Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj saying his family is going through tough time, he is doing this to save his family, as he has no other option. Bhabho recalls whatever happened and gets sad. Lalima comes and asks Bhabho did she not get ready, they have to go for Karwachauth puja. Bhabho says I feel weak, body is breaking. Lalima asks what is she saying, you did not fall weak till now and will never fall weak, I m with you, get ready, this Karwachauth has no meaning without you. Lalima thinks today Sandhya will lose and I will win. She gets clothes from the cupboard and gives Bhabho. She says this lahenga will look good on you.

She acts sweet and says I have seen my parents in you, I want your love and blessings, rest is left on fate, don’t hurt yourself, if Sooraj gave place to Sandhya

in his life, so what, I have come in this house for Sooraj’s happiness, I will leave too, I will be happy seeing him happy with Sandhya, I request you not to hurt yourself, I can’t see you in this state. Bhabho cries and says I m human, my hands are tied, but Lord is seeing everything, whats right and whats wrong, I have full belief that Lord will do justice today, don’t worry, be happy. Sandhya hears them standing outside the room and cries.

Sandhya gets ready and recalls her marriage. Babasa comes to Sandhya. She says Ved and Sooraj are downstairs. He says listen to me, you are smart and mature, why are you hurting yourself, your husband is with you, whats more imp than this for a woman, we know your Bhabho is very stubborn, you understand this, don’t misunderstand my words, but my advice is you leave this house with Sooraj and Ved, settle somewhere far, I m hurt and can’t see this, you will be happy away from here.

She says my family does not complete with Sooraj and Ved, you all are also my family, how can I stay happy without your blessings, its not my pain, I can’t see Bhabho in this pain, I want my old happy family. He says I also want this, but this can’t happen. He blesses her and goes. The ladies dance in the Karwachauth function. Meenakshi feels hungry and asks Emily how can she stay hungry all day. Emily recalls Mohit and Komal, and says Lord gives strength with time.

Bhabho and Babasa come there. Sandhya says Bhabho…. Bhabho walks ahead. Meenakshi says Bhabho did not even see Sandhya. Kaki says its special Karwachauth, Sandhya has her husband’s love and Lalima has Bhabho’s Karwa, they both kept fast for Sooraj, lets see who celebrates Karwachauth with Sooraj. Meenakshi asks Vikram that its chance to dance, shall I make them against. She asks Emily to start the song. Emily and Meenakshi start singing Chanda itti arzi karde puri………. They dance with the ladies. Sooraj looks at Sandhya. They make Sandhya dance. Sandhya cries and sees Sooraj. Lalima dances too. Sandhya brings Emily for dance. Sandhya sings and holds Bhabho’s hand.

Meenakshi brings Sooraj to dance. Lalima sings for him. Sandhya and Lalima have a faceoff dance and sing to convey message to Sooraj. Lalima goes to Sooraj, while Sandhya tries to get Bhabho’s blessings. Sandhya cries requesting Bhabho. Lalima goes to Bhabho and holds her.

Meenakshi tells about the diya in Lalima’s plate, its blowing off. Sooraj covers the diya. Meenakshi says Bhabho is weakness for Sooraj, it means it worked, what about Sandhya now. Bhabho says I will break Sooraj’s wife fast by my hands today. Sandhya cries. Bhabho takes the Karwa to make Lalima drink water from the pot. Someone comes there and stops them. They all look on shocked.

The lady asks Bhabho her decision, who will be her eldest bahu. Bhabho lifts the ghunghat of her bahu and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The crook Lalima’s tricks and games seem to come to an end. The suspense is of course is thrilling.

    1. naaa i dont think so yet she will play till end….

  2. bbooo k aankh m aansooo OMG!!!

  3. Precap is interesting

  4. This track is bulls*** why doesn’t everyone watch gangaa on &tv instead?

  5. Suspense precap.
    I love Babasa.Your advice is not good as Sandhya can’t stay without you all.But it is absolutely right as Bhabho is doing not just injustice,but a big sin.
    Me too want what Babasa said.
    So sad for Sandhya & Emily.Plz end this bakwaas track.Expose Lalima soon.Plzzzz……
    This track is irritating.End this track.

