Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the doctor informing Bhabho that Sandhya is not pregnant. Bhabho says she has every symptoms of pregnancy. She asks her to recheck. Sandhya insists her to check. She tells I have so many symptoms. Doctor says, what matters is blood test. She says, everyone get these symptoms in the academy. Once you settles, your problems will be solved. Sandhya gets worried. Doctor asks her to concentrate on her training. Sandhya thanks her. Bhabho is sad. She looks at Suraj and Bhabhasaa with disappointment.

Meena tells her neighbour Daisaa that her heart is big and she wants to thank the God for Sandhya’s pregnancy and will be gifting Him 2001 Rs. Meena asks Imli to give 2001 Rs as a gift for a temple. Imli says, I could give but how can I snatch your right.

You give 2001 Rs. Meena says, you give the money. They argue over the money. Imli says, we will ask Daisaa?Daisaa says, your Jaitsaa will give the money. She asks Vikram to give the money. Meena asks Daisaa to get money from Suraj and Sandhya as they will be the parents to the new arrival. Imli looks shocked as the secret is out to Daisaa. Daisaa is shocked too. Meena realises what she said. Daisaa asks, Is Sandhya pregnant? Vikram tells Meena that Bhabho will take her life. Meena fears for Bhabho. Bhabhasaa tells Bhabho not to feel bad. He says, God wishes to unite Suraj and Sandhya. He says, Kanha and Pari are waiting for you. You will be happy. Suraj says, train will be in the night and says will get tickets in tatkal. Suraj says, we will keep our belongings in your room. Bhabhasaa says, I will take Bhabho to the park.

Suraj asks Sandhya, what are you thinking? Sandhya says, I accepted it and everyone was happy. I felt my pregnancy. Suraj asks her to forget it and concentrate on present. Diya Aur Baati Plays….They hug each other. Suraj says, I will go to get tickets and asks her to apply for leave. Bhabho is sad and recalls the doctor’s saying that your daughter in law is not pregnant. Bhabhasaa says, everything is quiet here. He asks her, why you are troubling yourself? He says, whatever happens is good and by God’s wish. He says, God is never wrong. He says, you was happy but your dreams shattered. He says, one day Sandhya will inform you about the good news. We have Kanha and Pari with us naa. Bhabho says, if it is God’s wish then we have to accept it.

Sandhya colleagues wishes her all the best. They say we are happy that you are not leaving the academy. Agrima Singh comes and says so you have decided to continue with the training. She says, human’s shouldn’t repeat her mistakes. She asks her to remember her failures and thinks about her present decision. She says IPS is not for you. She tells her because of her weak performance, other cadets performance are getting affected. She has only two options, either to improve herself or to quit and not trouble other cadets. She asks her to return home. Roma interferes. Agrima Singh says, I am saying this for her betterment. My words looks bitter but truth is never sweet. She asks her to decide between the wrong and right thing. She asks the other cadets to come on the field. Sandhya is shocked. Suraj is shocked too.

Sandhya gets Suraj’s call and he tells her not to worry. He says, I talked to Bhabhasaa and Bhabho and they will meet me at the Gulmohar Road. He says, I am at the bazaar and asks her to meet him at the Gulmohar road. Sandhya says, I will get permission from office..Sandhya meets Suraj at the restaurant. He says, it is very difficult to get tickets in tatkal. He says, he somehow managed to get the tickets. Sandhya asks, why he called her at the coffee shop? Suraj says, he thought to have coffee with her. He says, he recalls about Singapore. He says, I was losing at that time but you made me confident and gave me strength. He builds confidence in herself. Sandhya recalls about her words.

Suraj says, I imagined the trophy in your hands and gives a locket to Sandhya. He says, it is given to me by Bhabho and now it will give you strength and will protect you.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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