Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with few goons coming in the market and looking for Himanshu’s wife, who sell jaggery. Chandu hears them and asks Sagarika to hide and leave. She asks why, Manjari asked me to sell jaggery. He asks to run, the men are coming to take her. She asks who are they, are they Garjana people. He says they are different, they are very dangerous landlords/moneylenders who gave loan to Himanshu, just run. Sandhya runs from them. The men see her and run after her. Chandu looks for her and follows the men. Sandhya collides with the goons and they catch her. She gets hurt and pushes the man. She runs. Chandu beats the goons. The goon goes after Sandhya.

Lalima comes to Rathi house and asks is anyone there. She thinks she made laddoo like Sooraj said, don’t know how she made.

Sooraj comes and says you.. She says I m Lalima, I made coconut laddoo, can you taste and say. He says he will come. She thinks she is mad to come here, as Sooraj said she can’t make good laddoos, but just Sooraj can tell her of making good ones. Bhabho and Babasa look on. He asks her to think again. She thinks if Lalima talks to him, she will know his mental state, she has to do something to stop his truth from coming out.

Lalima asks Sooraj to taste the laddoo. Sooraj eats the laddoo and says its nice. She asks like you used to make? He says no, more better. She gets glad and asks really. He says its nice. Bhabho comes there and Sooraj goes. She asks what did Sooraj say. Lalima says he made my day, I was afraid that I will be able to manage the shop or not, he tasted the laddoo and passed me, I m very happy today. Bhabho thanks Lord that Lalima did not know Sooraj’s mental state. She blesses Lalima. Lalima asks her to have laddoos and gives the box. She leaves.

Bhabho asks Babasa to see its happening by Lord’s wish, and it means their relation will form. She thanks Lord. Sandhya runs in the jungle and the goon follows her in the tractor. She reaches the dead end. He asks her to run ahead and laughs. Chandu comes there and looks on. The goon says you made me run a lot, now you run. He asks her to take gun and kill him. She thinks her truth will come out of she takes gun. Chandu also thinks the same. The man says no one can save you. She holds the gun and shakes up, saying she will kill him and acts.

Chandu thinks if she uses gun to save her life, it will be proved that she is cheating them. The man asks her to shoot. Chandu waits. She thinks she will die, but not fail the mission, she has to be Sagarika. She drops the gun and stands as the tractor proceeds. Chandu rushes to save her, and stops the man, by beating him getting on the tractor. Sandhya looks on. The man pushes Chandu off the tractor and it hits the tree. The man gets injured. Sandhya looks on. Chandu thinks who is she, this girl did not do anything today.

Bharat is on the way and says sorry Sandhya, I could not tell the truth of Sooraj and family, your duty can’t permit you to fall weak. He says but her love will reach her husband, son and family. The goons were sent by Chandu and apologize to him for beating him. Chandu says no, you did great work, you can go now. The man asks Chandu about doing this. The commander gets angry. Chandu stops him, and says we want honest people. He says he has two identifies as per need, Garjana is doing this for their people. The commander says Sajni does not know about us, the people think we are Lord. The man says I understood and greets him. The men leave. Chandu says Sagarika passed in this test. He says she looks weak, but my heart says she is brave, she is not ordinary girl, just one last test where lies and smartness can’t work. He says this time it will be final test. The man asks what to do of this pot. Chandu asks him to take it to Narayani Devi.

Sandhya cries and tells Sajni that Shekhar saved her today. Sajni says he saved you twice, he is hero. The boy says he would have not allowed the goons to reach her. She asks him to grow up and boy stuns her saying he will become Garjana member like Chandu. She thinks she has to meet Chandu, he is very clever.

Bhabho talks to Lalima’s brother and asks Lalima’s hand. Lalima says sorry, Sooraj can be right man, but not for my sister.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Romi

    Oh thanks god! Sandya passed the test! But this chandu is really very smart . Don’t know what he will do next?

  2. Romi

    Precap is good ??
    Lalima brother refused the proposal! But why he said suraj is not right for his sister? Is lalima engaged someone else or she’s also a widow who doesn’t want to be remarried ?

    • No this is nt happened. Lalima first reject the perposal then bhaboo give example of lord shiv and say we always know shiv with parvti nt sati then this wards tuch to lalima heart and then she accpet the marriage proposal.?????

    • richa

      yeah sooraj os a widower nd she shudnt marry him……… but sandy is alive sooo v can arrest them in case of 2nd marrig inspite of first wife being alive,….. lol i know it can’t happen but still i want bahabho to be arrested…………….

  3. Romi

    Shekar knows that sandya is a brave girl that’s why he’s taking her tests but he doesn’t know that sandya is equally intelligent too!?

    • Hope that lalima should marry suraj. And then after marriage suraj recover and he know that what ever bhaboo did with him. Then suraj hate bhaboo.and that lalima disrespect bhaboo and all family members.??

