Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Officer Singh informing everyone about tomorrow’s competition. Zakir and Rahul asks about the topic. She says you will be knowing it tomorrow, as the problems come sudden, you have to be alert always. She says it means you have to physically and mentally prepared and not give any excuses. Roma smiles as Officer Singh scolds Rahul. Rahul says what will we study if we don’t know what will be the paper. Officer Singh says it looks like you passed by leaked papers. Rahul says no, only Sanskrit paper. Everyone smile. Officer Singh dismisses everyone.

Taisa asks Bhabho how can she forgive Kavita. Bhabho gives Chavi’s marriage invitation card to Kavita and asks her to come with her family. Everyone are shocked to see this. Kavita smiles and takes it.

Mohit says Bhabho did a good thing by forgetting everything, we should be enemy of the politicians. Sooraj says Bhabho is not afraid of her, but have forgiven her from heart, she did this for everyone. Bhabho asks Emily and Meenakshi to fill the water. The women say why should we be annoyed, lets fill the water. Bhabho fills the water and looks at Kavita. Kavita smiles. Bhabho leaves.

Zakir talks to everyone and says this time we have to prove that our squad is the best. They all join hands. At home, everyone are making the invitation envelops and doing their work. Chavi is upset. Sooraj says we are happy with your decision Bhabho. Meenakshi says I m also happy that Bhabho has forgiven her, but can’t understand the reason, what happened to her, how can she invite her in marriage. Bhabho looks at Babusa.

Meenakshi reminds Bhabho of her anger. Bhabho scolds Meenakshi and asks her to use her mind in work. She goes to wash the utensils. Meenakshi says I will know it anyhow. She asks Bhabho again. Mohit says she will not be spared today. Meenakshi says I know what you said was for the world, how can you forgive her. She says you don’t forgive people easily, what did Kavita give you to make you forgive her. She says I heard that politicians give greed to people to get their votes. Emily says what is Meenakshi saying, Bhabho will scold her now. Bhabho says yes, Kavita has given me treasures. Everyone smile.

Meenakshi says really? Treasure? What is in it? Bhabho gets angry and scolds her asking her to go and do her work. Meenakshi resumes her work and asks Emily to take leave from her parlour as Sandhya is not coming.

Meenakshi’s words makes Chavi upset. Vikram talks to Chavi. Chavi gets emotional and talkss to her three brothers. He asks her to make a wish and they will give her whatever she asks for. Mohit says yes, no stopping today, ask what you want. Sooraj says yes Chavi, don’t think about money, you are our only sister, we will make your wish come true. Everyone smile. Babusa says its a good chance, ask them what you want. Chavi says you three have always given me what I wanted, but I m missing Sandhya, please bring her in my marriage, this is my wish. Everyone looks on. She says I want my three brothers and Bhabhis to do my bidaai.

Chavi asks Sooraj to bring Sandhya. She cries. Bhabho thinks she is not asking wrong, she wants to see her whole family together. Babusa says we all want Sandhya to come, even she is trying, but she is helpless, she is tied by rules, she can’t come. Mohit says I will bring Sandhya at the time of Bidaai. He says I will call her online and show her the marriage. You can talk to her, are you happy. Chavi says I know she can’t come in my marriage, I asked a lot. She says I m missing her so much.

Bhabho calls Sandhya and talks to her. She says Chavi cried today because of you, we are not happy in this marriage as you are not here with us. Chavi should be happy, but she is crying as you are not here. She says Chavi’s wish is to see you here in her marriage and bidaai. She says Sooraj is unable to make her wish come true. Bhabho cries. Bhabho asks is this wish wrong, are we wrong? We will regret about this, its because of you. Sandhya feels bad. Bhabho says we won’t be happy without you. Sandhya says I understand all this, but trust me, I m helpless. Bhabho says its rituals tomorrow. I want you to come here for the haldi ritual.

Bhabho reminds Sandhya of her promise and asks her to keep her promise and come.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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