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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa asking about Mohit and why did he not come even at this time of good news. Bhabho says it’s a ritual that elder son does the puja. She asks about Mohit again. Bhabho says he is busy in work. Pushpa says fine, he will come later to meet Chavi. Dilip’s dad says everyone is talking about Sandhya’s video film Safar Zindagi Ka, whatever people say, we like it a lot the day she got transferred in traffic department, we were sure she will do something big. Pushpa says I know Sandhya will get double promotion soon. Meenakshi is about to say the problems, but Babasa stops her. Pushpa says Bhabho’s blessings will mean a lot to Sandhya.

Pushpa says Chavi is great, we are lucky to have a bahu like her, as running home is easy but to give a child is not that everyone

does. Sandhya says lets start ritual. Bhabho says yes, Sandhya has got few hours leave. Chavi says this is not good. Bhabho says she tried, she has important workl lets do rituals now. They make Chavi sit. Dilip plays the radio.

Dilip says sorry fm played by mistake, I will play Cd. He plays the music and everyone does the rituals. Zakir calls Sandhya and asks where is she. She tells him about half day leave. He says know the figures now. She says no, I m in function of family, I will come and talk. Zakirr says fine. Babasa says why did you not ask Zakir. Sandhya says I did not wish everyone to get sad knowing the result. Chavi tells Bhabhi she misses her a lot. Bhabho says I will talk to Pushpa. Meenakshi says why does Chavi want to come home. Bhabho asks Pushpa can she take Chavi.

Pushpa says take her, but her office is near from this house. Bhabho says but she is pregnant. Chavi says even now office. Bhabho says she needs rest. Pushpa says she is healthy, if she works, what will happen, she has to keep working. Pushpa says even Meenakshi and Emily did work in pregnancy. Meenakshi says yes, working is good. Sandhya says yes Chavi should be busy in work. Chavi says I want to come home, my Bhabhi is right, but my health is not being well, I get tired. Bhabho says when you come home, I will show you to good doctor.

Pushpa says don’t worry, I will take Chavi to doctor tomorrow. She is my relative. Chavi thinks she lied and is now under another problem. Sandhya looks at the clock and says shall I change my uniform here. Sandhya reaches there and asks everyone to go home. Bhabho says you did not lose, whatever be the result, be happy. Bhabho says I will not go home. Vikram says we will also come with you. Bhabho says send Emily, I will be here. Meenakshi asks Emily to go home. Everyone go after Sandhya.

Sandhya is tensed and comes to her cabin. She sees Zakir changing the figures and asks did anything happen. Sooraj comes there and says you all here. Bhabho says we also wanted to know the result, we were worried about her, go and see Sandhya. Zakir says SP has sent me here to know about the results. She says still 30mins for being 6pm. He says I got the figures and was writing it.

Zakir writes the figures which came down a lot. Sandhya and Sooraj looks on. Everyone wait outside. Bhabho asks Vikram to go inside and bring the news fast. Vikram comes to Sandhya and asks what happened. He looks at the board and sees the figures increasing. He gets tensed and says the public is such fools, we tried so much to make them understand but they just don’t, this is the result. Bhabhi asks Meenakshi to talk only positive. Bhabho asks Babasa to go and check and come back soon. Babasa says fine, don’t worry. I will go and see.

Babasa comes to Sandhya and sees the results increasing. He is shocked too. Meenakshi can’t wait and comes in. She is shocked too. Bhabho gets restless and comes in after everyone. Bhabho sees the results and encourages Sandhya, as her family is her pride, and blesses her to succeed, she trusts her that she will keep her promise. Zakir smiles and changes the figures. He asks them to see the results now. Sandhya says I had a different hope. They are shocked seeing the board now.

Everyone see the signal off and Vikram coming in high speed. They ask them to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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