  4. AD

    Chandu loose once again.If Chandu is brilliant,our Sandhya Rathi IPS is the most brilliant.No one can make her loose

  5. Swarna

    Selfish Bhabha – double standard – if it is her own daughter she wouldn’t look for a new woman – 2nd daughter in law is unhappy wont let her remarry so when it comes to her own blood the rules are different? anyway its boring now without Sandhya !!!!1

  6. Anu

    Bharat sir scene was nice for sandhya…

    how he will send sandhya pyaar to sooraj and ved?????????

    guys any body guess?????????

      • Romi

        Yes I am also thinking that he’ll send this gurr to ved and suraj ji but don’t know how? Suraj ji don’t come outside home and maybe he’ll send it to ved’s school ?

  7. Anu

    Wt happen @richa and varshu ur comment is missing…..

    bhaboo is very irritating na ???????? i have one doubt guys bharat is saying sandhya ka pyaar kaisa un tak pahuch payega ????????

    koyi guess kar sakthe ho i think lalima is bharath sir member…………..she is going play drama in rathi family………

    • richa

      i commented anu dr look. but it was posted late
      yeah bhabho is stupid selfish etc…………
      noo lalima does not look bharat side………..
      but i think she will turn evil after bhabho’s lie and betray all………….

  8. Shruti

    Bhabo is a ‘heartless’, ‘selfish’, ‘irresponsible’, ‘unrespected’, ‘rascals’, ‘cursed’ woman.
    Like to sooraj & sandhya, Bhabo now
    go to spoil Lalima’s life.If in future,
    Lalima turns into negative,Bhabo will
    main reason for these.

  9. nice acting by sandhya.she know that if she shot then her secret definitely reveal. Good one.??
    Lalima scene nt good.bhaboo is this so ridiculous. ???

  10. Nice to see bharat sir. He also in guilt that he can’t say anything to sandhya abt her family. It’s really nice and better that they hide truth to sandhya. ???

    • Bcoz if sandhya know the truth then I can’t see sandhya in emotional. Bcoz then she definitely bleam herself for all rathi family current situation. ????

  11. defintely she heart broken to know that bhaboo hate her and bhaboo try to do suraj second marriage.then she definitely die if she know this truth. Now bharat sir definitely do something. Bcoz we today see bharat sir emotional scene.?????

  12. What I say that happened. Chandu did this plan to know abt sandhya truth BT this time also sandhya pass the test. And chandus plan flop. Well done sandhya. Keep it up.????

    • Hope that lalima should marry suraj. And then after marriage suraj recover and he know that what ever bhaboo did with him. Then suraj hate bhaboo.and that lalima disrespect bhaboo and all family members.?? hope this happened in show??

      • Anu

        Mujhe tho ooo scene bhi dekh nahi sakthi …. sooraj kise aur kho maang bharegha i cant see this …. plz writer team stop this nonsence 2 nd marriage……

  13. richa

    bharat will tell truth and bhabho abuse sandy and reject her seeing this ved is broken nd dont want his mother to suffrer so he ask sandy to leave………… rathi family go for pilgrim and suffer a terror attack and sandy is d one 2 save thm and shelter thm nd lalimaa miss hy fy acts clever but gets trapped in her own actions and fall in bhabho’s eyes……….and sandy gain respect and bhabho understands imp andsacrifice of police nd army nd sandy and all deshbhakts nd starts respecting sandy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • richa

      i really want rathi family to be attaked by terrorists.and sandy to save them and give bhabho a lesson on importance of police nd their sacrifices…..and i also want mohit to be one of the terrorists including lalima…………and sandy kill them both……..

    • Romi

      Nice thought! Bhabo ko ik accha sabak sekha dena chahiye! Come on lalima positiveness ka natak chorra and make bhabo realise her mistake ?

  14. Also happened that lalima don’t accept ved as son in few days. And after many days (means second marriage) then get know that lalima is terrorist. ???

    • If this happened in the show then that time bhaboo know that how big mistake she do. And also she know that how many sacrifices sandhya do. ??

    • Romi

      Yeah bhabo home is an easy target for any terrorist to enter and marry any handsome man! First vikram now suraj but afsoos no one for mohit ?

      • Romi

        I hate bhabo too so from my side numerous punches to her!??????????…bhabo plz wait for another 3 months! Sandya will come back till then you take care of suraj and ved ?

  15. Romi

    I think meenakshi overheard bhabo and babasa talks ? she doesn’t want any other jaithani so maybe she went to lalima’s bro and told him evil things about suraj ?

    • Anu

      Ya hahahaha actually meena khuch bhi karsakthi hai aaj kal rathi family me meena khu dekh ne ke liye man karta hai……………

      i hate bhaboo ….in two episodes ved is missing i think to we will see ved………..

    • Romi

      Hahahaha you also join our conversation ? waiting for your nice cmnts about DABH and the current track ? hahaha

  16. Anonymous

    What happened to ankur, his family and Vansh? Did he come to Sandhya’s fake funeral.. And no sign of chotu also

      • Anu

        ya all kothari family mem are missing …..and choto bhi ooo aya tho thik rahta bcoz he loves sandhya bhabhi so much …

  17. Jeyam

    The translator write the laddoo made by Lalima is “more better” Hi dear don’t use double comparative. Coming to the story. Sandya is highly intelligent, courageous and tactical. So she could not be hoodwinked by Chandu & co.

