Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the kabaddi match starting. Sooraj goes in the opposition field and defends. The team makes 2 points and everyone clap for Sooraj. A man does the commentary. The opposite team captain Mohan get goes to defend and his time gets up, he comes empty hand. Mahendra thinks this is right time to start his game. Its first time out. Sandhya tells Bhabho that its break, coach will tell them how to play further.

Mahendra asks Sooraj to go again to play. Sooraj says its Avinash and Prem’s turn. Mahendra says if you score well, and it will be good if we use our good players later. Sooraj agrees. The time out ends. Ratan was going and Sooraj stops him, as part of the game. Mahendra thinks he has started to break the team and smiles. Sooraj gets caught by the opposite team. Everyone

gets tensed. He touches the line and gets saved. Rajputana team makes good points.

Sooraj stops Avinash and goes again. The man says is this right to defend always, it can be part of their plans. Prem says I think captains wants to play kabaddi alone. Mahendra says it will make them against Sooraj, he has divided them. Three people catch Sooraj and are pushing him back. Sooraj tries to touch the line. Everyone cheer for him. Avinash and all team members look on. Sooraj touches the mid line and everyone clap for him. He is much praised by everyone. Bhabho blesses him. They get 5points more.

The family gets happy for him. Aditi claps and Sooraj comes to hug the team. The team members are not happy with his one man game. The team gets 21 points and other team gets 5 points. Mahendra says great Sooraj, he has played so well, I m proud of you. Avinash says I know why Sooraj is not making us playing, he wants to win man of the match, he is playing for himself, not the team, he is proving he is hero and we are zero. They all agree and get against Sooraj.

Avinash says Sooraj wants to get money, he came for money, not kabaddi, he will not give us chance to play. Babban says he will beat him. Avinash says they will play by their mind and answer him. Mohit comes home and gets irked seeing Zakir laughing. He thinks its Emily. He goes to see and sees Zakir with Chavi. He asks about Emily. Chavi says she went to parlor. Mohit says I forgot. Zakir gets a call and says I did not get, why will I make reasons, don’t get annoyed, I will find out. Mohit asks is everything fine. Zakir says my mum sent some pics, I did not get the packet. Mohit says all mums are same. He takes the clothes and Chavi thinks the envelop is in those clothes, what to do now.

The match goes on and the team goes against Sooraj’s advice. Sooraj thinks why are they doing this. They start beating the man. The player is rushed to immediate care. Mahendra thinks team has gone against captain and did fault action, this will be proved costly for the team. Both the team argue. The referee suspends Sooraj, as no one is taking responsibility from his team. Aditi says what.

Sooraj asks the team to play united and they go against him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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