Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj saying everything is same in Pakistan, just dressing is different. Babasa shows Sandhya’s pic in newspaper and reads the article. They get glad. Babasa reads another news of Looteri Dulhan, who run away with baarati’s clothes and jewelry. Vikram and Meenakshi come home, and stop tensely hearing this news. Meenakshi says Bhabho, we have come from Hyderabad. Bhabho asks them to come, and blesses them. Meenakshi and Vikram hug everyone. Meenakshi asks Sandhya about her Pakistan trip. Meenaikshi says Chotu, great you become Rathi family son legally, how are you feeling. Chotu says yes, its true, how do you know this, you were in Hyderabad. Meenakshi gets tensed and says so what, I have all new I called Bhabho. Bhabho says yes, this time you broke record. Sandhya

asks Meenakshi did you meet Arzoo, how is she. Bhabho asks how is her family, will she adjust with us, answer me, why are you silent, did you go Hyderabad, you met Arzoo right. Meenakshi says yes, I tested her and did everything. Sooraj asks how will be Chotu and Arzoo’s Jodi. Meenakshi says like Gilli danda, Chotu is tall, and Arzoo is somewhat short, and tells about Arzoo.

Meenakshi cooks up a story. Meenakshi praises Arzoo. Vikram thinks Meenakshi is lying a lot and will get caught. Babasa asks Meenakshi to show Arzoo’s pics, as Meenakshi always takes selfies in her smartphone. Meenakshi says I did not click pics, I met Arzoo from far. Sandhya says you went her home right. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to say. Meenakshi says listen, this looteri dulhan news was going on in my mind. Babasa says this news came today. Sandhya asks how is this news related to Arzoo. Meenakshi says we do marriage in strange family, and such things happen, so I thought to test them, I went to Hyderabad, and stayed in guest house. Vikram thinks she will be caught and I should go. Meenakshi says Vikram told me. He nods. Meenakshi says I tested Arzoo, she is like Bhabho wants.

Sandhya says you spied on Resham and Arzoo, this is bad, what was the need, we met Resham, we know she is good, Resham was waiting, what did you tell her. Meenakshi says I said Vikram is ill. Bhabho scolds her. Babasa taunts on Meenakshi. They all get annoyed, as Meenakshi did wrong. Sandhya says marriage is made by trust. Vikram worries and says we did not go there, they won’t know it. Bhabho is angry on Meenakshi’s spying. Meenakshi says I did this for good. Bhabho says stop this acting now. Meenakshi winks to Vikram. She asks Sandhya what does this bags have, did you bring gifts from Pakistan. Sandhya says yes, we got special things, I got for you too. Sandhya gives the gifts to everyone.

She gives earrings to Meenakshi. Meenakshi likes it and hugs Sandhya. Sandhya gives saree to Bhabho and asks her to wear it in Chotu’s marriage, it will suit you well. Bhabho says I got lahenga cloth for Arzoo’s sangeet, send it by courier. Sandhya says sure, I will send it. Vikram signs Meenakshi to go. She apologizes and he shows anger. Chotu sees Bhabho.

Mahek asks the workers to work fast. Resham asks for newspaper. Mahek says it did not come. Resham says I can’t have tea without newspaper. Mahek says what new thing comes every day, its way to increase expenses. The newspaper comes. She checks the paper and sees Sandhya Rathi’s news and pic. She says she is Arzoo’s …… she was in Karachi. The man asks shall I give paper to Resham. She scolds the man and says not needed. Resham comes and Mahek hides paper, saying newspaper did not come till now. Resham says fine, send it to me when it comes. Mahek goes away and reads the news article. She says its Sandhya Rathi, from Arzoo’s inlaws, but Rathi family said Meenakshi and Vikram will come instead Sooraj and Sandhya, but they also did not come, even Resham and Arzoo went to Karachi yesterday, what is the matter.

Mahek thinks something is fishy. Landline rings. Mahek stops the man and scolds him. She answers Sandhya’s call. Mahek asks did you went back home after your govt work. Sandhya says yes, I came from Karachi in morning, I wanted to meet Arzoo and you all. Mahek asks why did you not come then being so close. Mahek asks how did you call. Sandhya says I have to send lahenga by courier, where is this address, I stayed in Hyderabad and did not know this place, is it near Charminar.. Mahek thinks such places are not in Hyderabad. Mahek asks did you come to Hyderabad before. Sandhya says yes, I had my IPS training there. Mahek thinks oh, so she is talking about India’s Hyderabad, they think Arzoo is from India. She asks her to send it to the address she has and they will receive it. Sandhya thanks her. Mahek ends call.

Bhabho sees the saree Sandhya got for her. Babasa looks on. he says cloth is cloth, either of here or Pakistan, lets see this color and design suits you or not. He covers Bhabho with the saree pallu and sees her. He says you look beautiful. Mahek is glad and says Resham fixed proposal and Rathi family does not know that Arzoo is Pakistani. They think we stay in India’s Hyderabad. She goes upstairs and says it will be fun when I create more misunderstandings, I won’t let this truth come out, Arzoo will come back from mandap and I will get her back here, else my name is not Mahek Bakshi.

Sandhya sees the saree which she got, and asks Bhabho does she not like it. Bhabho says I don’t want anything from Pakistan which creates fear and doubt in our home. Mahek burns the newspaper and says now Resham won’t know this news, Pakistani bahu will go to Rathi Family.

Sandhya, Bhabho and everyone welcome Resham. Sandhya asks about Arzoo. Resham says Arzoo could not come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s joke in dabh….

    Sandhya is calling to Pakistan landline number from her cellphone … But she don’t know , she is calling to Pakistan… Lol…

  2. There is nothing special to speak about save Meenakshi’s indiscreet blabbering and Sandya’s innocence about Pakistan Hyderabad.

  3. Okay Episode. Okay track.
    Please don’t drag this track much. It’s better if this track ends before March 1st weekend.
    Even this track is not about SOORAJ-SANDHYA.
    But the blo*dy writers think audience are fools.Is Sandhya a dumb who can’t even identify Pakistan’s ISD Code.She called to Pakistan & she couldn’t even identify a Pakistan phone number. blo*dy writers. Shame on you for this kind of Bakwas.

  4. Mehek chahti Keya hain?Episode is not so good.Uninteresting episode.

  5. Why she didn’t bring arzoo

  6. Being an IPS officer Sandhya does not know the ISD code of Pakistan. how bad.

    1. It’s the stupidity of those blo*dy foolish irritating idiots writers & director. Scoundrels.

  7. Mahek asks did you went back home. Hi Ameena this should be written like this.Mahek asked,”Did you go back home?”

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