Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj plucking the herbs and recalling Sandhya’s words. He says I will free you, this is my promise. Commander tells Shekhar that its time they will attack govt, no one can stop this missile. The foreigner says two people can stop this missile, one who has remote and one whose hand has the power to stop this. Shekhar tells this to commander. Commander says he forgot to tell his name. Shekhar says don’t worry, Sandhya can’t do anything. He sets the time and tells commander that 2nd October will ruin Indian govt, everyone will have fear of Garjana, Indian govt will be helpless to bend on their knees, it will be end of their mission mahabali, its just 16 hours now, no one can stop this.

Sandhya wishes Sooraj succeeds, she has to stop the nuclear bomb in any

way. Bharat goes to the lockup and gets security check. Ved asks Bhabho when will his mum come. Bhabho tells about Dushera, where Ram ji freed Sita from Raavan. She tells the story behind Diwali. Ved says Papa will get mumma and we will celebrate Diwali. Emily says Bhabho has started preparing for it, and they pack Sandhya’s clothes in the trunk. Bhabho says this box can’t have more items and removes the medals. She says if a thing gets away, another thing takes its place.

Sooraj makes the sweets. He keeps those leaves under the cloth and asks the men what are they doing here. He asks them to go out. Shekhar asks why to go out, you have many rules. Sooraj says every job can has rules. Shekhar says yes, our drama group also has rules and asks the men to go out, its big Garjana celebration. He asks Sooraj what is he making. Sooraj thinks if Shekhar sees these leaves, my plan will flop and coughs. Shekhar says you are working hard, and gives him water to drink.

Sooraj says he has taken food, he does not want cold water. Shekhar says fine, show me what are you making. Sooraj stops him and says your hands will get dirty, I will show. He shows the jalebis, laddoos, sweets. Shekhar asks him to show the other plate. Sooraj says it has dry fruits. Shekhar says just show it. Sooraj gets tensed and Chote Raja comes to call Shekhar. Shekhar asks him to go. Chote Raja takes him and looks at Sooraj. Sooraj sees the leaves.

Meenakshi talks to Bhabho and acts sweet. Bhabho asks her to clean the store room. A man comes and tells Bhabho about Meenakshi giving less fare and bad note. Meenakshi gives the fare and sends him.

Mohit says she will never change. Bhabho understands and says I know you well, what will your kids learn. Meenakshi cries and says she went to see movie, she did not lie big like Sandhya, she acted like she died and Sooraj was unwell for months, he was going to mental hospital. Lalima saved him, and now you are welcoming her. Meenakshi says don’t feel bad, but you are biased towards bahus.

Sooraj brings sweets and asks when will the dance start. The man say halwai is waiting to see dancer. A man asks for sweets. Sooraj thinks if this man eats sweets, they all will know it has leaves added in it. Sooraj stops him and says he has to keep bhog first. Sooraj asks for dancer and the man says he does not know, she may be getting ready. The Garjana men talk about wine and Shekhar said they can’t drink till the work is done. They plan to make Sandhya drink wine and laugh saying how she danced last time after drinking. Sooraj hears them and gets angry. He thinks they want to make fun of Sandhya, she has to be in senses, as she has much things to go, I have to stop Sandhya from drinking wine. The men take the wine and drop the pipe inside the wall. Sooraj looks on.

Sooraj sees all the men unconscious and runs to Sandhya. He gets shocked seeing the wall broken down and Sandhya not inside. He shouts Sandhya….

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. richa

    dunno wat’s in bhabho’s mind one side she is making all happy nd giving hope to acceptance to sandy’s return on other side she’s signalling indirectly that she won’t accept her…. wish she have bomb impact & loose memory…….

      • Darth Vadar

        then why is she packing away all her stuff ?

        she will not accept her back – she has failed in her duty to support the family. she has put the orders of the corrupt government before her family, for that, she will not be accepted back into any family.

        she might as well join ISIS !!

