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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandu telling Manjari that commander has some big work, the best of Garana soldiers will go for this work. Manjari says she will choose the best. Sandhya says she is good for this mission, she can choose her, whats this mission. Manjari says you don’t have right to ask, talk when I ask you anything. Sandhya falls in her feet and asks her to give her one chance, she wants to do something and show them. Manjari says leave me. Sandhya asks Shekhar to give her chance to test herself, and permit her to go on mission. Manjari says its not fools’ fair, its mission. Sandhya requests her. Chandu comes to fellow Garjana member. He says he can’t effort that loss. Sandhya thinks maybe she can find about mission after following them, looks like changing water made their mission

at loss. She thinks to know about that man.

Bhabho talks to Chavi and says her brothers were upset till they got rakhi, and asks her to take care, call on time. Misri says she has sent rakhi for Vansh. Bhabho asks them to start the ritual. Misri ties rakhi to Golu and says he changed by staying in hostel. Golu says he had fun even there. Pari ties rakhi to Ved and Golu. Meenakshi gives gifts to girls from Golu’s side. Ved thinks what will he give the sisters, as Sandhya used to bring gifts. Sooraj stops Bhabho and says Lalima kept gifts from Ved’s side and goes to get it.

Lalima comes and Meenakshi asks her did she tie rakhi to Sooraj. Lalima looks for Sooraj. Meenakshi says Sooraj went to get gifts from room. Sooraj looks for the gifts and shouts on not find Sandhya’s clothes and things. Mohit and Meenakshi sign and smile. Bhabho goes there and asks what happened. Sooraj says who took Sandhya’s clothes and bangles, I kept it there, Bhabho says it will be here, don’t worry. Someone knocks the door. Mohit says he will see who came. She asks Meenakshi did she do this. Meenakshi says no, I m not so bad.

Bhabho asks Sooraj not to worry. Mohit tells Bhabho that ashram lady came to thank as someone donated clothes and bangles from our house, she gave this receipt and it has donator’s details. Sooraj checks the paper and Bhabho scolds Meenakshi. Sooraj gets shocked and cries seeing Lalima. Meenakshi takes it and asks Mohit to read and say whose name is written. Mohit says Lalima Agarwal. Lalima gets shocked.

Sandhya comes to Narayani’s place and looks on. Chandu asks Narayani what happened to him. Narayani says his stomach got bad. Chandu says we got mineral water and good food for them. Narayani says foreigner is sensitive, he will be fine by kada. Sandhya thinks who is this man, I did not see him before, maybe he has imp role in Garjana’s mission, so Shekhar is worried. Chandu asks Narayani to see to it that no one sees this man. Sandhya thinks to find out details.

Meenakshi scolds Lalima and asks why did she do this, does she know value of these clothes. Lalima says this is lie, I don’t know anything. Meenakshi confronts her. Lalima cries and says I did not give Sandhya’s things, if Sooraj feels that she wants to take Sandhya’s place, he can tell her once and she will leave from this house. Sooraj turns. Meenakshi says Sooraj does not want Lalima to stay in this house and asks her to go. Lalima cries and leaves. Meenakshi says strangers are strangers, don’t worry, Bhabho will get all the items, I can’t see Sooraj’s state and cries. Babasa tells Sooraj that everything will be fine.

Sooraj stops Lalima saying she can’t leave him and go, why is she going, he trusts her, she can’t give Sandhya’s belongings. Meenakshi says Sooraj has seen Lalima’s name and still stopping her. Sooraj says he don’t believe that paper, he hears his heart, Lalima risked her life to get Sandhya’s pic from the well, how can she do this. He says I trust Lalima completely, she can never do this. Mohit says strange. Sooraj reminds Lalima her promise that she won’t go leaving her till they find Sandhya. Meenakshi says she insulted Lalima and now Lalima will go. Lalima says I m sorry Sooraj, I did not forget my promise, I will stay here till we get Sandhya. He asks her to promise. She holds his hand and promises. He holds her hand and brings her inside home. Bin phere hum tere………………plays………….. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to say something.

Chandu’s men take the foreigner from Narayani’s house. Sandhya follows them. She thinks where are they taking the foreigner in jungle. She thinks she can reach their mission by following them. The men leave the foreigner near the river. Sandhya thinks why did they leave this man here alone, I have to follow this man to know more, this man knows everything about Garjana’s master plan, I can make him speak out everything. She crosses the river to follow that man. The man turns and she hides. He goes inside the jungle. She loses track of him and looks for him. She thinks how did the foreigner disappear suddenly.

The foreigner goes in some secret passage. She sees some green rocks and asks the boy. He says the stones are found where no one is allowed to go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass.superb episode BT only Sandhya’s part.???

  1. nicee episode……….

    1. Nice one. Finally at least they show chavi’s call. As well as vansh rakhi. Finally we see raksha bandan scene. Nice one. ???

  2. Nice episode and exiting to watch the tomorrow episode

    1. Me too wating for tomorrow interesting episode. Hope they give more shocking track which we can’t thought. Hope this happened.??????

