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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya catching Purvi. She asks you, you got well, what are you doing here. Purvi says I had to come to praise you, you noticed what the family did not, you are right, but truth looks good in just books, not in reality, I regret that you can’t harm me even after knowing everything, your family is supporting me, Maasa scared me by your name, see I broke your family. Sandhya says if my family is believing you, don’t think you won, my family is good, they can’t see anyone in problem, your true face will come out soon.

Purvi says its good to believe yourself, but everyone does mistakes, you felt you will go village and evidence will wait for you, we will go to police station, you say truth and I will lie, you know what will happen, I m live proof of Maasa’s

tortures, I will give statement, Emily is there to support me, Maasa will go to jail. Sandhya says don’t try to use laws. Purvi says laws need proof, you are IPS, but can’t do anything to me, Maasa will go jail on my one saying, you are getting angry, its not safe to get angry in this state. She holds Sandhya’s stomach. Sandhya moves her away.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Sandhya is believing Maasa, Maasa does not let Purvi take Sparsh, how will he get mother’s feeling, Sandhya is not understanding, maybe because she is pregnant. Bhabho says she is going legal way, if she asked for time, we should wait, leave it, you won’t understand. Bhabho asks her to give milk to Maasa. Meenakshi gets tensed and I m scared of Maasa. She makes excuse and goes. Purvi says I know you are helpless Sandhya, we don’t have personal rivalry, we can have a deal, I have an offer for you. You send Maasa to jail, tell Om to come to me, I promise I will go away with Om and not hurt your family. Sandhya says you are threatening me. Purvi says I was explaining with love, you have no other option than to agree to me.

Bhabho goes to Maasa and keeps the milk glass. She applies oil to Maasa’s feet. Meenakshi looks on and says Maasa did so much, still Bhabhi is taking care of her. Maasa says enough, I m feeling better, you go and rest. Bhabho leaves. Meenakshi asks Bhabho did you also change party like Sandhya. Bhabho says no, even if this matter made saas bahu apart, but I can’t forget that Maasa is my saas, I m her bahu, I can’t ignore seeing her in pain, this is not my values. Constable says I informed in village, they will clear the stones, who is she. Purvi says your madam’s well wisher, right Sandhya. She asks Sandhya to think, else I know to make you agree, you can regret to refuse to such a good offer. She goes.

Maasa tells Sandhya that Purvi never left any evidence infront of villagers. Sandhya says just statement won’t help. Maasa says Purvi told you truth, now what proof you want, Purvi has ruined so much. Sandhya says I can’t prove anything without evidence, Purvi can file case on you, I can’t arrest Purvi without proof. Maasa says if you can’t arrest her, then arrest me, then Purvi will do something, she is very dangerous. Purvi sees Meenakshi in kitchen. She asks what are you cooking. Meenakshi says I m making daal for Sandhya, if you are bored, come to my room, I have good gossips. Purvi smiles. She damages the cooker’s whistle and keeps it back.

Meenakshi adds everything in cooker and fixes the lid. Purvi thinks now it will be fun. Sandhya asks Maasa not to get afraid, your fear has become Purvi’s strength, I won’t let Purvi do anything. She thinks Purvi is very clever and did not leave any evidence. Maasa goes. Purvi comes to Sandhya and says Meenakshi is making your fav daal, I have damaged the cooker whistle, I told you, you don’t have to listen, when Meenakshi opens the cooker, it will blast, don’t know what will happen of Meenakshi now. Sandhya hears the whistle and runs saying Meenakshi.

Meenakshi hears whistle and says daal got ready. She goes to kitchen. Sandhya runs to stop Meenakshi. Sandhya shouts. The cooker bursts. Sandhya falls down. Purvi pulls Meenakshi and saves her. Bhabho, Sooraj and Babasa come asking what happened. Meenakshi says I have put daal in cooker, it bursted, Purvi pulled my hand and saved me. Bhabho thanks Purvi for saving Meenakshi’s life. Sandhya looks on. Purvi thinks this was my first step, Sandhya would have dealt with many criminals, but I m ahead of them, be ready. Sandhya slaps Purvi hard. Sooraj asks Sandhya what did you do, Purvi saved Meenakshi’s life and you slapped her. Bhabho asks Sandhya did she get mad to slap Purvi. Meenakshi says yes, Sandhya is slapping Purvi as if Purvi did a crime. Sandhya stares at Purvi angrily.

Sandhya makes Sooraj wear the helmet. He starts the scooter and they get shocked seeing the tyre. Everyone come and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t understand the enimity of purvi? If she is doing becoz of her possessiveness towards hr husband, as a doctor Om should give treatment to his wife. Instead of doing all these drama..
    But it looks funny that person like purvi challenging on IPS officer like sandhya, one who won many bigger challenges than this..

  2. Purvi is clever and dangerous.
    SANDHYA Rockzzzz.
    Superb Episode.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Nice Precap.

  3. How did Purvi come to the kitchen before Sandya because it was she who ran towards the kitchen before Purvi. Such non-synchronizing events mar the logic of the serial.

    1. Yes , and there is no other entrance shown to their kitchen ! So how come purvi came before sandy?

  4. Oh…….look like it is not so thrilling whichi thought….but s it was a nice one……

  5. Sandhya could take help of spy canara. .or ..cctv camera. .to collect prof against purvi as she is an ips officer. She can record her talking with purvi to give evidence to her family…or to police..which can do any conan need to be an ips officer. Pls stop this Sandhyas stupidity.

  6. Utterly stupid – Who is this Purvi, from where did she come. Height of cheek to come into this household and create problems. Idiotic to brush against a police officer.
    She should be severely punished for her doings and thrown into jail. Even hew own child rebukes her so that says it all.
    Turn the tables on Purvi now.

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