Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Himanshu asking Sandhya why did she agree to marry him so soon. He keeps the betel and says he felt good meeting them, but he will think well and reply for this proposal. He greets them and leaves. Sandhya looks at Bharat. She says what will he answer, will he say yes or not, I did not understand him. Sandhya and Sooraj talk to Emily at the café. Emily says she wants Bhabho back, she supported me as a mum, how can strong relation end like this. Sandhya says I will unite you and Bhabho soon, everything will be fine. Sooraj asks Sandhya how did she get hurt and sees her finger. She says its small wound, while working in office.

She thinks Himanshu did not answer till now, how to make him say yes. An old man comes there and Sooraj holds him. A guy thanks Sooraj. Sandhya

talks to Zakir and says she wants Himanshu’s schedule. Zakir says fine, you will get it. Sandhya says thanks and thinks to trap Himanshu any way. Its night, Sandhya sees Sooraj talking to Bhabho and Babasa.

Bhabho says she did not forget anything. Sandhya sees Emily going to Chavi. Emily gives her milk and Chavi throws it. Sandhya looks on and worries. She cries and prays to Lord to keep her family united, its her strength and courage. She says she will solve this storm at home, and do her duty to unite them, and she will not go leaving her family like this.

Its morning, Sandhya makes Sooraj’s shave and says she loves him like before. They have a laugh. She says Vedansh’s layout will come soon. He says yes, you wanted it soon. Ved comes and smiles. He teases them and hugs Sooraj. Sandhya thinks their love will manage each other after I leave. Ved says he has essay competition and its tough. Sooraj says your mum will prepare you well. Sandhya thinks she won’t be here after a month ad asks him to prepare from now on. Ved says there is one month. She asks him to work hard.

She gets Zakir’s call and goes. Zakir keeps an eye on Himanshu. He tells Bharat that he has covered the area. Bharat comes somewhere in market. Zakir alerts the officers that Himanshu has come here. Bharat argues with the rickshaw driver and Zakir informs the staff and Bharat that Himanshu is coming towards them. Bharat starts acting and asks the man to repair the tanpura string. Bharat falls and Zakir holds him. He says I think he got unwell. Himanshu sees him and goes to him.

Zakir asks does he know him. Himanshu says I know him. Zakir says hospital is close, take him. Himanshu takes him. Sandhya comes looking for her dad and asks nurse about his ward. She comes to him and says I told not to go to repair it. She sees Himanshu. The nurse gets the bill. Sandhya says she will pay it, and thanks him for getting her dad to hospital on time. She says when he came that day, you held the tanpura as it was heavy, I told you I like the man who respects my dad, and I told yes to say yes to marriage. She says he can decide about the marriage and goes. Himanshu thinks. Bharat thinks Sandhya made right plan to trap him, lets see will he get trapped or not.

Sandhya and Bharat come home. Himanshu comes to them and brings the tanpura. Bharat welcomes him. Himanshu says he would wish the tanpura and its player to be with him all his life. Bharat and Sandhya get glad. Himanshu asks her to sing a song for him to increase his happiness. Bharat says sure and asks Himanshu to sit. Sandhya goes to play the tanpura. Bharat thinks no one can know what he is thinking. Bharat asks Sagarika to sing her fav song.

Himanshu says he would like to hear the song which he could not hear as her finger got cut that day. Bharat thinks Sandhya does not know this song. Sandhya starts singing the bengali song Himanshu requested. Bharat gets stunned and thinks she has proved she is the best one for this mission, he is proud of her. Himanshu and Bharat clap for her. Himanshu says she has sung beautifully. He says he wants to make Sagarika his life partner and asks Bharat for her hand. Sandhya smiles and thinks now no one will stop their mission from completion.

Himanshu and Sandhya do the rituals. Bharat says this proposal is fixed now. Sandhya smiles. Later, she goes to store and asks for color remover. Bhabho sees her and says why is she removing it as if she is hiding something.

Vikram asks Sooraj to show sarees to Himanshu. He says he is busy. Sooraj shows the sarees. Himanshu says he wants Bengali saree and shows Sandhya’s pic to get the perfect saree for her, saying she is my fiancé Sagarika. Sooraj takes his phone and is about to see.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. bhumi

    Will suraj see the photo.he will get to know about everything.himashu has seen him he cant help in mission so curious

    • No I think if suraj see sagrika pic then he knows that sandhya has any mission. And then he take new look for protecting sandhya?????????????????????????????????????✌✌✌???

  2. That’s why l like this show bcoz in this show romance is less and main thing is they show more?????????????????✌✌???????????

      • Romi

        Agreed ??
        My family loves this show as well bcoz v all can watch it together ?‍?‍??‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍??‍?‍???‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

  3. KM

    Sagarika s performance is mindblowing.himanshu looks so innocent.seemd like he cant kill an ant.why they take innocent people to do such characters.for example rajkumar.he is so cute looking boy

  4. I think himanshu known that sandhya is police officers.and he also play games with sandhya. And that why he came in hunuman gali to find out sandhya???✌✌?????????????????????