  3. Trp 3.1(3.3)its going down no one is interested in seeing lalima

    1. Trp dosent matter for me. For me dabh is always top one position. Plz u guys also nt give more interested in trp. Thanks amena for fast updating.???????? bt I dnt like that u guys r give so much important to that selly trp.??? so disappoint with this.??

  4. Nce episode? waiting for DABH spoiler alert please add the spoiler alert pleaseee!!!!

    1. Plz sorry for BT plz dnt ask any spoiler news. Bcoz in starting if we know what happened in the show then why we see the serial. I know bcoz my this cmts u guys get more hurt. So once again I say sorry and please dnt ask or dnt post upcoming twist. Bcoz of spoiler alert our interest get low. Hope u understand.????
      Sorry once again.?????

  5. All the tricks of Meena did not work out to send Lalima out? Varsha, Who is the foriegner and when and how did he come to Garjana?

    1. Actually that foreigner is that person which shekhar give that chip on that foreigner. And this foreigner is very important for there mission. Bcoz that foreigner only know how to use that chip on there mission. This scene they show on that officer agrima Singh before death part. If u remember that scene when agrima Singh say that she was nt shock when she see that foreigner. She is shock by that our own people do this rabish plan. Hope u understand now.????

      1. Thank you Varsha, for your explanation. As I’m not well versed in Hindi I was too confounded at times. Moreover Manjari some other language which is greek to me. Id it Bengali?

  6. when will MM ending? really it is boring now

  7. Finally sandhya get know that mineral water is for that foreigner. For garjna sanghtna that foreigner is very important bcoz that foreigner help garjna sanghtna for using that chip. So that’s why they much take care of that foreigner.if any can happened with that foreigner then they plan get fail. ???

  8. As usual nice episode……thanks amena

    1. Hope we see sandhya’s scene in upcoming episodes. Wating for that more suspense As well as shocking track ??????

  9. Finally raksha bandhan scene is nice ……bt sooraj tension as usual feel sad….

    1. Ya so many days what we wating for that scene as well as they ful fill our feelings what we want at least they talk abt chavi and vansh. That they do today. Happy. Again I thought that happened.??????

  10. Which i thought that happened. Suraj shout bcoz he can’t see sandhya’s cloth in there cupberd. Minakshi and mohit do all with full planning. ????

    1. Bt unfortunately suraj more trust on lalima nt his family. Nice one. Bt I dnt like that suraj hold lalima’s hand. Hate that scene. ?????

  11. Now we see bhaboo vs lalima. After this drama. Hope that Minakshi and mohit always fill bhaboo’s hear against lalima. That time we see bhaboo vs lalima war. Bcoz bhaboo also see that suraj trust lalima more. ???

  12. Another which place that foreigner go. That was mystery. Wating of tomorrow episode to reveal that mystery place. ???

    1. are yaar itna jaldi revel nahi karega……..i think it show tomm ending …coz day afer tomm sat…

  13. As usual full suspense Precap. May be that stone is bomb. Hope my this thought also come true just like my before thought come true. ???

  14. Very interesting episodes they show now a days. Hope they show this kind of scene in future also. ??????

  15. Thanks Tooo updeting episode…nice episode……

  16. What the heel yaar suuraj lalimaa ka hath kaisa pakad saktha hai?????????i hate that scene…..

  17. oooo scene phe back ground song bhi i hate that scene lalima kho trust kiya vaha tak thik hai….but dabh team wy u r putting this nonsense between lalimaa- sooraj…plz by god sake dont do this……..plz show only friendship….plz

  18. If anyone dnt like this show then plz dnt watch or cmt on this page. Which people use bad words against our fav show that people also watch this episode. It means they also fan of our show. One more thing that that people want attentions frm us means they want that we recmts of there cmts.??? That’s why they writer this kind of bad words. Plz ignore that people. That was there opinion .it’s k. they do there work we do our work. And our work is we didn’t recmts on there cmts. That’s it. Hear we are nt able to give any explation abt our show to that kind of people.??? We know na dabh is what is for us. Then we dnt mind what people say. We just enjoy our show and my cmts.???? (sorry for hear I use only my cmts nt our. Bt I just giding. We all miss all guys lovely cmts which people do when they get time.) Thank you guys u love to read my cmts. And u daily cmts.?????
    Sorry for hurting u. Bt this my opinion .now u guys decide what to do. ????

  19. i know chandu itna jaldi sandhya pe trust nahi karega kuch na kuch phir se test karega………sandhya be aware………..

    1. ya. right chandu take one more test…hope they show like this that again he give sandhya test…..then it be rockkkkkk

  20. All episodes are very intresting ….as well as sandhya and suraj….bt in rathi family some scenes are i hate………are mohit kho tho jungle me phek dena chahiye….

