Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th February 2013 Written Update

Suraj and Sandhya on same bed but sleeping in opposite sides, sandhya remembers wat swamiji says that they should build a temple on that ground , while suraj remembers bhaboo saying that since the night college has been closed how will sandhya be able to fulfill her father’s dream ? Suraj says to self that sandhya must be upset that college is closed , she wont speak to others he should speak to her, even sandhya thinks that suraj is upset over her college being closed and she want to speak to him, both of them turn and says , Aap dil chota math kiji at same time .(Haye, kya timing hai ) . she says that since the college has been closed neither is she able to sleep or think anything… even suraj admits that he is not able to sleep too and says since both of us are

not sleepy lets do something , and then says lets play a game? (aaye haye mara chora ,) and says lets play aankhokha khel … blink and miss …and tells the one who blinks there eyes first loose the game, sandhya is uncomfortable and suraj sensing it says , Ok if ur scared of loosing lets forget it , sandhya says no no and says I am ready they suraj again reminds her that the one who blinks first will be the looser and they start the game, and they keep staring at each other , Suraj with full of love for her in his eyes and suddenly sandhya winks at him, he is stunned and looses it, she says u lost it , and he says u winked at me, she agrees saying yes i had to as u were not loosing at all …suraj says i thought u are innocent but u are not, sandhya says u havent seen the other side of me, i can whistle too, suraj is stunned and says , when he is not able to how can she? she says she can and was about to whistle when suraj stops her and says he believes her and she dont have to prove it else every one will come to there room they both keep laughing , and suraj thanks god that she atleast smiled …

Bhaboo is peeling Amla , while Mohit is working on his lappy, vikram comes there and babasa is reading about some false doc and all, sandhya is serving every one Tea, suraj also comes there, and babasa reads about the college being closed and temple being constructed in its place, suraj, sandhya and bhaboo are serious while mohit is happy thinking sandhya wont be able to meet Emily any more. and says its same college where sandhya studies right? chavi says since sandhya college is closed, can she lend her political science project to her , as its of no use to sandhya anymore …Meena starts her taunting session saying that , Suraj has lied and tried to push sandhya education a bit but its failed and keeps saying more garbage, sandhya is furious but silent, Bhaboo asks meena to shut up and asks suraj to look for a day college for sandhya, every one are stunned… Bhaboo asks meena to dry Amla on terrace, meena then tries her soothing words and asks sandhya to do that as she is carrying … Suraj is thinking… Meena goes to her room and keeps talking to herself , that she should give bhaboo son as soon as possible and then remembers she havent taken medicine for a while and she should take them soon and takes 4 instead of one and Vikram enters the room and wonders what she is doing, while she hides her stuff from him … he asks her what she is hiding and he says nothing, he goes next to her and tries looking for it , but meena manages to hide it and then says, the one in her tummy, wants to eat something sour, and asks him to bring something sour for her… he goes to get it … Meena thanks god and says to self that , good that she has kept some medicines in store room and some in her room, she has to hide this medicines in her room before vikram sees it again and looks for a place, she finds empty powder box and dumps all her medicines in it wondering vikram wil not notice it … Sandhya is drying Amla upstairs and has some problem with Sun reflection suraj comes and provides enough shade and protects her they both keep staring at each other when chaturi comes there with surajs ringing mobile she sees them and blushes but then remembers about the phone and gives it to him , both of them are embrassed, suraj sees the number and asks sandhya , what sort of number it is? sandhya goes in says its from Foreign , suraj answers call only to see its from Brandon, he asks about every one while making Jalebi and then says he got to talk to every one now and see them too, sandhya says she will be able to arrange for it and asks him to call back in 10mins, and he hangs up, sandhya says she goes and gets Lappy from mohit while suraj goes to call every one to hall, Mohit is looking at his and Emily pics in lappy and talking to a friend saying he wont be able to work on presentation but since his mobile signal is weak he steps out of room and was talking on mobile, sandhya goes there and is waiting for him to finish his talk while on his bed there lies the lappy with his and Emily pics Hola… She enters his room and picks up spread out papers from floor and mohit finishes his talk and is super nervous and sacred , and asks her if she needs something ? Sandhya says she needs his lappy as brandon wants to talk to them,,, he says he need to save a file and then brings the lappy to hall…Skype is on and every one are super excited, it gets connected and every one expect to see brandon but they see a monkey doll dancing, and every one wonders , mohit had called wrong person, but then brandon comes on and every one are happy, meena wonders why she cannot see anything other than his room? lol , then bhaboo asks every one to keep quite and let him speak, he then asks bhaboo to bless him and says he has three good news to share, and shows them Jalbies he made and meena is excited, Chotu says suraj has gone to bring it for them, and offers bhaboo but she dont take it …

Precap:- Brandon tells them that he has a contract to work in india in a mall, sandhya asks him for address and he gives her, she wonders its the same place where they are building temple , how can they open a a mall there …

Update Credit to: breezy

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