Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya drying the clothes. Sooraj does shaving and pretends to get hurt. Sandhya cares for him worriedly. He laughs. She says so you are fooling me. He says I like to see your care and this love style. She runs to catch him. Diya aur baati hhum………….plays……. He runs and they both have a cute moment. Bhabho asks a lady to wear this saree in Chotu’s marriage. Sandhya says its same saree which we got for Bhabho from Pakistan. Bhabho sees Sandhya. Sandhya goes to ask Bhabho. Sandhya asks Bhabho did you not like this saree. Bhabho says no, the saree is good and work is also nice, but its Pakistani. Sandhya says so what, we don’t have personal rivalry with them. Bhabho says I know you spoke about peace, and you don’t find any difference, I can’t explain

you and you can’t explain me, we are simple people, we don’t know politics, I don’t want anything creating fear and doubt in our house, forgive me, nothing from there will come here. She goes.

Arzoo talks to stars and says mum and dad, my marriage is soon, Resham is doing all the arrangements, I will be going to India, everything will be left behind, I will be staying there, if I get alone there, whom will I talk. She cries. Resham comes and Arzoo hugs her crying. Resham says you are most valuable to me, but I dislike your tears, you are going to join two families, they are good people, you can talk to your parents, everything is same, same sky and stars, its all same, you will not be alone. Arzoo asks really, will these stars be there. Resham says yes. Arzoo says you are buying so many things. Resham says why not, its my granddaughter’s marriage. Arzoo asks her for one more addition, that’s her most valuable Dadijaan. She says if I go, you will be alone, I love you a lot and hugs Resham. Resham says I will see Salman’s movies and cheers Arzoo. They both cry and hug.

Bhabho says its 15 days for Chotu’s marriage. Emily and Sandhya see the sarees. Bhabho tries the jewelry on Sandhya. Resham tries the dupatta on Arzoo, and compliments her. Bhabho compliments Sandhya and says it will look good on Arzoo. Meenakshi thinks Arzoo is getting more respect and love when Chotu is adopted, it would be good if Vikram was adopted too. Mahek looks on as Resham makes Arzoo ready and thinks Resham will know when the marriage breaks.

Bhabho makes sweets. Resham makes Arzoo have sweets. Chotu thinks everyone is so happy, I lied to everyone. Resham applies facepack to Arzoo. Sadnhya tells Sooraj that she made items list. Vikram says I did all decorations and listed other things. Sandhya and Sooraj talk.

Resham tells the guests that she will leave for India for Arzoo’s marriage, bless her. Arzoo comes. The guests bless her and compliment Arzoo. Mahek looks on. Chotu makes Sandhya have sweets. Sooraj says have it, I made it, have it by your Devar’s hands, once Chotu gets married, he will forget us. Sandhya asks Chotu will you forget me after Arzoo comes. Chotu says this won’t happen. Sooraj says once you get married, you will become Arzoo’s for seven births. Resham asks lawyer about visa. The lawyer says Meenakshi’s signed paper has come, visa will come, now prepare to leave. Bhabho shouts what are you saying….. Sandhya and everyone look on.

Bhabho scolds Meenakshi for getting egg curry. Sandhya goes to see. Emily says actually my parlor customer ordered this and it got delivered here. Bhabho asks them to mind this, they know that egg can’t even come at the door. Sandhya says such confusions happen at delivery time. Bhabho says whatever, I can’t bear anything against my ethics, or which breaks my belief.

Mahek says this Mushtandi is making her ashiyana on big misunderstanding. She tells Resham that Arzoo looks a fairy. Resham says yes. Bhabho asks Emily to throw all this in bin. Emily takes it. Bhabho looks on.

Mahek thinks happiness will turn into sorrow soon. Bhabho scolds her bahus and says the thing which should not come in my house will not come, if it comes, then it will have same result. Resham’s flight lands. Sandhya welcomes Resham and her family. Bhabho asks her to come. Ved asks about Arzoo. Sandhya asks Resham where is Arzoo. Resham says Arzoo could not come. They get shocked.

Chotu’s Bhabhi creates a scene, and asks Bhabho did she choose this family for Chotu, will she get Chotu married in Muslim family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Okay Episode.
    Not Bad.
    Please end this track soon without any unnecessary drag.Even this is not about SOORAJ-SANDHYA. But about CHOTU-ARZOO. So it’s better if this track end much faster.Else DABH will loose it’s reputation & pride.

  2. The performance of the new comer Arzoo is simply superb. Nothing more to ad.

  3. Okay Episode. Not bad.But end this track much faster without any unnecessary drag. Else DABH will loose it’s reputation & pride. After all this track is not even about SOORAJ-SANDHYA, but about CHOTU-ARZOO. So we are not much interested in this track.

  4. Pls don’t drag this story so much.

  5. Thanks Amena for the update….

    Hi frnds…… Can anyone plz clear my doubt
    Actually I was very much confused with on going track..
    In case of peace proposal with Pakistan…. Sandhya went pak…but what is the mean of hosting Indian flag on 26th Jan in Pakistan….. The way they conved….Does it really shows peace proposal in fine way….

  6. this year biggest fools may be called DABH viewers…becoz the way writers and director are creating a link between India and Pakistan… For chotu’s marriage… And that to Sandhya an IPS officer… also not know what’s going on with them…oh hell is with DABH team

  7. I don’t think they no arzoo in from pakistan

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