s will save Emily ?


    dabh is the serial which teach the lesson to people……..and has the moral value…so nice episode

  11. I think now SANDHYA will either suffer from neelvish or she acts so.

    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    But please end this track soon…..

    Track is different & good theme.
    But not so interesting to watch.

    Feels a little boring & dragging sometimes.
    Hope SOORAJ or VED will save SANDHYA somehow.

  12. It is like old Scooby do episodes, where the evil and horror things are nothing but man made machines and tricks which the main characters will expose to public. The plot seems to go like that.

  13. Nice episode. different story. eager to watch next episode.


    Yes nice episode..

  15. ashoka is not good anymore. chand wth?

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