Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Chathuri shows the books to SurYa. They are more confused. Chathuri explains them that she understands that Sandhya’s classes will be missed and that is the reason why they were not ready to go to Mt. Abu. She suggests them to go to Ajmer instead of Mt. Abu and there is no way Bhabho could find out about it. Suraj agrees with this and is relaxed. They send Chathuri back home.

In Rathi Mansion, Bhabho is sitting and sewing the baby cap. Daisa comes there with some other neighbors. They smirk at Bhabho who has hidden the cap seeing them. Daisa enquires about the thing that the whole neighborhood is gossiping that Bhabho has sent SurYa to Mt. Abu. Bhabho is not pleased and asks what is wrong with it. Bhabho and Daisa get into a banter where Daisa mocks Sandhya as a very special bahu and Bhabho replies her back aptly. Then finally Daisa provokes Bhabho that even she wants to hear good news from Sandhya and if she does, she will be the first person to dance and celebrate. All the neighborhood ladies laugh and leave. Bhabho stops them and tells Daisa if that is the case, then Daisa count the days for the celebration that her Sandhya beendani will be giving the good news within three months.

SurYa reach Ajmer and book a room at the hotel. The manager says they have only one honeymoon suite available and they agree. SurYa enter the room and see all the decorations. They feel awkward. Both bend to take the suitcase to escape from this and Sandhya picks it first and runs towards the cupboard. Suraj slyly removes the heart-shaped swans. Sandhya is smiling looking at this. She then comes and removes all the flower petals while Suraj takes out the heart-shaped pillows from there.

Meena is jealous and angry on SurYa. She expresses her anger to Vikram as how Bhabho allows SurYa to go everywhere and she is not allowed to go to even a film. She asks Vikram to speak to Bhabho about that who refuses. Meena is not giving up. She tells him to go and ask Bhabho whether he is her stepson. The door is open and Bhabho is listening to them all the while and says she will answer. Meena is shocked and tries to save herself saying she was acting a scene from a film and Vikram apologizes to Bhabho saying that she knows how crazy Meena is. Bhabho is very serious and tells Meena that she might have not been fair to Meena and the reason is her repeated mistakes but now after listening to Meena’s words, she thinks that she must rectify it. Meena cannot believe her ears and at the same time afraid of what is Bhabho going to do. Bhabho goes out for a while. Vikram scolds Meena for all this. Bhabho comes back with a glass jug and a paper. Meena apologizes to her and Bhabho says that she has written the place where she would send Meena and Vikram in the slip and puts the slip in the jug. She asks Meena to open it once the baby is born and she has performed all the rituals. Meena is happy hearing it and tries to take the jug from Bhabho who is still holding it firmly. Bhabho tells Meena that she is not careful enough and the jug will be with Bhabho until the time comes. She leaves from there. Meena tries to console herself but she could not without knowing what is written in the paper.

In Ajmer, Suraj informs Sandhya that her friend Emily had called them for Christmas party. He pronounces Christmas wrongly and Sandhya corrects him. She informs Suraj that Emily is going to introduce her boyfriend to them in the party. Suraj asks who is it and she explains it is someone who is more than a friend and would become her soulmate. Suraj wonders about love before marriage and Sandhya tells him it depends on personal thoughts. During their convo, Emily’s boyfriend is shown getting ready for the party without revealing his identity.

Precap: Emily’s boyfriend is Mohit. He is caught by Chavvi and Bhabho while leaving for the party. He says he is going to a meeting with his boss. Chavvi says it is Christmas holiday and Bhabho gets angry.

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