  5. Ved always come between suraj and sandhya’s romance scene..hate u ved..
    Sagarika’s prformnce is mind blowing…
    I think suraj won’t see d photo…

  6. This is the only interesting show….bcz of Sandy’s bravery…..sandhyas mind is more than a computer…just can’t explain her……she is very talented actress…

    • Yup…and oder shw r same only family drama romance etc..but our shw is unique bcz it has an interesting story…with talented characters….in our shw thry show how deal with problems and…..HW a husbands supports his wife….and hw a police life will be…..hats of to u all d characters….v should b proud as a Indian…

  7. . sSs ??. *
    . [ (-.-) ] ?
    | ?? |. ✨*
    | ?? |*.
    “Sweet Dreams..”???????? goodnight sweet dreams…..

  8. Romi

    How is this possible that sandya learn the song in only one night that too she was busy with family problems romancing her husband ????????????????❤️???????????
    She even didn’t go learn from that lady!
    I think she has a big JADU ki chary ????

  9. Hi sana..y r u missing d show?? U r well said.. DABH is always d best show… Bt y its trp is so low?? 🙁
    i love dis show very much…
    I hate YHM bcs they always shows fight btwn husbnd & wife..
    Bt dabh shows how husbnd support his wife.. Hats of 2 u DABH… %-)

  10. KM

    I am soo morning classes are cancelled.coming back home.nothing like this happened to me ever


    • KM

      Are u out of ur mind.sandya to marry himanshu a drug dealer.impossible.she didnt even accept suraj at beginning.will she her heart to that terrorist.dont watch show.u havent understood the characters well.she will fake to love himanshu to put him behind bars.

      • @ nikil dnt use your brain???✋?????????? sandhya just doing this bcoz they trap that himanshu????✋??????????????

      • Romi

        @nikil you are such an idiot ??
        Can any ips oficer marry a criminal????????????????
        Are you out of your mind!? they are only doing this for the mission ?????????sandya is a loyal and loving wife she never cheat her suraj ji ???????????
        Better you go to ??????

  12. Jeyam

    Sandya is very cute and beautiful in Bengali attire. It makes me remember Shakespeare’s description of Cleopatra.
    “Age hath not withered her charm nor customs stale her infinite variety
    Other women cloy The appetites they feed, but she makes hungry
    Where most she satisfies; for vilest things
    Become themselves in her, that the holey priests
    Bless her when she is riggish.” If Sooraj comes to know of her mission the consequences will be very grave and unpredictable. It seems everything is occurring as expected. But the idea behind the marriage with Himanshu is not yet disclosed.

  13. KM

    Are u out of ur mind.sandya to marry himanshu a drug dealer.impossible.she didnt even accept suraj at beginning.will she her heart to that terrorist.dont watch show.u havent understood the characters well.she will fake to love himanshu to put him behind bars.


    Both Co-Stars argument, after long time SurYa scene is nice.
    dosti main yeh argumant natural hai?
    yeh chod ke age janai accha hote hai.
    time thoda to waste hogai.
    I don’ t like BARC rating system. This
    System spoils the quality of many
    shows. SNS, YHM & YRKKH high trp
    show lost charms like before.
    Matsh & SSk , both are Impossible.
    OR Dabh , nobody can’t take top place
    all time. Dabh passout that time,Jodha
    Akbar will go to Off Air. YHM will
    passout oneday.
    For low rating of Dabh, It compite
    with two big show like KKB & ASHOK.
    so all time is not same

    Going UK for my Job, I will not watch indian tv show. so that my last post.

  15. KM

    Ya true.sunday is a shitty day in week.i hate sunday.why cant they telecast dabh on sunday

  16. KM

    I want to see himanshus real demonic face under his innocent face mask.himanshu have seen sooraj.sooraj going to mission is now impossible.i have a rude fear that babho will get sooraj maaried to emily after sandyas disappearance

  17. NS4

    Himansu dialogues are like throwing bricks on opposite person.. too smart and doubtful…….qustning and answering

  18. KM

    @NS4 & Varsha ,Oh forget it.u knw when zakir came to show at cadate training i got a this fear that he will make an affair with i am pakka sure that wont happen in this life.this is one of my other fear.i am sooo sorry for my own stupidity.sorry again.this may be influence of ekta kapoor serials.where no one can predict what may happen and who marry whom.sorry again

    • Romi

      @km I thought that so bcoz of zakir’s killing looks but me too think it won’t happen in this life ?
      Zakir deserve to b paired with a beautiful girl may be Roma
      Makers will make her alive in a positive role
      It looks weird but anything can happen in a serial ???

  19. ya this is not ektas bakwaas yhm kkb math……..this is the best show don’t compare it wid ektas bakwaas serial….????????

  20. and in yhm they show only fighting…BTW husband and wife…..I don’t no how people like that bakwaas serial…..its is irrating….and don’t whom ill marry whom….one ill luv someone….and marry another…no logic only in that…????????????

  21. kau salya

    I like this episode very much. DABH is my fav. show. Suraj and sandhya are the best couple. No one can never fulfill their place.

  22. ANU

    Abhi wait nahi hora meresa I am waiting to watch today episode…… Aaj ved photos revel karega I think so….

  23. Guys today one thing I notice that which ever serials cross there 200 cmts in that 200 cmts the 40 or 50% they talk about serial. BT in our dabh cmts 80 or 90 % we just talk about the serial.?????????????????????????????

  24. KM

    Guys sooraj has won some honour from production.lets congrats him.congradulations anas ji.

  25. KM

    Today our serial got highest no of comments.NAUC is inspirational there are 1000 of comments for that

  26. dabh fan

    will suraj see sandya new avatar which is going to be shown by himansu?
    if he see what will be his reaction?

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