  2. richa

    heyy!!!!! they talked about dusshera plsss dabh team don’t dragggg till dussera……………….. a rubberband can be streached to an xtenct it breaks if streached after limits soo if ur trp inc by this trak well nd good butt dont justtest the veiwers if it can inc trp thn prolongment of it can decrease…………….

    • Varsha

      Bt if they drag this up to dushera that was nice… Bcoz this is the best date bcoz in this day right win on wrong … So this day is good day to mission this track… I like this…..hope they show this….??????
      Sorry I know for my this cmts guys ur feelings hurt… So sorry if possible then forgive me…???

  3. Jeyam

    Shekar has set 16 hrs for the launch of the missile. That means another 16 episodes will take place for the completion of the mission Mahabali. So the story will take a long way .

  4. richa

    nycto see chote raja helping sooraj always he is v clever baccha hone k bavajood awsm…….. he is supporting his enemies but supporting good…………….well atleast he can distinguish good n evil……………. i think sajni told him alll and thn went…………..

    • Varsha

      Hope so… He also see love in sandhya’s eye for him… He also very attach to sandhya frm first meeting… Bcoz for him sandhya is like his mother… So that’s why he do that to save sandhya… Bcoz he loss his mother… He know Sandhya is very nice…?????????

      • Darth Vadar

        he is doing this as payback for Sandhya saving his life.

        if Shekhar had saved him, then he would be helping him more.


        …..history is written by the winners of wars

  5. richa

    ok a prediction: bhabho pak sandy belonging & wen she cm she do drama that l& s r married & she shud leave.sandy leave & take ved nd c.raja nd bhabho frown nd get attack … :p lol srry if rude or hurt

  6. anu

    see guys on that hijak time sooraj ne sandhya kho ghar se bahar nikaldiya ab bhaboo prepare kare rahi hai may be. this is my guess

    bhaboo is thinking sandhya kho sooraj khe life me se nikal khe lalima kho ghar lane khi plan kari may be

    Rathi parivaar sudrenge nahi. so sad for sandhya. how much struggels she wt to face.

  7. anu

    DABH team dont show rathi family scenes plz our mood will upset. plz show mission scene’s nd action scene’s sooraj sandhya emotional scenes plz for god sake

  8. Xxxxx

    Oh! What a hell with this Bhabhoo. She never changes. I think she had planned to
    bring Lalima in Suraj’s life. What does that statement mean– If a thing goes away
    another thing takes its place. How dare she treats Sandy as a thing. This Garjana
    people should trap Bhaboo instead of Sandy. Only then she realizes about Sandy.
    If she gets troubled only she understands others pain. very very very selfish. Earlier
    I thought Sooraj should not fade away. But now I think He should get separated from
    Bhaboo and lead a peaceful life along with Sandy and their twins.

  9. AD

    Nice Episode.
    I think Sandhya know that her hands have the power to stop the missile.
    Plz end this mission happily without killing either Sooraj or Sandhya.
    Waiting eagerly to see the end of Mission Mahabali.

  10. AD

    Is Himanshu alive?If so,where is he?
    Who broke that wall & took Sandhya?
    a)Chore Raja
    c)Bharat & team
    e)Sandhya herself escaped
    f)None of the Above

    • NS4

      @richa: Yeah “precap scenes” they show on monday…but..that to end of episode…..i think there will be a dance performance in monday episode…. so at the they show…garjana people gone unconsious and sooraj see sandhya missing….

  11. rekha

    Nyc episode. I cant wait ad iam very eager to see sandhya and suraj along with indian army killing garjana men and uniting with rathi parivar before diwalli

  12. Varsha

    Wowwwww in starting they show suraj and sandhya dream scene when suraj take that leaves which sandhya told suraj to put in ur sweet and give them to village people…????????

  13. AD

    In an earlier spoiler they said after a big fight between Sandhya & Himanshu,Sooraj Sandhya reunite.
    But now they are saying Sooraj will die.
    Hope Sooraj won’t die.

