Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho stopping Meenakshi. Meenakshi thinks she can stop me from going to shop, like Emily. She says she has done all her work, can she go now. Bhabho asks her to have laddoo. Meenakshi thinks why is she asking her to have laddoo. She eats it and likes it a lot, its like Sooraj makes, but how will Sooraj make it, I m sorry. Bhabho says Sooraj did not make this, Lalima made it, as she started the shop. Meenakshi says oh, I thought Sooraj made it, Lalima is responsible and smart. Bhabho asks what does she do more. Meenakshi says she knows Ramayana well, and does stitching and all work, she is like the bahu you wanted before Sandhya. Babasa comes and hears them.

She asks why is Bhabho asking so much. Bhabho says she has to make Lalima Rathi’s bahu. Meenakshi asks

did I hear right, no you are joking, but why. Bhabho asks her to go to shop. Meenakshi leaves. Bhabho asks Babasa did she hear what Meenakshi said, Lalima is like the bahu I wanted, I will take proposal for Lalima in evening. He asks her not to hurry. She says Lord has sent Lalima, I will ask for Lalima’s hand today itself.

Sagarika thinks Narayani called me here and did not come till now. She makes a heart by her hands, and recalls Sooraj. FB shows their sweet moments. Narayani says scorpion’s bite will be cured, not but her heart illness, its not hidden from her, she knew it when she saw her for the first time, she loves him a lot, you left from here being unable to bear Manjari, and came back, forget Himanshu, love is poison, remove it from heart.

Sandhya says I don’t agree, I m sorry, love gives aim in life, it makes you experience sacrifice which makes us satisfied. Narayani asks why is she praising love, life got her here, she is bearing Manjari for her love, till when will she bear this. Sandhya says yes, its true, but love gives the strength to bear it. Narayani gets angry and says its all nonsense. Sandhya says no one can teach language of love, it looks you did not love anyone, so you are against it. Narayani fumes. Sandhya leaves from there.

Narayani recalls her marriage baraat and cries, holding her anger. She recalls Sandhya’s words and drinks water from the pot. Lalima prays. Bhabho and Babasa come there and see her. Bhabho says her heart is si pure. Lalima sees them and asks them to come inside. Bhabho asks about their mum. Lalima’s brother says his mum died in childhood and Lalima raised him as a mum, and their dad also died recently. Bhabho thinks she will raise Ved as his mum too. Lalima says she will get tea. Bhabho stops her, and says she has to say something imp.

She asks Lalima’s brother about Lalima’s hand for Sooraj. Lalima and her brother get shocked. She says I know you both are shocked, as my Sooraj is married, he has 8 year old son, you both can have many questions in heart, and tells about Sandhya’s death. She praises Sooraj, and says he will keep Lalima happy. Her brother says sorry, but why did you choose my sister for this relation, maybe thinking she does not have parents and will accept any relation, she is like my mum, I m studying engineering because of her, if she can do her duty, how can a brother forget his duty, her marriage will happen with the guy who is suitable for her, sorry but Sooraj can be good man, but not right for her. Bhabho says but… He humbly refuses for the proposal.

Bhabho says you refused as Sooraj is married. Lalima’s brother says its big thing, how can I agree. Bhabho says this does not lessen is qualities, his wife will be proud of her fate, as he has all qualities of an ideal husband, whats the guarantee that the guy you choose for your sister, will give her happiness. Bhabho says Lalima is Shiv ji’s devotee and knows everything about him, even Shiv ji did second marriage with Parvati, Parvati is preached along Shiv ji, her example is given to every girl.

She says Sooraj is pure like Shiv ji, become his Parvati, you will be very happy, ask anyone, he is the best. Meenakshi washes clothes and goes to open door, thinking Bhabho has come back. Bharat comes in disguise and greets her. She asks who is he, they can’t give charity. He says no, I came to give something. She asks is he any govt officer. He says he has come to sell jaggery. He enters the house and sees Sooraj and Ved. He makes Sooraj taste jaggery and says its made in village. Bharat recalls Sandhya giving it. Sooraj says Sandhya in heart. Bharat looks at him.

