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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho saying don’t know what problem will Sandhya create now. Sooraj says no, don’t doubt Sandhya, she has come to solve all problems. Riddhi comes wearing red clothes. Binny makes her wear ghunghat and does her aarti. Sandhya and Sooraj look on. Sandhya thinks Riddhi’s savings and dreams will be snatched. Sooraj stops Binny and says Riddhi’s savings are for her studies, she is a young girl, I mean if we give the chadava from her side, do you have any objection…..

Binny says even I told this to Riddhi, but she said she wants to give her hard earned savings to Devi. Riddhi says yes, I don’t want Mukeshwari to be annoyed with me. Bhabho asks shall we leave Riddhi to temple. Binny says yes, its tradition that everyone take patient to mountain and then patient

has to reach temple on own. She plays shank. Everyone chant mantras and take Riddhi. Bhabho says Sandhya and Sooraj will be here, I will go with Binny, you both won’t come along. She leaves. Sandhya cries. Riddhi is made to sit in the doli and is taken by villagers.

Maasa asks the man not to worry for money, can he stop machine sound. He says no, its not possible. She says fine and ends call. She looks at cupboard and recalls Emily’s words. She opens her cupboard and hears the sound. She opens the secret passage and goes in some room.

Sandhya says villagers will come back from mountain after leaving Riddhi, we can follow Riddhi, her life can be risk. She asks Sooraj to come. She says we will meet Ved once. He says I will see Ved, you prepare to leave. She says fine. Meenakshi says they took Riddhi as if taking any bride. She asks kids to sleep. Sooraj asks Meenakshi did kids sleep. She says yes, don’t worry. He goes. She sleeps. Ved opens eyes.

People get Riddhi’s doli to the mountain. Binny does her aarti. She asks her to have devotion and belief on Mukeshwari. She gives her savings box. Sandhya and Sooraj hide and look on. Riddhi goes ahead. The people take doli and leave. Bhabho and Binny leave as well. Sandhya says we should follow Riddhi now.

Chotu and Piya come home. Piya sees her bags and asks who got my bags here. Arzoo says I packed your bag, guests look good for few days, else they lose respect. Piya says you will lose from this house, you know Aryan got me here, we had lovely time on bike ride. Arzoo says I m Chotu’s wife, you are his past, I don’t want to know your past, I m his present, I m his wife. Piya reminds that marriage was just a compromise. Arzoo asks her to leave. Piya says you have to leave, I have come to take your place, I m his first love, person does not forget first love ever.

Arzoo challenges Piya to become Chotu’s wife from lover, becoming wife means becoming bahu. Piya accepts challenge and says I will manage Aryan and his family well, I have a condition, if I win, you have to return to Pakistan. Arzoo agrees and asks her to keep Chotu and everyone happy. she says if I see Chotu happy with you, I promise I will leave from his wife. Piya says great, better prepare to leave, very soon you will have to go from this house. Arzoo goes. She stops seeing Piya noting things for Aryan’s breakfast and leaves. Bhabho and Binny get shocked seeing pillow in Ved’s place.

Bhabho asks Golu to tell truth, where is Ved. Golu says Ved went to temple. They all get shocked. Ved falls down the cliff and the boy holds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice Episode.Lot of Mysteries.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    blo*dy Piya.Go to hell you dirty b*t*h.

  2. What happend to soorajs hotel and there are so many tracks remaining like sandhy and her brothers reunion and chotu was supposed to marry bulbul not arzoo and when will vedvansh meet and what about chavi and where is Mishri and what about zakir and emily when will the unite and emily and om cant be one becuse purvi is alive and I still dont understand how emily killed purvi because the driver was driving the taxi and what about emily and zakirs unknown child which zakir took after emily gave birth to it

  3. Nice episode without much dragging as they do usually.Arzoo’s track is getting fired.Hope they wont drag that too.Looking foreward to see more romance? bw sooraj ?n sandy also bw arzoo n ?aryan…and AD pls dont use unoffensive words..pls,aftrall tis is just a serial……sorry i’ve uttered smthing wrong☺

  4. I can’t wait to see wat in the temple n who is behind it

  5. i am only egar to know the mysteries
    and arzoo and chotu ka jodi nice not chotu and piya

  6. Like arzoo piya competition track.current track is so good.

  7. Guys..i would like to share some scenes which I love 2 see again and again.’s the list..?
    *sooraj and sandhya’first meeting at temple ?
    *sandy in blue gown ?at Singapore n Surya romance there?
    *sooraj asks for gift ?? 2 sandy after winning the cooking competition…..that episode was really fantastic
    *sandy ,after bhabho humiliated her ,decided 2 accept sooraj wholly. They we’re about 2 have a liplock.But how sooraj made her understand that it was secondary 2 him…?
    *Surya in rain after Emily bday party ?
    *All scenes which shows sooraj’s loving n caring heart for sandy??
    *Of course, the suhagrath scene with less intimacy ❤❤❤
    *Surya falling on the bed?
    *surya gets drained in water when sooraj was taking bath??
    *n maasa’s wedding ceremony? when Sandy was asked 2 bring curd,?Surya wil have a cute romance in the kitchen
    This is very small..there r many scenes like this ……if u all love this ?please reply me….i might have missed many of ur favourite scenes. …if I get good ? response I would like 2 continue this whenever I get time⌚…waiting for ur responses ☺??

  8. Aarzoo should have slapped Piya instantly on her cheek and kicked her out of the house as she has no right whatsoever to stay in that house.


    nice episode…………beautiful serial …………i agree with u hema ………one second congratulations to dabh team


    nice episodeeeeeeeeeeee……………i like to appreciate dabh team for having unique story …………now a days all serial in society showing only the love story but dabh is the only serial showing the power of women…………

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