  14. Varsha

    Nice to see emali back…. When bhaboo bring sandhya’s cloth that time ved come and when he see sandhya’s colth that time smile ??come in ved’s face… That part was nice…???

    • Varsha

      Bt suddenly she remove sandhya’s trophy as well as medal… That part was bad….how can bhaboo do this in front of ved…. ????

    • Varsha

      It’s so bad…. That part how ved look sad…. In front of him bhaboo insert his mother… And he can’t do anything…????

    • Varsha

      Bcoz he is kid… Ved is restless on that moment… So sad to see like this… Can’t see ved like this…. Can’t stop my tears on that part…????

  15. Varsha

    Minakshi funny part was nice… When he come and say bhaboo that u always did all work alone… U at least wait for me then I also help u for ur work…?????

    • Varsha

      And then bhaboo give replay that for u I nt clean that store room.. U go and clean that room… That part Minakshi expression was superb… Lol?????

    • Varsha

      That part also nice that she say all ladies see so many saari bt only take 3 saari that’s why she come late…..????

    • Varsha

      Bt that part was bad when Minakshi say that sandhya also lie so much bt u can’t say anything…. If I do this then so much u angery me…. Hate that scene…????

  16. Honana

    this bhanho will never change..she tried to get Sooraj mrd to Lalitha..but wht happened Sooraj hated her…n again she’s thinking in the same way….she’s such an idiotic person….

  17. Honana

    Ok she z blaming sandy for preferin duty than family…then wht is she’s doin….ha….does she thinks Sooraj is a kid or a toy…y is she after Sooraj to get mrd….

  18. Varsha

    Suraj bring that leaves… And that time that idiot chandu come to check that room… Idiot always come in wrong time…??????

    • Romi

      Yes @ varsha he is very irritating! All the time he is questioning! What he thinks of himself! I want to give him a big slap ??and a punch ??

  19. anu

    Actually i expected from that starting mm after sandy complete mm babhoo will not accept sandy bt in that time lalima is not there. now bhaboo is thinking abt lalima.

    at present bhaboo ka focus L & S phe hai

    oooo god aur kitna tension lena padega

  20. Romi

    Nice episode! Bhabo unknowingly said ved that his parents are coming in dushehra as Ram went to free Sita from the Raven ( sheker) bhabo is as usual in bad mood! Pls god give her akal! Sheker is in habit of day dreaming! He’s becoming overconfident and is the big cause of his failure!

    • Darth Vadar

      how did the family know that Sandhya is with the terrorists ?

      it can only be if the whole thing is a dream that bhaboo is having

  21. Varsha

    What that idiot people give drink ?? to sandhya… Definitely may be suraj or chandu come on time and save sandhya….????

    • Varsha

      May be they kill that foreigner also… Bcoz he can also stop that nuclear bomb… So that’s why they definitely kill that foreigner… It’s my thought..?????

    • Varsha

      Wating for Monday episode… ??
      May be Bharat sir free himanshu to reach sandhya… Bcoz if they free himanshu that time he go first to kill sandhya or to meet garjna sanghtna… So many they free himanshu… This is my thought… Hope this my thought come true…??????

    • Varsha

      And also I thought that chandu or himanshu take sandhya with them… Bcoz if Bharat sir free himanshu that time this happened… So if my above means my first thought come that time my this thought will come true….??????

    • Varsha

      Plz dnt reveal upcoming episodes twist… Plz its request… Sorry for saying this… ???i dnt like this….

