Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kajiri telling that hand in hand makes relation strong & one woman seconds her by saying that the parents fulfill everything in childhood but why not when they choose their life partner. Thakur also seconds them by saying that they did the wrong thing till now on the name of religion & tells suraj that there will be no hurdle in momily marriage. Thanks kajs & sandy for making them realise. Thakur asks ems to provide her bhog Ems nods happily. Sandy asks maasa permission. Maasa accepts & ems falls at her feet & maasa asks her to fall at her feet like beendani. All are happy. Maasa hugs sandy. Bhabho Suraj & ems are happy. Maasa tells that she has achieved the mission impossible & tells that she has gained her confidence once again.

& as usual taunts bhabho that its her fortune that she has DIL like sandy & asks her to wake up smiling in the morning & look at somebody Everyone leave for maasa’s anniversary celeb.

Vikram meena & baby arrive. Someladies block them & ask them to inform bhabho. They wonder seeing the baby’s complexion. MEena tells that he is like bhabha & chaturi tells or else what if padosan(neighbor) Meena stops her to talk like that. Chaturi welcomes them with aarti. Meena asks vik whether he had informed bhabho. Vik tells that bhabho doesn’t pick up & wonders what is happenng there. Meena tells that today is last day of the challenge & blah blah expects bhabho to come & break the pot. Vikram advices her to think wise & teach wise things to baby too. Vikram asks chaturi to add haldi to the milk so that the boy looks good. MEena shakes her head.

Here maasa’s wedding take place. Maasa asks bhabho to fix the wedding date as soon as she reaches pushkar. Ems tells that there is no muhurat sstuff in her religion. MAasa wonders how this marriage would happen. Sandy interrupts by saying that the marriage will take place in both the ways. Everyone happy except bhabho. Chavi is excited. Bhabho tells this is not different but ackward. Maasa stops her that always she says something harsh. Maasa tells that she seconds sandy & its imp for ems parents too & not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Maasa tells she wants to see this marriage &tells that sandy willl take care of the wedding & tells sandy that this wedding should be a grand one & no one should criticise them.

break precap: Suraj is surper happy with the news of meena;s baby & lifts sandy on his arms & swirl around. Everyone incl SaRun MAasa looks at them. SurYa shocked. Bhabho stares.

Sandy tells that Bhabho takes care of her & meena like her daughter. Maasa tells that she is MIL of Bhabho & has the right to taunt bhabho & tells that she is always like that. Everyone happy. MAasa asks suraj to bring something. Suraj receives a phone call from vikram. Vikram informs him. Suraj is happy. Suraj wishes him & cuts the call & thanks god. Suraj starts dancing.
Suraj is surper happy with the news of meena;s baby. SurYa are super happy (me too) Suraj lifts sandy on his arms & swirl around. Everyone incl SaRun MAasa looks at them. SurYa shocked. Bhabho stares.


Break Precap: Meena tells bhabho over phone that with her blessings she & her son are doing good & asks her about maasa’s decision. Bhabho tells that maasa accepted ems. Meena shocked

MAasa & others laugh at SurYa Surya embarassed. Sandy puts her pallu over her head. Bhabho asks them that whatis this bachpana (kiddish act). Suraj wishes her & tells them the news. Everyone super happy. Everyone hugs each other. MAasa asks bhabho not to be conjoose & Bhabho gets their blessings. Bhabho calls meena at once. Vikram picks up & calls meena. Meena wishes her & tells her that her gold bangle is confirmed & bhabho assures her thatshe is make her bath in gold. MEena worries abt the maasa’s decision & bhabho replies that maasa has accepted ems. Meena shocked.

PRecap: MEena telling bhabho that they can use those pots as summer is approaching them as bhabho can never beat sandy & adds that they would have to salute sandy one day as she keeps winning. Bhabho stares

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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