Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Sandhya to do anything but come to the house remembering her promise that her dream won’t come in her duties to them. She says come home tomorrow, you have to come in the marriage. She ends the call. Sandhya is tensed and says even I want to come, but how will it happen, Officer Singh won’t give me leave. She says if I go in Chavi’s marriage, I have to go against Officer Singh, else I will be breaking Bhabho’s promise, what should I do. She thinks about Chavi. Sandhya promised her that she will come in the marriage. Its night, Sandhya writes a letter to Officer Singh that she has to go home, as its necessary. She says I m ready to bear the punishment, I m ready to do my training after I come back. She puts the letter in Officer Singh’s


Officer Singh sees the letter and reads it. She is shocked. She says if you leave this academy without permission, the doors won’t open for you again, if you run away, it will be a big stain on your career. Sandhya stops at the academy temple and thinks about Sooraj. Sooraj asks what are you doing, how can you leave like this. She says I m going home, its necessary. Sooraj says without informing anyone, when did you become so weak. He asks her to find another way and not break her strength. He asks her not to compromise with her values. Sandhya says you are right, I got weak today, I m running, but there is no way. I promised Bhabho that my dream won’t come in the way of my duties, so Bhabho has sent me.

Sooraj says but you did another promise to Bhabho that you will win the Best Cadet Trophy, of you run away like this, what about that promise. Sandhya says what should I do. She says if I obey one, another will break. I will hurt Bhabho in every way. Sooraj says this is your tough test, you have to win by truth and honesty. Sandhya says I don’t see any other way. Sooraj asks her to be patient and the Lord will show the way. He says you can solve this problem, that will keep every promise.

He says don’t think, go back, this is precious time, listen to your heart. Sandhya says you are right, I was going to take a wrong step, you stopped me from failing, thank you, now I won’t do this again. I will fight and not lose. Sooraj disappears. Diya aur baati hum………………plays………….. Sandhya holds the locket and looks at the temple. Officer Singh comes to her. Sandhya is tensed seeing her. Officer Singh shows her the way and asks her to leave.

Sandhya says I m coming back, I got weak when I was leaving, but I did not go. I won over myself today, I changed my decision. Officer Singh says congratulations, I m very happy that you know your priorities. She says I was annoyed with you reading your letter, that you chose your relations over your duty. She says this decision has made me happy. She says now I feel you can win the Best Cadet trophy. Sandhya says jai hind and leaves.

Its morning, everyone are doing exercises. Rahul says don’t know what task we have to do now. Roma laughs. Rahul says I will see you in task. Roma says you don’t know women power. Sandhya says did you not see Power of 49 ad. She says women are 49% voters. Rahul smiles. Rahul says do every women know their strengths. Sandhya says today’s women can give their vote without any pressure.

Babusa asks Bhabho not to worry about the arrangements. Sooraj asks her not to worry. Chavi comes and praises her brothers. She asks them to come and have breakfast. Bhabho says you don’t do all this. Chavi says i m your daughter. Everyone smile. The brothers make her eat breakfast. Bhabho is happy that the family is united, she misses Sandhya. She prays that Sandhya comes before the puja. Officer Singh tells about the competition. She asks them to control their weaknesses and give the best. She says the squad which performs best, the star performer will be selected from them and he can make his wish come true. Sandhya gets happy. Sandhya thinks about Sooraj’s words. Sandhya thinks she got the way and she will try her best now.


Zakir underestimates Sandhya. Sandhya says I will prove myself.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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