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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying there are many spices, and everything needs to be added in different units, how shall I remember all this, I don’t understand, its best that I by heart this. He asks her to understand it. She says I m trying. He smiles and asks her to get a paper and pen. He asks her to write family member’s names. She says but we are cooking food. He says like family members have nature and duties, similarly spices have their nature and taste. She says fine and notes down all the names. He asks her to say what she thinks by hearing his name. She says sweetness. He says what will be for sweetness. She asks what. He says it means sugar, jaggery. She says yes. He says you can give spices our names, like Arzoo brings color, essence in our house, so write Elaichi and kesar

for Arzoo, Meenakshi is colorful and spicy. She asks what can be related to Meenakshi. He says beet root, carrot, chillies. She notes down. He says for sour things, write Emily. She says I will tell about Bhabho, desi ghee and fruits, she unites family. He says write. He questions her about essence and color. She says Arzoo. She says I understood, you explained me so well, your way is very good. She smiles.

Chavi meets Dipen and says Sooraj is making Sandhya prepare, but Sandhya can’t do anything, she is big fool and does not know anything. Dipen says we don’t have to estimate but decide to fail the enemy. Maasa asks Om to get jewelry for Emily. Om asks Emily to go to jeweler, as she won’t like his choice.

Meenakshi goes to Vikram and asks do you think Sandhya can make maha Prasad. Vikram says yes, Sandhya is working hard, and Sooraj is teaching her, when Sandhya decides anything, she does it, she will win this war. She asks really, this war is not of gun, its of cooking, if you are proud of Sandhya, we will bet, if Sandhya loses, you give me 5000rs. He bets. She says great and is happy. He says stop, I studied till inter, I left studies as I married you, tell me you will give me 5000rs from your mum’s house if Sandhya wins.

Sandhya makes sweets. Sooraj looks on and smiles. She says Barfi did not form, what mistake did I do, I have to make maha Prasad in temple tomorrow, I m saying my problem and you are smiling. He says I don’t have time to scold you, you tried making it, don’t worry, put it back in kadai again. She makes it again.

Dipen tells Chavi that Sandhya does not know cooking, but I heard she is very determined, we have to break her confidence. She asks how. He tells his plan. She asks do you think this idea will work. He asks her to do what he tells her and leave everything on him. Sandhya is still cooking and forming barfi. She smiles seeing the solidified sweets and shows Sooraj. He eats barfi and says its good in taste and shape. She says its my first barfi and dances. He laughs. She says I will make Bhabho have this and runs.

Its morning, Sandhya makes Sooraj ready. She combs his hair. He finds her nervous and says its good to be nervous, but being over nervous is not good. She says you have many years experience, I just learnt for 12 days, how will I get that taste in maha Prasad. He says why do you want to get that taste, it can taste better too, you have your Guru’s teachings, be confident, work done by good intentions result good, the one who has low confidence are weak. She says I will be confident, but I did not ask Bhabho what to make in Prasad, kheer, halwa or anything else, you tell me what to make, what will Lord like. Sooraj says Lord is glad with devotion and honest try, not the sweets, you just remember this. She says you said right, my Gyani Guru ji. They smile. Diya aur baati………..plays………

Meenakshi tells Sandhya that Bhabho did not cook anything, they will have prasad by Sandhya’s hand today. Babasa says Sandhya worked hard, no one will make such Prasad as Sandhya. Bhabho says yes, when Sooraj taught her, she can make the best Prasad. Sandhya thanks them for their support and blessings. She asks Meenakshi to sit well now, I will go and make Prasad in some time. Meenakshi says I m glad, you understand my heart and stomach matter well, best of luck. Sandhya goes to the shop.

Chavi asks Dipen to do anything, but remember Sandhya is pregnant, nothing should happen to her. Dipen says I know, so I did arrangements for her rest, I can’t see anyone’s sorrow. Sandhya lifts the shop’s shutter and holds the glass door to push it. The shutter falls down on her hand and injures her. She screams in pain. Bhabho, Babasa, Vikram and Meenakshi come and ask what happened. Sandhya says shutter fell down, my hand is paining a lot. Vikram asks how did it fall.

Dipen greets pujari. Pujari says Sandhya did not come. Dipen thinks how will she come, shutter is so heavy, that wound will need 3-4 days to heal. He says its tough task to make maha Prasad, maybe Sandhya changed her decision.

Bhabho and Babasa go to the temple along with everyone. Chavi and Dipen sign each other. Sooraj looks for Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No words to say how can chavi do this to her own people for just sake of money

  2. Jeyam Ramachandran

    The story revolves around sandya and Suraj. And both of them were disabled. What magic is going to happen at the temple?

  3. Nice episode. Suraj and sandhya part was so good, lovely couple.

  4. SOORAJ-SANDHYA scenes awesome
    Good Episode
    Hate CHAVI
    Hope everything will be fine

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