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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir smiling and changing the figures. He asks Sandhya what were her hopes about today’s result. Sandhya says yes, I had high hopes. Sooraj, Sandhya and everyone are shocked to see the results all zeroes. Sooraj asks Zakir whats this. Zakir smiles and says Sandhya has done it, I m sorry I was joking, I just wanted to see how Sandhya reacts. Bhabho says is this a joke, how can you play with her feelings, you are her friend, how can you do this. Sooraj says Bhabho calm down. Vikram says you did not do this right. Sooraj says we just want the result, not any joke. Zakir says this is the real result. Everyone is shocked seeing the results zero and knowing this is the real one.

Zakir says Sandhya, you did it, I wanted to call you since morning. No one broke the traffic

rules since morning, it’s a record for the country. Everyone smile and praise Sandhya. Bhabho says see everything iss fine. Zakir says I called to tell you, but you did not listen, everyone is praising you and coming on tv, see the miracle. He switches on the tv and see everyone praising Sandhya and the police department. Sandhya is happy as people have agreed to their terms.

Vikram reminds Sooraj his promise of getting kulfis for everyone. Sooraj says yes. Zakir says wait, do kulfi party later, still 15 mins left for the competition. Vikram says Sandhya won always and will win this time. They leave and ride on the scooter. Zakir says just 2mins left, nothing will happen now. They bring the kulfis and the scooter goes out of control. Zakir and everyone is shocked to see Vikram and Sooraj are breaking the signal. Bhabho asks Vikram to stop the scooter as the signal is red. Vikram tries to apply the brakes but can’t.

They break the signal and the scooter stops. Sandhya is shocked. Everyone get upset and hold their heads. Vikram says I m sorry, we broke the signal. Meenakshi says we have lost Bhabho. Babasa asks Vikram what did he do, why did he ride scooter if he did not know. Zakir says Sandhya, I have all reports of all signals, all results are zero except this one. The staff man comes and says no Sir, the signal turned green when they passed by. Everyone smile happily. Meenakshi says congrats Sandhya. Bhabho says it means Sandhya won. She hugs Sandhya happily.

Meenakshi says all our hardwork won. Sooraj says yes, when we got united, we always won. Bhabho says don’t call my bahu a loser, she is my pride, she did not do mistake. Sandhya smiles. Zakir says Sandhya can get the ASP post, no one can stop her. Meenakshi says I will get bhabho’s gold chain. Bhabhi removes it and gives her. Meenakshi takes it happily. Everyone smile. Zakir says I want to invite Sandhya and Sooraj to my home for lunch. Meenkashi says why not me and everyone.

Bhabho says don’t worry Meenakshi, we will go later. Sandhya and Sooraj come for the lunch and Zakir welcomes them. They like his house and Sandhyaa and Sooraj says he will help her. Zakir says its good if you help me. Sandhya says we will not help, you invited us. Zakir says I m stuck in a case. Sandhya says what. Sooraj says so this is the get together, work brought again. Zakir says fine, we will just talk and no work. Zakir asks Sooraj to come and help him, which shocks him and Sandhya.

Vikram comes home tensed. Bhabho asks what happened. Vikram says someone stole my bike.

Update Credit to: Amena

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