Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th July 2013 Written Update

Sandy informs everyone in the street about uttrakhand victims & asks them to help them. Dhaisa supports her.. SAndy tells that we should help those needy persons according to our ability. A small thing can help them a lot… Everyone ask for her opinion Sandy tells they can give anything food, clothes etc… Everyone pack their contributions Sandy & chaturi collect all those

Chaturi asks sandy to leave for the competition.. Bhabo asks meena to work fast as both emily & sandy going to competition.. Meena tells that it is only qualification round. Bhabo wonders if qualifying round is this much tough how tough the final owuld be.. Meena tells that today they will get to know about jethani & devrani… Bhabo asks her to cook. Meena tells that she will call them…

Meena plots & changes the clock backwards. Bhabo notices that. Meena wipes of the dust from that & bhabo asks what was she doing. Meena blabers that she was just looking at time & cleaning the clock. Bhabo asks her to stop using her brain like this. Bhabo asks meena what does she think about herself & adds that there is her hubby to take care of sandy & shows sandy & suraj & also momily. Meena is worried.

Sandy looks at the last matka. Suraj tells that nothing will happen to that matka & dreams of those definitely get fulfilled who strive hard for that. Sandy tells that she has confidence of two members one her own (se;f confidence && the other his confidence on her.

Mohit advises emily to keep her mind cool & not to make any mistake out of haste. Emily tells that she will try. Mohit warns her to win but not to try & will end all the relations with her if she fails.

Babasa asks who will drop both the DILs. Suraj offers help. Mohit leaves to bring rickshaw… Babasa wishes them … Chavi too. Meena tells emily that for whom shd she pray for as both r participating…


Bhabo tells that she has always prayed for family’s good & tells that she wishes one to win by which the family is at peace & everything at god’s mercy. Kanha cries in btw.

SurYa emily in auto.
Emily is revising hard even in auto. Emily remembers one answer & finds her answer wrong. Suraj asks her to cool down.
Sandy asks emily to calm down & no one will tell anything if she fails but emily shouts that she must win at any cost. SurYa get shocked. Emily asks sorry & tells that she is in lot of pressure. Suraj holds sandy’s shoulder & gives her calm look.

Meena;s shop. She wonders how so much crowd & finds out dhaisa’s grand daughter the reason behind that.. Everyone praise the girl baby & babasa plays with the girl. He tells that dhaisa went to hospital to look after some relative & so vikram asked her to leave the girl in RM. Meena is confused


Surya & emily stuck up in traffic jam. Suraj looks out & finds an ambulance stuck up too.. Heavy traffic jam & lot of noise & some people fight in the middle too. Someone inform suraj that its heavy jam & suraj wonders that they must take another route. Sandy finds ambulance & tells that someone must be in danger in that ambulance. SurYa leave to check that. Emily runs behind sandy & asks her to leave by the by pass & its getting late.
Suraj tries to calm down the fighters.. He looks at the ambulance & finds a patient.

Emily tells sandy that they would end up late for the competition. Sandy tells that it is the patient inside the ambulance who is more important now & asks suraj to work immediately. suraj tells that it would take evening to clear out the mess as many people fighting.

Precap: Surya comes back home. Bhabo asks them what happened & why are they keeping mum. Suraj looks down

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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