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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Arpita in disguise talking to Singh. They ask about the workers and get some info. Arpita asks can I take some pics, I love clicking pics. Singh asks her to take as many pics as she wants. Mansi in Sardar’s disguise repairs a car. Arpita and Sandhya ask Singh about the maid. Singh says the boys do cleaning and all stuff. Sandhya thinks what connection can Mansi have with this garage.

Om checks Misri’s hand and says its allergy, did you apply any cream. Misri says no, it just happened. Emily recalls Meenakshi’s words and says did Meenakshi apply any cream on Misri’s words. She takes Meenakshi aside and asks did you apply waxing cream to Misri, tell Om, else he can’t do her treatment right. Meenakshi tells Om that she applied waxing cream on

Misri’s hands for 5mins and her hand turned red. Vikram and Bhabho get shocked.

Om says that cream is strong for kids, I will write medicine, everything will be fine. Vikram scolds Meenakshi and asks her to spare Misri. He raises hand on her and Misri stops him, saying mumma did this for me, I love and respect you a lot, don’t raise hand on mumma, don’t do anything that I respect you less. She consoles Meenakshi and says I will eat medicines and get fine, I have less pain. She hugs Meenakshi.

Arpita takes Singh’s pics. Arpita thinks every boy here drinks tea with sugar, Mansi has diabetes, if she was here, she would have taken tea without sugar. Singh asks boy to get tea. Sandhya takes a tea glass and goes to Mansi, asking Sardar ji to come out and have tea. \

Sandhya says this has good amount of sugar. Mansi thinks I can’t drink this tea. Singh says that boy is mute. Sandhya says sorry, he is good mechanic and there is no complaint about him. Mansi goes and writes something on a paper. She gives it to Singh. Singh reads and tells Sandhya that car needs repair. Arpita thanks him. Sandhya says we will come again. Arpita asks him to take care of her car. Singh says I will. Sandhya thinks where is Mansi hiding. They leave. Mansi throws the tea.

Meenakshi asks lady about Misri’s ticket. The lady says I don’t think you trust me, I called you for giving passport and ticket. She gives the passport and ticket to Meenakshi. Meenakshi thinks Misri is going Dubai tomorrow. The lady asks her not to worry and call her anytime to talk to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I m sorry, I could not get Misri’s grooming done. Lady says its fine, it happens, you don’t worry, I will make such dress for her that hides all her weakness, this is multi vitamin tablet, make Misri drink this today and tomorrow, her beauty will glow.

Meenakshi says you are very good, you will change Misri’s life, thanks. Lady says jeweler knows diamond’s value, I want to make her reach right place, Misri will make your name shine. Meenakshi goes. Lady calls Makrand. He asks did you do all arrangements. She says yes, all perfect, I will leave with 15 girls batch, they are from good family and beautiful, they are diamonds. He asks did you give them medicines, last time we were careless. She says don’t worry, I gave medicine and told them to end the medicine, so that their pregnancy chance ends forever.

Emily and Om argue indirectly. Maasa looks at them. She says they are not talking, how will things get fine. She calls Sooraj. She says I think my life will get distasteful by staying with them. He says no, you have many remedies. She says I think small remedies won’t work, I will need to make them drink kada. He says you have to make Om and Emily speak out their heart. She says yes, I should do that, see what I do now, thanks. She ends call and says I will see them now.

Sandhya thinks whats the reason that Mansi does not want to come out infront of us, does she not want to go to her parents, whats the reason. Sooraj comes and encourages him showing his belief in her. He says I know you will find Mansi, honest try and true hardwork do not get waste.

Mansi says I have to leave from here, I wrote that suicide note as Makrand’s goons were looking for me, I will get salary and leave from here, else they will find me.

Sandhya says Mansi will also have taken disguise as she has to hide. Arpita takes Sardar boy’s address from Singh. Amit tells Neeta that they have to reach there before Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice Episode.
    Good Precap.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Hope this track ends soon & everything gets fine.Hope nothing will happen to MISRI.
    We want VANSH to return to RATHIS.We want VANSH to stay with RATHIS forever.We want everything to get fine between VANSH & RATHIS.

  2. Yay first to comment!

  3. Dabh is going off air on 11 august . This is the latest news by toi . I think wid this track they will b ending the show . Really will miss this show

  4. I hope they recognize mansi before it too late n I don’t think misri will be going to Dubai

  5. I like sandy , she has done justice to her role, when she became Saghrika ! No one could have done more better . It should not end, I don’t watch star drama except this and is pyar ko kya ma’am dun

  6. I meant sandya

  7. It’s not understood why the goons want to kidnap Mansi who is a diabetic. They prefer only healthy girls as per medical report. Can the director explain?

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