Narayani calls out Sagarika at night, standing outside Manjari’s house. Sandhya and Manjari come there. Sandhya asks you.. Chandu comes and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    Bhaboo this is too much …… Sab kho beti bolte but hoka karte….???

    Thanks for fast updation amena ☺☺

  2. richa

    thanx 4 update amena and bhabho……….. 😡 😡 :X u really hav any commonscence or not. always just manuplating……………bharat sooo clever nd kind……………
    hy riya ,anu…………….
    gn swt drms@ all

  3. AD

    Sandhya Rocks…
    Bharat inside Rathi Parivaar.That’s superb.
    Sandhya in Sooraj’s heart.So Happy.
    Bhabho doing injustice as she is so ordinary.
    Very nice episode.
    Narayani Devi female antogonist superb.
    DABH always ROCKS…….

  4. Romi

    Nice episode! Thanks amena for the fast updates! Bhabo aap hosh ke nakhoon lo aap sab bighar kar rakh do gi ??

  5. Jeyam

    The purpose of Narayani is to prove that Sagarika is not in really love with Himanshu. But Sandya is too clever to be cheated by Narayani etc. And the approach of Babhu can’t be found fault with as she is deeply in love with Suraj.

    • Romi

      Yeah they can’t digest that why’s sagarika living in the jungle with that pagal manjari and bearing all her nonsense! But they will not find sandy’s reality so soon when sandya will finish her mission thence they’ll know it ?

  6. Anu

    Plzzz dont show rathi parivaar drama for god sak…… we are unable to watch bhaboo scene’s….

    tomm we will see how sooraj reaction after he eat gud…. watinggggggggggg

    ved u also my boy god bless you…………..

    • Anu

      No in my point of view she never change negetive …… but bhabo are doing nonsense….she is creating more toubles to sandhya…

      if it marriage happens …..3 people will suffer sandhya sooraj lalima also… between ved …..

  7. Romi

    Oh come on Bharat sir! Stop this foolish act of engagement ?
    Plzzzzzzz do anything to help your efficient officer sandya as she’s also helping the country to save it from the criminals ??

  8. Bhabasa is right.bhaboo always take decision to early.agree with bhabasa. Bt bhaboo want to do suraj second fast.she never listen anyone.she only do what she want either that was wrong ya right she never thought that.?????

    • Anu

      Actually babasa is not happy with this proposal ..bcoz she is telling lie to lalima ….

      babasa ur feeling is right…

  9. Why they show more lalima scene. I dnt want that scene. How bhaboo give that example. That was the way bhaboo dnt know that parvti is part of sati.???

    • Anu

      ya they all are showing wrong sati maata ka re birth hai parvati maata………….

      why bhaboo is telling that example….

  10. Always bhaboo take wrong dicision. First she choice girl kavita to marry suraj BT what happened that kavita run on marriage day. This time hope this lalima dnt give respect to rathi family members after marriage. ?????

  11. Bhaboo think that lalima accpet ved as a son and give mother love.BT bhaboo u forget that can ved accpet lalima as a mother. U only think ur son happiness.plz one think u understand what ved want. Plz at least respect ved’s emotional.???

  12. Wating for tomorrow episode. May be that devi reveal her fast means her love or marriage secret. Ya may be also happened that this is plan of chandu last test of sandhya.???

  13. Again Minakshi comedy. Nice one Minakshi. That scene was nice when she say I dnt give donations. U plz give me donations. I m also poor.?

    • And then bhatat sir say no i m take donations. I hear come to give u something.that time Minakshi’s expression was so cute.and she so excited to see what he give Minakshi. That awesome scene.????

