Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj and Sandhya coming to know that the boy who hugged her is Vansh. They take the student kid for Ved from the counter. Ved says he will see. Sooraj says fine, but stay here. Sandhya and Sooraj have a talk that he knows Ved better than her. Ved pushes the skates and Vansh falls. He says I m Ved Rathi, this is my skate, I took admission in this school. He says he will take coaching and show better skating. Vansh says he will complain to principal and they fight. They see Ved and Vansh fighting.

Sandhya asks Vansh is he hurt. He says no. Sooraj asks Ved to say sorry. They are shocked to see Ankur and Ankita, as Vansh’s parents. Sooraj says our son Vansh. Vansh complains them about Ved. Sandhya cries. Ankur says the one you don’t know, don’t talk to them.

He takes Vansh and leaves. Ved says he did not push intentionally. Sooraj says I know, its fine and hugs him. Sandhya recalls in FB how they lost Vansh. Ankur tells Sandhya that Bhabho has Ved, not Vansh, when she had to save one baby from two, she saved her baby.

Sandhya asks how can he think this, Vansh is her baby too, both are her sons, how will she differentiate. Ankur scolds her and says they are your babies even today, Sooraj became great by giving baby legally, but even then they have right on babies. Bhabho asks how can he say this, Sandhya is the mother, they have done a big thing, you should be thankful to them. Kohli comes and says they got Vansh back, the man jumped with him, but Vansh stuck to a tree, he is fine, come and see. They all get glad and go to see Vansh.

Sandhya takes Vansh before Ankita and shows Sooraj. Ankur and Ankita cry. Sandhya gives Vansh to Ankita and asks her to take care of her son. Ankur says he is not ours fully, you hugged him first, if he was ours, we should get this right first, till when will this go on, and Bhabho you told me that takers hand should be lower than givers. He says if you give anyone, then you can’t take it back, and you both can’t have double relations. Sandhya reminds how Sooraj took care of Bulbul and defends him.

She says its your fear, you would have never done this. Ankur says he thought what he has to do, and breaks all relations with them. He says Sandhya is not my sister and you don’t have any right on Vansh, we will go far from you all and we will not have any contact. He says you all are strangers. Sandhya says how can he do this, even Lord can’t break relation of baby with parents. Ankur says he is legal father of the baby. Ankita cries. Ankur says come and takes her and Vansh.

They come home. Ved says he got the admission. Mohit says he recalls Vansh seeing Ved. Sooraj tells Sandhya that he did not expect Ankur to break relations, but they are happy seeing their son Vansh today. Bhabho says they are very sad, Ankur has hurt them a lot, don’t know where he took Vansh. She says he is our grandson. Ved says he got admission, and Sandhya has done it. They smile and miss Vansh.

Sooraj says Ved told me that Vansh does good skating, he went on me. She says yes. He says its good Ved took us there and see they are in same school, I will go to drop Ved and see Vansh. Misri wears saree and shows the ladies. The lady says she did not like it. Misri thinks to sell the same saree which she disliked. She does not show the saree and asks the man to hide it, its called on special demand. The lady buys the saree and Misri fools her well.

Ankita says Ved and Vansh will be in same school. Ankur says we will not tell Vansh that we had any relation with Rathi family. He says Vansh should come home directly from school and not meet Ved much. Ankita says Ved is such sweet boy right. Sandhya says Vansh got good values. Sooraj says he helps everyone. She says he went on you. Bhabho asks who. She says Ved went on you, he will be good valued and helpful, send Misri home now, she is at shop, Ved wants to give them good news. She leaves. Sooraj tells Sandhya that Bhabho does not know this, she will be hurt, I don’t want her to know this.

The kids wish best of luck to Ved for his first day of school and not lose to Vansh. Ved says I will not leave that Vansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How dare this ankur and ankitha can get angry and speak about sooraj and sandhya.
    In upcoming episode I expect sandhya and sooraj should get back their vansh.

  2. finally vansh is with ankur and ankita.waise bein what can we expect form beganing bhi ankur did the same thing by making married and went to forgine again now same thing snached vansh form sandy and suraj.ankur is totally a selfish rude.waise ankur whatever u do one day maa aur beta will come close at any cost.and ah sandy is right ki what suraj did by his own child to u.that u will never can by u.ankur should same on u.bullshit.

