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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj and Sandhya crying happily and hugging. He asks how did she come here, as she was in Scotland. She says your happiness went away, by starting questioning me, lets live this moment, I will go if you are not happy seeing me. He says no, I was restless all the time and prayed to Lord to send you back. They cry. He holds her face and says I won’t let you go away from me, I want to spend my life with you. She says here in park. He says no. She asks won’t you take me home. He says I will take you with all respect, I was incomplete without you. He says I saw you everywhere, why did you want to meet me here. She says as this is the place where we got separated. Diya aur baati…………..plays………….. He lifts her in arms and she smiles.

He brings her

home. Bhabho does Sandhya’s tilak and aarti, and welcomes her home. Babasa feels sorry. Sooraj asks Bhabho was she with Sandhya in her plan. Bhabho asks why, shall I always be with my son, and not daughter. He signs Chotu. Chotu gets the name plate. Sooraj hangs it outside the home. Sandhya sees her name, Sandhya Sooraj Rathi. She happily cries to get her respect back.

Meenakshi, Vikram, Emily and Mohit walk down the street discussing about Bhabho. They are glad seeing Sandhya back. Meenakshi says see its her name plate also there, it means she will not go anywhere, Bhabho will forgive us, as she is very happy, she won’t let us stay sad. Bhabho blesses Sooraj and Sandhya. Sandhya sees Babasa and takes his blessings. She asks him not to feel bad of his mistake, as she is his daughter and has full right to scold her. He asks how is she made, as she has pure heart. She says parents and children have selfless bond. He blesses her and folds hands to apologize.

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Sandhya holds is hand and keeps it on her head. He cries and hugs her saying he is very happy that the Laxmi of the house is back. Sandhya asks Chavi not to be sad as she will talk to Dilip, and Dilip will forgive her. Chavi cries and hugs her. Meenakshi says come, lets talk to her. She shows she is very glad seeing Sandhya. They all welcome her back. Meenakshi says all peace, money and happiness came back. Bhabho says let her come inside first. Meenakshi asks her about her Scotland trip for training, how did she come back so soon. Sandhya gets tensed. Bhabho says yes, we were so happy seeing you that forgot to ask about your training. Babasa asks yes, tell us.

Sandhya says I did not go Scotland. She says there is exam before going for training, and I could not pass it. They all are shocked. Meenakshi says you failed, no I can’t believe this. Bhabho says its fine, she can go next year. She asks her to come inside. Meenakshi says if you were here, where did you stay, and you did not ask about Bhabho’s health, she had a big operation of kidney, you did not call her, Ankur would have not told you right. Bhabho says my two sons and bahus did good duty, Sandhya did not need to do anything. She says my two bahus took my place behind my back and asks Meenakshi is she saying right. She says I know how you both managed home well.

Babasa says don’t ask anything about us and Sandhya, she is our second Sooraj. He says wherever she was, her prayers would always have Bhabho’s good health, and its result of her prayers that a stranger donated the kidney to her, its because of her good deeds. Bhabho gives her new saree asking Sandhya to go and change, then they will do some ritual. Sandhya comes in salwar suit. Bhabho is shocked seeing her in dress and not saree. Bhabho asks whats this, you forgot to wear saree, I remember your Mu Dikhai rasam, come with me. Sandhya says no, can I wear salwar kameez at home. They all get puzzled.

Bhabho asks why do you want to wear salwar kameez now, answer me. Sandhya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you so much for the updates

  2. Omg, it means sandhya donated her kidney,

    1. yes…ankur and zakir knows everything

      1. If it is true then Sooraj definitely can’t bear this when he comes to know… but how can she survive as a police officer with one kidney?

    2. yaa…..sandhya donated her kidney to bhabho….definatly….and ab bhi wo police officer hi rahegi qki serial h bahi…..kuch bhi ho sakta h….. 🙂

  3. sandya== donar of bhabho

  4. i think so chotu also knows everything…….surYA looks so beautiful…..bhabhu u give a superb wordslap to meenakshi…bhabhu u r rocking day by day

  5. wow again it was superb epidose.suraj lift her sandy by his arm is just superb.i did dt except that form suraj.iam impresed.ane ofcourse when coming to bhabhasa it quit diff.kya baath hai bhobhasa ur saying sandy is ur second suraj wow its nice of u.i like it the way he try fold his bt our superb bahu sandy made him bless her by his hand on head.and by keeping the nameplate sooraj have her respect and right back.that so sweet of him.superb suraj.and i really hope ki that chutithar matter nt bring any tension.and iam .now sure that sandy is one who gave bhobho kidney by dening to wear saree.just waiting for the truth come out.