  14. See what I say that happened Bharat sir give that jaggery to suraj. So sweet of u bharat sir. U also know the sandhya’s love towards family specially ved and suraj.???✌

    • Tjey say that Bhabho takes Sooraj’s proposal for Lalima. Lalima refuses to the proposal, as Sooraj has a son and was married to Sandhya. Bhabho convinces her saying Shiv ji is named with his second wife Parvati, and not his first wife Sati. Lalima agrees to marry Sooraj, which makes Bhabho happy. Sooraj is not informed about this proposal. Bhabho does the shagun ceremony with Lalima. Sooraj comes there and everyone get silent. They hide the matter from Sooraj. Lalima wants Sooraj’s approval in the relation. Bhabho reveals Sandhya’s death incident to Lalima and how Sooraj is staying in her memories. She gives Sooraj’s responsibility to Lalima. Lalima tries bringing Sooraj out of shock of Sandhya’s death. Sooraj starts seeing Sandhya in Lalima and their bonding begins.????

  15. Hope suraj marriage done with lalima and then sandhya come and she knows everything. Then bhaboo break all relation’s with suraj and she nt talk suraj.then suraj also break all relation’s with bhaboo when he knows abt bhaboo’s lie.??????

    • Hope this happened in show. Bcoz I want this scene in show.bcoz sandhya always suffer and sacrifice her life to that rathi family. Bcoz sandhya never speek badly to bhaboo.???????

      • Anu

        I hope this happen. varshu kya aap ko lagtha hai ee shaadi ho jayegi aghar huva tho diya baati ka meaning kya hoyega …. aghar sandhya ane ke badh lalimaa doora jayegi tho credit lalima kho jatha. if sandhya sacrifice sooraj ka kya hoga??????

        what will happening in the show<<<<<<<<

  16. Anu

    No varshu in my point of view lalima is nice character but after this engagement she want to close to sooraj then she find sooraj mind situation i think so……

    uske baadh jo hai lalima sooraj kho shock se bahar laneke kosish kare gi i think so means lalima e soch ne lageghi ki shock se bahar ane ke badh sooraj pura maan se accept kiya tho shaadi karegi i think so …..

    but fifty percent chances hai mera thinking wrong bhi ho saktha….abhi jho chalra total DABH team are concentrating in sooraj marriage…. mission ka story bhi kum bathara…..

    in between ved will not accept lalima family me so many problem kadha hojaeynge shaayad….

  17. LuvDABH

    Baboo how can you forgot that sandy gave her body part without thinking about her future. I can understand as a mother you are not able to bare sooraj mental illness but sandy also treats you as a mother. So it’s better to think alternative option to make sooraj better.

  18. LuvDABH

    Sooraj and sandhya are one soul. Lalima won’t be happy if she marry Sooraj. Baboo always thinks that a girl is good if she knows cooking, stitching etc.,

  19. LuvDABH

    Serial will not be good if Sooraj marry Lalima. There will be no light in neither sandhya life nor Lalima life.

  20. LuvDABH

    I am sure Sooraj will not marry Lalima because he did promise to sandhya. So I think now he will go against Baboo. I am waiting for this interesting track.

    • Romi

      No he didn’t promised cuz when he was about to give the vachan than at that time bhabo called her and his promise to sandya about not remarrying in her absence, remained incomplete ? so maybe maybe at least the engagement take place ??

      • ANU

        No @romi i am not agree with ur words “ab takh kine bar kaha hai sooraj ne mere jeevan me aap khe alawa kise ladki khu koyi jaga nahi” you watch previous episodes…………….if his is not in shock he never do this non sense.

        this is my opinion………….sorry to say this

      • ANU

        bhaboo will break promise in present track………..u remind previous old episodes……. if he is in original state he never do this….

        bhaboo and meenakshi emily how can u do this jutee engagement…..u people are doing wrong with lalima.

        lalima chahti nahi sooraj kho sooraj nahi chahta and more over sandy kho to pata bhi nahi ………..

  21. Jeyam

    I want to see the romantic scene of Suraj and Sandya with that BGM thar’s heart rending rendering.

  22. LuvDABH

    How Baboo is marketing his son saying that my son is experienced and he makes his wife very happy. You can check with others. If you bring fresh candidate for your sister how sure are you that he makes your sister very happy. But my son already proved that.