    1. rytt mee 2 agreed wthh babasaaa iff sandyyy do dat bbooo willl learn a food lesson 🙂 anddi thinkk she was shoked bczzzzzz she saw loolimaa bhoot under veil 😛 ndd i thinkkk precap for thu

  6. will u plz stop this lalima track………y sandhya have to bear all these even she s a gem………….

  7. Lalima is the reason for baboo sadness and she is over acting in front of baboo.

    Babasa said very well. Waiting for tomorrow episode.

  8. Sooraj has not come out impressive in this episode as he did in the previous ones. Why this change of mind. Does he not have confidence in his love?
    Bhabhasa is the best. He has always been giving proper advice to Sooraj. I hope he does so this time also. But now I am bored of the track. Let it change.

  9. Lalima become blind in Sooraj love. Even if she realized don’t know whether baboo accept sandhya or not. In that case Emily should disclose about Mohit.

  10. who was in ghunghat laalima or sandhya I m waiting tomaro episode

  11. What s the meaning of ghunghat??? Can any1 pls give me the meaning????

    1. it mean veil

  12. Jab kisi girl Ki saree ya chunri se uska face cover karte h usse ghunghat kahte h

  13. getting fed up with lalima doesnt she understand she will never be Suraj
    wife .she intends to live her whole life as a virgin lol

  14. Basically in Rajasthan women’s has to cover their face with their saree in front of elders. This kind of veil is remarked as a sign of respect.

  15. Thank yu Richa for ur explaination.?

  16. i think in veil its sandhya yrr bhaboo inside love sandhya

  17. Varsha, NS4. Where are you? We are missing you. Please do comment.

    1. anuu tooo missing 😛

  18. Good news guys. This week Lalima track will end.

    1. cooolllll superr coool bravooooo aakhirr woh ajeebogreeb charecter gyaaa 😛

  19. The complete changeover of Lalima character seems to be artificial. She was portrayed as a good character in the beginning, now it is becoming worser than ever. She was the one who saved Suraj but now she has turned so mean. Hope they end this Lalima drama soon.

    1. Yes, you are correct The sudden change of the character of Lalima is unbelievable. In order to drag the story the director made her worse(not worser) than what we expected

  20. This show is such utter baqwas hai! Please start watching gangaa on channel &tv it is soo much better! everyone is entitled to there own opinion so no haters please!

  21. Hi deepkia I have an idea,think babase mother has come to stop boo from choosing Lalima and misbehaving with sandy-boo is terifffid of her. She will show loni the door and sandy /Sooraj reunite.

  22. I think its sandhya because she only wear tat shawl in yesterday episode…@luvDABH from where u got tis news definitely they end lalima episode tis week ah…so irritating lalima track pls end soon…

  23. One thing for sure. Bhabo does not learn from experience. Last year this time it was Prema against Meenakshi and she turned out to be a terrorist. This year it is Lalima against Sandhya. Also when it comes to her sons she forgets that the daughter-in-law is also daughter.

  24. Waiting for 2morrows episode.. ?getting fed up with lalima so drama

  25. Sandya’s expressions were superb, amazing and mind blowing! Perfect for the situation!

  26. hey wow super…. finally bhabho accepted our sandhya…today sbs they shown episode video…in tat bhabho speak 2 sandhya under her ghooghat…bhabho thinks its lalima…and praise abt sandhya she only the perfect bahu..4 rathi parivar…atlast she opens the ghooghat its our super upcoming scene…they hug eachother…

    1. cooolllo butt bbooo ko sabakkk milnaa chahiyeee thaa tagda waala 😛

    2. Wow, it’s really nice. That scene will be awesome.

  27. Sooraj brings Lalima to temple so that she can understand the reality and come to terms. Sooraj’s efforts are successful when Lalima accepts her crime infront of God when she sees the temple bell ringing and cries. She accepts that she is the one who conspired to separate Sooraj and Sandhya. Lalima has realized her mistake and thinks Shiv’s ji signed her that she is wrong. She accepts her crimes infront of God. She has decided not to come in between Sooraj and Sandhya and thinks to unite them.
    what kind of charecter lalima was????or is???? WTH iss thiss 1 side she is a pure god fearing woman and other she consppires 😛 i think she was a topic to extend d shw 😛

  28. please end this Lalima track soon….so irritating……….

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