  3. Misri is nice. but when Minakshi come ?

  4. huh stupid ankur …he has got no respect for te one who made them parents once again….
    he gonna repent in course of time

  5. I expected and liked this very much. One-day or other both children will become friends and reunit the family. isn’t It?

  6. Nice to see, Vansh life was not spoiled.

  7. I think the show took only 6 year leap as Ved’s admission is done in 1st standard,Mohit left home b4 6 years & while Bhabho talk to Sandhya,she also told abt a 6 year.Transalator might be mistaken as she told there was 10 year leap.Someone blamed Sandhya in his/her comment tat she didn’t sent Ved to school.Bt it is clearly said in Ved Suraj conversation by Ved complaining his school don’t hav skating rink.

  8. wr d hell did that menakshi,vikram went?

  9. Foolish parents koi apne child ko dan mein deta hai kya. Y god gave them 2 they don deserve 1 also

  10. Not surprised to ankur’s language. At first, he almost spoiles own sister’s life, now going to spoil Vansh life for giving high class culture & narrow mindness.

    Hope in future, Vansh will back in Rathi house.

  11. Ankur is not a human being.Sandhya should hav killed him even when he tried to seperate Sooraj & Sandhya

    1. Sandhya is strong lady ..but when it comes to relations. . She is the most weak lady in whole world….

  12. This is wat I expect for sandhya and Sooraj. They reserve these words from ankur. ..Becoz of their blind love. ..
    Day by day show going so stupid

  13. I think so sooraj and sandhya can apply case on ankur to get back their vansh.though they have given adoption paper to ankur.

  14. I would be happy if vansh had grown in other’s house rather than ankur’s house.
    I am surprised how this vansh is alive though growing with bulbul.she would have killed vansh.

  15. Now wait only Minakshi & Vikram’s re-entry .

  16. Arey yar…
    Where is meenakshi. .. she is the right person for ankur and ankitha as well as bulbul…

  17. It’s all sooraj’s fault.he only showed mercy on bulbul and given baby to them.then he didn’t allow sandhya to take back vansh while she was about to grab vansh from ankur.stupid sooraj.

  18. Guys meenatchi is preganant in real life so it wil take tym fr her 2 cum
    And even im missing her…hope ahe cums back and shouts at ankur and ankita…y grown up bulbul is not shown

    1. last Friday , Kanika Maheswari births a son.

      I think after 3-4 weeks, Minakshi will back on story.


  20. Omg blo*dy Ankur, dats the height of selfishness, I dnt think any sister deserves a brother like this. He really played a game with his own sister.

  21. Serial getting interesting.. it was interesting to bring the twist tt Vansh was with tt Ankur and family. What disgust me is Ankur’s character. Firstly, he was a horrid brother who disregarded his sis future. Luckily, Sandhya got Sooraj. Next, he is so ungrateful to his sis and bil who gave him their child. Sooraj and Sandhya deserve it for making such a stupid decision for the idiot Bulbul. Gdness I hope they get Vansh back. Director together with the interesting plots and child artist performances pls also show some Sooraj Sandhya chemistry/romance which is the essense of DABH..

  22. Vansh sacrifices own life for own brother. He is living with selfish father & mother for Sooraj’s stupid decison.

  23. Its true that before marraige gents are free minded.After marraige & before become father he takes some decision, using own mind. But becoming father, he always becomes Wife’s servant.

    Sooraj proves all statement.

  24. Full week episodes I was watching today on TV. nice but where’s Chavi?

  25. f**king harddd………

  26. Ankur has been mean and selfish from begining…He does not know value of Rakshabandan.
    He was not able to answer Sandhya if he could have given away his own baby as they did…
    Directors don’t drag this, quickly show that Vansh will know that Sandhya and Sooraj are his real parents from BULBUL because now shehates him because her parents love him more than her….

  27. What kind of woman is Ankita??
    How can she such stuff, makers show that Ankur, Ankita and bulbul die in accident and on death bed they hand over vansh to his real parents

    1. Thats a good idea @Pp………….
      But Director won’t accept this type of shortcuts ……..he need 10-20 years continues story lines

  28. No where will happen like this. This is so stupid, already amkita and ankur yave child then why do they expect to get baby from sandhya and sooraj. Sandy has the full rights. Why dragging theshow with this stupid track. Nowadays hateto see the show. Please change the track

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