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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi telling Misri that she will miss her. She tells her that Misri has to win the trophy and work hard, as Meenakshi is taking much trouble to send her. She tells how she explained Sudha and asked her to manage if anyone calls her. Misri says it would be good if you came along. Meenakshi says once you win and come back, I will go everywhere with you, you will get many invitations. She was making Misri drink the medicine and Sandhya calls Misri. Meenakshi hides medicine. Sandhya asks Misri when is she leaving for Udaipur and gives something for Sudha. Meenakshi stops Sandhya from seeing Misri’s passport. Sandhya takes Kanak’s toys basket and leaves. Meenakshi says I m scared of Sandhya, its good she went. They forget about medicine hidden in the basket.


morning, Maasa is waiting. Bhabho comes and says Sooraj told me you called me, whats the matter. Maasa says you have all news, Sooraj would have told you everything. Bhabho says yes. Maasa says I tried to unite Om and Emily, but could not, so I thought to take your help. Maasa sees Emily and Om, and starts arguing with Bhabho. She signs Bhabho to fight aloud. Bhabho says I did not come to give Emily, you came and asked for her hand, what happened, till when shall I be quiet, I m her Maa, I will see Om, where is he. Maasa stops Bhabho and says don’t dare to say anything to my son, he is not a puppet, its not Om’s mistake, this time Emily is equally responsible. Om asks what happened.

Bhabho says don’t lie Maasa, she came as my bahu and became daughter, she won our hearts. Maasa asks are we hurting her, she is happy. Bhabho says Emily is crying. Emily stops Bhabho, and Om stops Maasa. Maasa says my son is doctor, you won’t get anyone like him. Bhabho says Emily is educated and independent, she is one in a million. The arguments continue. Bhabho says keep Om with you, I m taking Emily. Maasa says fine, Om will live without Emily, he won’t come after her. Bhabho asks Emily to come with her. Om holds Emily’s hand and asks Bhabho to wait. Maasa and Bhabho shout and ask Om to leave Emily’s hand. Om says I will drop Emily when Pari comes in two hands. Emily says the same. Maasa signs Bhabho. Bhabho says fine, I will take Emily after two days. Maasa says fine, don’t forget, go now. Bhabho goes. Om and Emily worry. Maasa looks at Emily.

Arpita says we did not get any proof that links Mansi to that diary, all boys work there. Sandhya asks what is this paper. Arpita tells about Sardar boy writing car problems on it. Arpita says its also written on that logo diary. Sandhya checks it and says paper is same. She gets shocked seeing the handwriting. She shows Arpita that handwriting is same, check. Arpita says it means Sardar boy is Mansi. Sandhya recalls the boy. Arpita says its right, Mansi is acting to be mute so that she don’t need to speak, she did not drink sugary tea. Sandhya says yes, when we can take disguise, why can’t she take disguise, as she wants to hide from everyone.

Arpita calls Singh and asks about Sardar boy. Singh gives address and says but he left job and going out of Pushkar today. Arpita tells Sandhya that Mansi doubts on us, she is leaving Pushkar, we have to rush.

Amit tells Neeta that they have to leave fast, Sandhya has found Mansi, I downloaded call recording app on Arpita’s phone, I heard all calls here. He plays recording and asks Neeta to come fast. Meenakshi tells Kanak that Misri is going to Dubai, don’t say anyone. Lady calls Meenakshi and asks about preparations, did she make Meenakshi drink that medicine, which will glow her face. Meenakshi recalls she did not make Misri drink that. She says yes, I made Misri drink it. Meenakshi ends call and looks for bottle. Bhabho gets the toys basket. Meenakshi says where is the bottle, and sees Kanak having it. Kanak drops the bottle. Meenakshi says what did you do, and thinks Kanak broke it. Bhabho asks Kanak did she get hurt by glass and asks Meenakshi about bottle. Meenakshi says maybe its old, I will clean it. Kanak smiles. Meenakshi says what will happen now, I lied to lady, its all because of Kanak, she is like Sandhya.

Arpita drives and asks Sandhya not to worry, they will reach soon. Sandhya shows the lane. They reach the house. Mansi packs her stuff. They knock the door. Mansi sees them and tries to run away. Sandhya and Arpita open the door and get in. Sandhya shouts and asks Mansi to stop.

Meenakshi sees off Misri. The lady takes Misri in the car. Misri says this is not way to airport, I won’t go with you. The lady slaps her. Misri shouts for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The drama of bhabhu and Maasa is extremely superb while we have to pity for Meenakshi for her steadfast foolishness. On the it’s a total failure in the execution of the actions.

  2. KANAK indirectly helped MISRI.Simply Superb Scene.
    Very Good Episode.Superb.
    EMILY-OM-MAASA-BHABHO scene was superb.
    SANDHYA-ARPITA scene rocked.But this villains are very smart.Hope ARPITA won’t be in trouble because of this.
    Hope everything gets fine soon.Hope MISRI will be saved soon.Hope MANSI won’t be caught by Child traffickers this time.Hope SANDHYA will save MANSI and find out the truth of Amit & Neeta.
    Plzzz end this track soon.This is one of the best ever track of DABH till date with great social commitment.This track is very necessary nowadays to create public awareness in our society about this dirty illegal child trafficking & s*x rackets.

  3. I hope mansi tell sandhya the truth about Amit n neeta n catch misri before it too late

  4. KANAK is so cute & smart

  5. Today episode was very nice. Kanak very cute and brilliant like Surya.

  6. Hope Mishri will be safe
    Kanak rockzz
    Sandhya and Arpita is managing to bring Mansi back but they don’t recognize that Mansi will be in danger if they bring Mansi to Neeta
    Come on and try your best Sandhya, wish you would find out the truth

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