    1. priyaroli r u watching sasural simar ka also???

  6. It will not be good, if Sandhya has given up her kidney for Bhabho.

    1. Yeah..Ramesh wat u said is right…..
      i don’t understand, Y? Director of show making this kidney drama too lengthy.
      In previous episodes, Sandhya’s honest and sacrifice is proved

  7. Divya Bharathy

    Nice episode!!!

  8. Nice episode

  9. When they know Sadhya is a donor for Bahbo ….

  10. I told long ago that sandhya donated her kidney.. see now..

    1. Ok, but how can she survive as a police officer with single kidney? Is it practically possible? The primary requirement of any police officer is they should be completely fit and healthy… Is Sandhya hiding really a kidney matter or something else?

      1. Sandhya is working on catching bad people, so she is wearing tattoo over her tommy. So, she will hide the tattoo until she complete her task.

        Just kidding. We will find out tomorrow. It is for humorous. Please laugh. Do not call me with bad words.

  11. ya simar i watch sasural simar ka and madore serial.y r u asking.wheather u also watch it simar.and i just watch it roli ka avika and u.

    1. am also watching becoz of simar and roli….surYA

  12. Sandhya not given kidney to bhabo. i think any other reason or twist hide it…

  13. ok simar good nt.c u trm yaar.abhi tho iam going to sleep yaar.

  14. What the hell is this????
    if sandhya was the kidney donar to bhabu. How can she run in park and she did’nt get any pain,when sooraj taken her in his hands

    1. hahaha.. Serial right, anything is possible 🙂

    2. Yes . That was unbeliveable.
      But story line shows that sandhya hides her kidney donate case to soorj with all Rathi family.
      Now another track wil come about these case.Writter is such a ………………..

  15. Bhabo don’t take wrong decision. salwar kameez is also respectable dress like sharee of our culture. Besides, your daughter-in-law is also a working lady.You should go with modern time.

  16. How can she survive as a police officer with single kidney? Is it really possible? Even though if Sandhya wants to hide something with Salwaar from others but it’s really impossible to hide from husband… but it is serial right anything is possible 🙂

  17. End kidney drama also…

  18. I guess even if it is kidney matter can’t she cover that with Saree? why salwar? Still suspense… hmm, to hold audience some suspense is needed…

    1. Yes, u said right thing…she can cover vit saree also
      any way it seem’s bhaboo accepted sandhya’s request of salwar
      as show in last promo

  19. 25th May 2012 episode is wonderful and emotional milan …. From that episode onwards I have started watching this serial… Before that I never seen this serial… Unfortunately it happened to watch that episode…

  20. Don’t discuss Sandhya’s kidney problam,which has no value.She sits on AC room ,signs on file & orders another for doing work. so there are no proble if she has one kidney or two kidney.
    If anybody love this show,he/she should watch that without any comparison with reality.

    1. what bro…
      today you are very cool.I think yesterday RED rebukes you, so
      your comment is only yours.

    2. Yes, you are truly faltu

  21. Ankur bhai where r u?
    Come and reveal the secret

  22. As a donor of kidney to my mother how much of suffering my brother has undergone is known to me. The donor and the donee cannot get out of the bed as you wish. In DABH everything shown is awful. Babho is discharged from the hospital on the next day after operation and roams about the house as a normal person. Sandya runs in the garden and Suraj lifts her in crouching position. Before taking these scenes, the director should have consulted a kidney centre mad make himself well informed about the operation. Don’t think that the viewers are fools to believe whatever you show on the screen. Highly idiotic direction!

    1. Yeah….really idiotic direction, anyway it ‘s good for us..Becoz we are safe from these hospital drama not happen..
      But what is this stupid kidney drama???????
      wat u say ??

  23. wth?? how can sandya donate her kidney, but if she donated her kidney then why hiding from family members..

    1. She did not expect, Sooraj would get her so soon. Since, she was abandoned by Sooraj, she was needed to get permission from any one. As usual, she planned to sacrifice for the Sooraj, and Rathi’s family, so she gave her kidney.
      She hide her kidney donation. She said that she could not pass the written exam before she goes to Scotland. It is definitely, it is a lie.

  24. Diya aur baati hum 16th march 2012 episode – Greatness of Sooraj…

  25. ho stupid kidney drama ho

  26. I’m sure..sandhya is the one who donate a kidney for babho..intresting…

  27. However, what is the relation between kidney and saari

    1. Kidney=Saree=Hidding (something OR truth)

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