  18. Anu

    Guys do you observe jab lalimaa ayi thi ghar pe sooraj kho bhulane ke badh kithna serious le baath kiya us se..sooraj ne….actually sooraj lalimaa kho hate karna chahiye kyo khi sooraj and sandy khe bhich me lalimaa ke bare discussion hote hai na sandy ka words yaad ane chahiye sooraj kho…..

    deffinatly sooraj shock me nahi hota lalimaa se bath bhi nahi kartha tha ……….this is my guess.

  19. Anu

    hi… good morning guys … waiting for today episode…for only sandy and ved

    abhi sooraj kho bhi lalima kee saath bonding scene’s dhikayega ….guys i cant see this….

    but i guess rathi me bahuth sare prob kadha hone vale hai ….. oooo prob ved se start hoyega bcoz he dont like this issue naaaaaaaaa

  20. NS4

    now the track all around about sooraj-lalima…. i think director fully concentrated on.. sooraj marriage only..

    ONE side…sandhya’s STRUGGLES with those garjana CHANDU tests…and other SIDE its a TEST for our PATIENCE
    Wats this yar……………

  21. NS4

    Ved plz go against sooraj-lalima marriage…Don’t accept for it….

    Rathi children plz teach this brainless bhabu a lesson….she has gone mad…plz take bhabu to mental hospital

  22. NS4

    Varsha when will that Misri police getup scene comes any infomation about it????

    Was it ON screen SCENE … OR… for only OFF screen joy….

  23. NS4

    when will that meenakshi-vikram cheating comes out… meena stolen sandhya’s pension money naaa

    Guys lets IMAGINE that if ZAKIR Come with sandhyas pension money(salary) to rathi home…then wat will happen.. how bhabu and all others face zakir….Lol

    • Anu

      mujhe lagta hai oooo bath samne ayegi kyaa?????/

      ayaa tho bahut acha lagega ooo bhi bhaboo ke samne ana hai………..

  24. NS4

    Amena and Telly Team:

    For Viewer’s sake Mention some timings…..At what time.. You people will available to Approve comments on time.
    so that we can comment on those timings only

    Please do this… you can provide timings yourself to spend sometime for your Daily life …it will be better for YOUR TEAM and also for USERS..

    Note: I can give you one example why i was saying this…because i was observed that one of my comment was taken 1 hour time to Approve.
    So now you only say what is the use of the comment which was approved after 1 hour

  25. dabh fan

    I just hate babho. she helped zakir first in selecting Sandhya for the mission and now behaving like she doesn’t know anything about that……..

    Bobho character is like dictatorship, where the always thinks that everyone should listen and follow him…..otherwise kill or neglect that person who doesn’t follow his instructions……

    Suraj Sandhya pair looks awesome and no one can copy them……

    Sandhya mission was awesome……
    She is smarter than chandu…

    Chandu you saw many police ? people in your life but not Sandhya, you will definitely fall into web made by Sandhya……

    But all troubles are for Sandhya only, she should win this mission and go home. Afte going home she should clear all the misleading things and situations in rathi family and should teach a good lesson for babho such that babho should not think again that everyone in the house should follow her…….

    Sandhya congrats ? for the winning of test……

    Suraj you are the correct person to teach babho good lesson

  26. dabh fan

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode to see Sandhya and ved….

    To know the master plan of barath sir.

    How will he send snadhya’s message to suraj…

  27. richa

    today in sbs and sbb they showed sooraj’s engagement 😥 and bhabho lied to sooraj about it ………………. 🙁 and meenakshi tricks sooraj & lalima so that sooraj dont see lalima and realise its notsandy and also lalima dont know sooraj’s mental condition and ask them to look in mirror and exchange the rings…………. 🙁 nd she touch her new jethani feet and ask emili also to touch lalima’s feet. 🙁 .
    kill u bhabho…………. really so mean nd manuplative u r u r using minu tooooo

  28. Anu

    Hey guys good evening… all guys are busy or upset of show sbb and sbs …

    bhabo ka e bevkufi ham ko dekhna hi to hai na …..

    waiting for today episode for sandy and ved….wt @varshu comment is missing after sbs and sbb

  29. Anu

    No yaar you have any idea?????????

    mission se jadha ooooo lalima ke issue kho batara na…………….

  30. Anu

    I am seeing 758 episode in hotstar that govt vehicle issue …… how bhaboo blame sandhya…..kitne swardhi ahi bhaboo sooraj kho kuch bhi huva na sandy kho blame karte hai kabhi bhi sandhya kho kyu target karte hai …

    i hate u bhaboo ….kabhi kabhi maa aur saas bankar nahi insan bankar to socha karo kitna galat hai aap….

    • NS4

      Well said @Anu

      Bhabu always can become ” maa se saas aur saas se maa”….But she never think like a Human(insan)….That’s the worst point in bhabu charecter

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