    1. i also hate suraj and lalima close scene…..some one kill that idot mohit….or give punsihment then he at least give respect to his wife emli…..sandhya scence was awesom…. in my style ek dam zakaassssssssssssssssss…..hope we see like this shocking tracks………

  21. actually suraj is in different state he dont know wt he is doing ….only he think lalima sandhya kho dood khe nikalegi ……………..sandhya khe liye ooo accept karahai…

    1. yes…. suraj only trust lalima…….. bcoz he thought that lalima is sandhya’s friend….so thats why he trust lalima more… bcoz only lalima give promise to suraj that she bring sandhya in suraj life,,,,,so thats why suraj behave like this… plz dnt show suraj and lalima so close… i dnt like that……

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    guys check this i dont care phir bhi aap logo khe liye….

  23. I think star plus serials dABH is in 2 nd position….it always rocks…. 🙂

    1. right in star plus DABH in 2 position….. and in compair to other serial DABH is 4 position…… bt for us DABH is 1 position…………DABH alwyes rockkkkkkkkkkk…

  24. Surya u guys r awsome……u rookkkkkkkkkkkkkk….:ar!:ar!:ar!\m/\m/@):[email protected]):[email protected]):-:D:D:D:D

  25. Thanks anu ……but u don’t worry jaldi hi dabh 1position pe hoga u d.,t wory……….

  26. Awesome episode !!! Full of suspense don’t know agey Kiya hoga !! It seems that if that foreigner is suffuring with diarrhoea ? he drank that river water? sandya hats off to you ??? you are so intelligent !! M proud of you ! Just go and kick that foreigner out of this world.

    1. right… by day they give more suspence.. they nicely show that village scene………. i like that sandhya’s scence very much…… her expression was awesome…….. definatlly sandhya do something with that forginer……. wating for that scence when sandhya catch that forigerner……

  27. Nice episode. Dabh rocks.

  28. Dabh rocks. Thanks to all spl @varsha for ur comments as i missed today’s episode. You explain in good manner.

    1. Its my duty dear…. i like that u gyus love my cmts….this is the big thing for me….thanks all my friends…….day by day it get much exicted to watch next episodes……

  29. y they r creating suraj and lalima relationship strong…bg song is so over….pls dnt make suraj and lalima close each other no one cn replace sandy 4 suraj…

  30. Poor Ved seems so utterley confused by what is going on around him in his own household.

    Mohit and Meenakshi should be kicked out bodily by Bhabho and Vikram for getting together and doing underhand crooked things. They should be caught and thrown out of the house.

    Ved needs to be united with his mom – awaiting this happy episode in anticipation

  31. DABH off screen masti pics….×720-K9D.jpg&imgrefurl=×720-SDe.jpg&imgrefurl=

    Hope u enjoy this Funny pics……..

  32. Only suraj and sandhya pics…….×588/web2images/

    Hope u like this…

  33. old pics of DABH….. Hope u enjoy….×768/291410-sumeet-mittal-with-the-team-of-diya-aur-baati-at-sumeet-birthday-on-th.jpg&imgrefurl=×0/166039-anas-rashid-and-deepika-in-diya-aur-baati-hum.jpg&imgrefurl=×1024/262830-diya-aur-baati-hum.jpg&imgrefurl= (My most fav pic)×588/web2images/

    Hope u like this ……………

    1. I’ve one doubt where is real sagarika and her father..r they showned or not plz clarify my doubt?

      1. sagrika was a police setting all fake they might have bribed ppl or convinced them to say about sagarika that she is living there long etc……..or may b all cops in that srea for sake of the mission but as such nothing is shown about real sagarika and her family…………. lol hope ur doubt cleared and frndssplss add on to my info if m wrong………

  34. Stupid serial stupid bah a stupid santhaya stupid menakshi pasta nahi ye serial kam end ho ga hope k ye serial jald end ho jaye air dabh kabhi trip me 1par name aye

  35. good noon guyss……….were iss kaju??? well hoping for a funny manjiri drama today lol manjiri

    1. Hi…. good evening guys!!!!!!!! sorry my comments r missing today i gone out today waiting for today episode …[email protected] u post pics……its very nice i really enjoyed……@ns4 how u r feeling now …[email protected] all of u my frnz @varsha @romi @ns4 @[email protected] @lav dabh……….& all ………………………hope all of u r waiting for today suspense episode……me also …………..waitinggggggggg

      1. hello anu yess m also waitingg forr todays suspence

      2. Yes I’m very impatient for to day’s epi
        Wanna see what sandya does with that vedaishI stupid terrorist
        I know sandya will beat his band???

  36. @ anu ns4 chk messg

  37. Hi …..good evening guys!!!!!!!!!sorry my comments r missing today i gone out today……………waiting for today suspense episode………@varsha u post pics naa ….its very nice……….i really enjoyed………….Hi to all my frnz…[email protected] romi ns4 richa dharani lav dabh and all………all of u waiting for today suspense episode ………… tooo waitingggggggggg

    sorry guys in previous comment email id i wrote wrong………….

  38. Today @ns4 comment is missing… more hr left to see today episode…. 🙂

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