    • Romi

      Every mum is like this ? when they are finding match for their sons they are telling about their good habits and say there’s nothing wrong in my son!
      But when after marriage they begin loving their wife then they say ” bachpan se hi aisa kameena tha, maa ko chorr kar chachiyo ( aunties) k kaam karta tha ” lol ???

  23. Narayani Devi’s details are written below.
    Ekta Tiwari of Tere Mere Sapne fame is excited about her new avatar, that of a God woman in Star Plus’ popular show, Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi-Sumeet Productions).

    As reported in media, she will play the sister of actor Aadesh Chaudhary and daughter of Shalini Arora’s characters.

    The lady happens to be the first and only choice set by the production house for this coveted role of Devi Narayani.

    As per sources, Narayani would have been bestowed the title of Devi by the villagers, after seeing her Godly avatar.

    Ekta’s character will be draped in a typical Bengali manner, similar to Aishwarya Rai’s look in Choker Bali. Devi Narayani would be worshipped by all in the village, and Akana Raja (Ravi Kale) would be her ardent follower.

    The lady would have a past and would be very proud of her achievements. She would have fallen in love and married the man, only to later realize that he would have been a cop in disguise. The girl would not have even shuddered to kill her own husband in order to protect her villagers and the naxalite group. She would have a major hand in curing her naxalite friends of any kind of illness with her Ayurvedic touch.

    Her entry will be aired very soon, with a dramatic scene wherein Sandhya (Deepika Singh) will be badly in pain after getting a scorpion bite, and the villagers would call for Devi Narayani’s magical touch to cure her.
    Here is Ekta Tiwari’s stunning look in Diya Aur Baati Hum.

    When contacted, Ekta told us, “Yes, I have started shooting for the show. I play a very powerful role, that of Devi Narayani. You will have to watch the show for more details.”
    Ekta, we wish you luck for this new role…

  24. Romi

    In her last days at rathi house sandya was constantly asking suraj ji for a daughter ? at that time it was looking foolish bcoz she was going for a mission and was impossible but now it looks to me that lalima will marry suraj and will give birth to a baby girl but will loose her life during delivery! Then sandya will come and will become the mum for the newborn!!!!!!! After that bhabo will accept her back in to the rathi house ☺️ Please guys don’t get angry its just my thinking! I wish it not happened ?

    • NS4

      Don’t think about it…. may be it happens or not happen…we have to accept it… so don’t worry about
      I was already decided …. i will watch the show..But if the marriage drama come true.. i will end watching DABH..
      Becoz there will be no meaning for the title DABH that what they have show from the 1st episode
      if they justify the sooraj marriage drama also it will be no use after damaging the charm of the show and spoiling its title DABH
      so i was ready for anything happen

      Note: what they(Director & story wrtter) have decided… they will show that only…so we can’t expect anything it.
      we can do only onething…………….. think positive and wish for positive

      • ANU

        Ya true Say @ns4 i am also decided same only…i am really disappoint abt sooraj 2 nd marri

        i hope it is not happen . hope for the best the director and writer they will not disappoint like this. see wt happend…..

  25. NS4

    How can bhabu behave like this…if she like anyone..then she can do anything to grab them.

    See how bhabu pointed on lamlima’s weak point of lord shiva…to complete her wish
    such a stupid thing….you think about your son nly…not about others

  26. NS4

    i think today they will show Narayani Devi love story…..

    Guys don’t feel anything wrong…..i have a doubt that Narayani devi has drunk(village saraba)

    • ANU

      Nothing new ……actually sandhya dream dekh thi hai sooraj kha 2nd marri ke bareme.

      aur sooraj kha vaada yaad karthi hai abt 2nd marriage…. and she will think sooraj ji mujhe diye huve vaada nahi thodenge abt 2 nd marriage…

      In promo……….

  27. NS4

    Still one hour and 20 mints left for today episode..

    waiting for Sandhya and Narayani Devi scence’s …don’t want that bhabu hell

  28. ANU

    bhaboo i dont want to see ur hell engagement issue….. lalimaa is not born for sooraj when u will realise this only ghat band lho bhaboo sandy sooraj ek doosre khe liye bane….

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