  22. Priti

    I also agree that bharat will use Himansu to free sandhya…and bhabo will welcome sandhya with the condition that she will leave Ips duty that’s why she is removing medals…and sandhya will realise her hand power before 1 min of bomb blast =D

    • Darth Vadar

      sandhya to lose her hand over the bomb !

      cant wait to see this !!

      the remote is with the cart person. he will stop the bomb, and be the real hero !

      but everyone one knows that Shah Rukh Khan will come and kill the bad guys (be it the Indian Government officials or Garjana – or both)

  23. Why Baboo packing Sandhya clothes in a trunk? Does she planning to send her out and bringing lalima to home? Or planning to keep sandhya in another room and lalima in sooraj room? This is really bad

    • anu

      @luv dabh in my point of view bhaboo want to send him out. recall end of the hijak track. sooraj will send him out now babhoo’s time. always sandy will suffer with rathi family. they never change. at present in baboo mind sandhya is culprit. she is the responsible for sooraj condition. i think sandy kho bej khe lalima kho bahu khe roop me vapas ghar lana chahri hogi..lokesh will buy new sarees and bhaboo is preparing chunari and gold this things for lalima. we will see wt is the sooraj reaction for bhaboo.

      @varhsa ji bhaboo me itna positive positive thinking nahi hai. this is my opinion for selfish bhaboo guys dont mind

      Good morning too all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Darth Vadar

      She wants Lalima and Suraj to live together as husband and wife. it will become knowledge, that Suraj and Lalima were intimate when he thought she was Sandhya, now she is carrying his baby.

      Sandhya, in the eyes of the law is dead, therefore the marriage between her and Suraj is no more, so she has no legal right over him and the family.

      Personally, Lalima looks better than Sandhya, and maybe this is the plan to replace the main star with a better looking one

  24. @anu, u r right, bhabhoo is selfish always…
    @ anu, @ luvdabh, ur opinions are correct regarding bhabhoo will throw out Sandhya and bring lalima insyead as bahu…

  25. sim

    When chota raja was admitted in hospital . Sandhya and shekar gav an interview that this mission track wil end in 2 months. So it might end only in nov . And diwali is in second week of nov.

    • anu

      May be its true its ends in nov. bhaboo khi bakwas se acha mission dekh sakthe. chalo sooraj and sandhya kho ek saath tho dekh sakte.

      Mission khe badh bhi sandhya aur sooraj khi judai track chalega coz babhoo accept nahi karegi.

      sandhya and sooraj khe milan sooraj khe haath me hai. he can do it.

  26. anu

    we recall the hijak track sooraj sandhya kho bahar bej diya after that he realize abt sandhya. now same situation came bhaboo accept nahi karegi after that she realize may be.

    at last sooraj aur sandhya ka milan hoga but mujhe tension hai lalima khi bhaboo force karkhe sooraj kho manaliya tho wt happen???

    i trust sooraj and ved will not accept fot that.

    Dabh team we want mission m,ahabali happy ending with bharath sir

  27. i think sandhya ran by herself and she danced. himanshu may be free from the secret jail. now there will b interesting story. hope no one from sandhya, sooraj or bharat dies.

  28. ANU

    Good Morning frnz!!!!!!!!! chalo at last monday came. waiting for today episode. DABH team plz dont show rathi family bakwass.

    DABH always rockz

  29. Raj

    Hope that DABH may reveal today its suspense..lets see what happens because what we think it never happens 😛

  30. Hi frndz,
    Enjoy Mission Mahabali’s climax… will take max 6-8 episodes in diffusing bomb… so called Nuclear Missile.
    Next tract : Bhabhoo bali will take 8-10 episodes. Yeh 10 episode, bhabhoo will irritate us with the help of Lalima.
    But, on the auspicious day of Dusherra, SauYa will be together…

  31. Darth Vadar

    you will all have to wait for 16 hours – as the show is only 20 minutes long per day – 1 hour is 3 shows. therefore, that’s another 8 weeks until the bomb goes off !

    Cant wait for Emily and Zakir intimate moment – they are meant to be together – Mohit can go jump off a cliff.

    i would be good if Mohit is killed off as his character doesnt really do anything

  32. Hi @anu, and frndz.
    I wrote abt time periods on some facts.
    1) Deelika’s jungle diaries – an interview was published before a week, in which Deepika talks abt her Jungle shooting experiences… like phython, wolf… they were taking care… and she added that now Jungle shoot is over.

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