Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj apologizing to Sandhya for not being able to keep the seven vows of marriage. He cries and says I apologize by my heart, if possible, forgive me, I need you a lot, I m incomplete without you. He says come back in my life. Bhabho and Babasa cry at home. Sooraj says I leave this on you, Sandhya will decide. Sandhya cries sitting close to the tv screen. Sooraj says I can wait 9 days, 9 years or 9 births to wait for her decision. Zakir and Ankur smile.

Vikram says Sooraj has ruined our family name infront of the world, is this right to say this on tv. Mohit says yes, everyone saw this. Meenakshi says we have hidden this from everyone. Bhabho says clean heart is needed to apologize infront of everyone, which you all don’t have, my Sooraj kept his love with

honesty, he would have apologized alone, but he has returned his wife’s lost respect infront of everyone.

Mohit says whats te need to do this show, its personal matter and he could solve it at home. Bhabho says its not show, its real repentance done by him. She cries. Sooraj comes to his locality, and all ladies praises him for his honesty and Sandhya will come back to him soon. The people bless him. Sooraj comes home and hears anklet sound. He looks around and recalls making Sandhya wear the anklet.

Bhabho asks what happened. He says he heard anklet’s sound. She says no, I did not hear it. He shows Sandhya’s award. She touches it and says yes, I have seen it on tv, like this is shining, your face is also shining. She says he did right. He says you have once again showed me the right way. She blesses him. He says I m feeling very light, my heart is happy, I don’t have any burden on my heart. She says keep this award in room. He goes to room and finds Sandhya’s dupatta ghumar on the door. He recalls Sandhya.

He says Sandhya ji and looks for her in the room. He sees her pic and says he feels she is close to him. He says is this dream or reality, congrats for the award. He says this award should be in your hands, I m missing you, I wish I could give this award to you, I wish I could see you. He sees another of her pic, and says I have given this pic to her, how did this come, it means Sandhya is here. He says how can this be possible, and goes to ask Bhabho. He asks Bhabho did anyone come home. Bhabho says yes, milk vendor came to take money. He says no, did Sandhya come.

She says no, she is in abroad. He says her pic which I gave her is in room. She says no, it can’t be possible, go and work now. He asks did she go out today. She says where will I go in this state. He says how can this happen. She says Birju is calling you, go to shop. He says fine. Sooraj comes to know about Birju that a burqa clad woman came here. He gets a box and his scooter keys. He sees a bindi on the mirror. He says its Sandhya’s bindi. He says but she is abroad.

The kids ask Sooraj to get their playing stick down, and request him. Sooraj goes with them. He sees a kite and Wo aini written on it. He says only Sandhya can write this. Chotu comes and asks Bhabho to give his science book. Bhabh says think well, you will get it where you left it. Sooraj hears this. Bhabho says go there and see. Chotu says oh, maybe I saw it on shop, I will go there and see. Sooraj says she was in park where I left her and runs. Bhabho sees him going and prays to Lord to make everything fine.

Sooraj comes to the park and cries seeing S S on the ground. He touches the soil. He hears Tu Sooraj Mai Saanjh……… and looks around. A red dupatta flies and falls on his face. He is shocked seeing Sandhya infront of him. Siya Ram……………..plays…………….Sandhya smiles and Sooraj gets teary eyed. They run to each other. He holds her and is stunned. He hugs her and they smile.

Sooraj says you were in Scotland, how did you come here. She asks won’t you take me home. He says I will take you by all respect. Bhabho does her aarti and calls her inside.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Excellent… Finally the day came….

    1. But yaar , today’s episode make me very angry. I wathches full episodes for surYa scene which is aired tomorrow.

  2. hi everyone
    now,the script writer is going on right track.
    just transfer emily and vikram in good chracter as they weren’t bad from start

  3. .Mindblowing episode.

  4. Simple and Sweet… episode
    Omg SS………

  5. wow really the show rocked the way suraj say sry to sandy infornt all is just amazing.and bhobho is right that wt suraj did is superb and it a true word that by doing this suraj returned all the respect to his wife sandy.handoff suraj.and ofcourse sandy looks stunning.and song is also just perfect and amazing.waiting for trm.i have no words.superb

  6. But why Sandy did not go Scotland…. What is the reason behind that… Dont’t say she gave her kidney to baboo.. 🙂

    1. she did give her kidney

    2. waitin to atch tmrws episode

  7. Wonderfull episode…Real Diya Aur Baati Hum…

  8. Very touching episode!!

  9. Sooraj is true devil. He makes sandhya fool again.when he doesn’t controll her family,now he needs Sandhya.Besides that, he makes Sandhya as a handicapped. I think Sooraj knows that Sandhya is kidney donar. For scareing of peoples taunting,Sooraj accepts Sandhya.

  10. awsome episode

  11. Stop it faltu …u r really faultu shut up u r a devil. ..stop saying suraj rathi devil ok mind ur language ok cheap

  12. Stop it faltu …u r really faultu shut up u r a devil. ..stop saying suraj rathi devil ok mind ur language ok

  13. Bhabho to ask ent from Meenakshi & Emly

  14. Finally they reunite… lovely epiode..
    worried what will happen after sooraj found out sndhya onate kidney

  15. Jeyam Ramachandran

    I thought the scene repentance will continue for three more days. Thanks to the director that he has finished Sooraj’s speech within two days. And it’s really awful that in a function organized by the govt, an individual telling his love story.

  16. Sooraj agree that he has insulted woman’s sacrifice. He told every one that don’t do
    the same mistake. It may be too late, if sandhya has given her kidney to Bhaboo and if
    sandhya loses her career because of that, then no one should respect Sooraj. His speeches
    would be considered as useless. He can not be compared as”Rama”.

    Then, Sandhya will stay home without any career. All Rathis family
    will make fun of Sandhya for not making round roti.

  17. bhabhu u r so cute and sweet……..without u the story is nothing…..this s also one of the heart touching episode…..

  18. No, its never happen ramesh sooraj agree his mistake. sandhya forgive him surely…

    1. Mathan, I like Sooraj and Sandhya couple in this episode. I am also fan of Sandhya Ji and her career objective. She likes to serve the people. However, If Sandhya has given up her kidney to show her love to Sooraj, It would not be considered as right way of showing her love to Sooraj. She would be spoiling her career.

      Vikram and Meenakshi should not be living in the same house, if Sandhya becomes house wife in this episode. Let us hope that, she will be working as IPS officer continuously.

  19. wow wow super…………episode was very very nice

  20. renuka gulbarga

    I think its drem of suraj

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