Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya looking at the lockup. A man says I m innocent, don’t beat me. Sandhya imagines Arzoo in the lockup. Arzoo says I m innocent, I m not a terrorist. Sandhya asks the inspector to let the man go, he is innocent. She leaves. Another inspector comes and asks where did she go. The police inspectors talk about Sandhya.

Emily tells Pari that they will go home when Om comes, we can’t leave Maasa like this. Pari asks her not to take tension, and tell Sandhya, she will help you. Emily likes the idea to tell Sandhya. Sooraj is trying to find Sandhya. Emily calls him. He asks is Sandhya there. Emily says no, whats the matter. He says everything is fine, I will call later, take care. Pari asks why did you not tell him. Emily says I think there is some problem at home,

it won’t be good to tell about Purvi’s accident.

Sooraj meets commissioner and tells him that Sandhya is missing, she left phone at home, I don’t know what to do. Commissioner asks him not to worry, they will find Sandhya. He asks inspector Raghav to find Sandhya, her guilt is breaking her within, I m worried that she can take such wrong step, I have seen many such faces, when a honest officer does any mistake, such guilt ends their career.

Dadusa sees Emily upset. He asks Maasa to see Emily, she is so upset. Maasa calls out Emily and asks why is she upset, come here. Maasa says this is your house, I m also like your Bhabho. They hear police siren. Maasa says Chandni plays with toys. Ritu says police has come. Maasa gets worried. Inspector greets him and says we have to talk about Purvi’s accident. Maasa looks at Emily. Chandni comes and says Purvi’s accident happened on holi day.

Inspector asks holi day? Maasa says you know she is kiddish, she says whatever she wants. He gives the file. Maasa thinks the file will have two days before date, if Emily sees this, everything will be clear to her.

Inspector shows the mangalsutra. Sooraj checks it and says its Sandhya’s, how did you get this. The thief says I m small thief, I did big mistake, I have seen a lonely woman and got greedy, I snatched the mangalsutra. FB shows the thief taking Sandhya aside and asking her not to shout. He takes her bangles and mangalsutra. He asks her not to move, and then sees her face. He says Sandhya Rathi and drops everything. He apologizes to her and holds her feet. He asks her to take everything back. She gives him the jewelry and goes from there. FB ends.

Maasa asks Emily to make tea for everyone and sends her. Inspector asks who is she. Maasa says she is my bahu, she came 2 days before. He says she came after hearing about Purvi’s death. Maasa says yes, family will come in such time. Emily thinks Maasa is lying to save me.

The thief says madam did not say anything, she gave mangalsutra and bangles, she went. Inspector says how can Sandhya do this, she never leaves criminals, why did she leave you. Sooraj thinks I was right, something is troubling Sandhya, she was not in her senses.

Sooraj asks the thief where did Sandhya go. The thief says Sandhya left for village. Sooraj rushes to find Sandhya. Maasa sends Emily to make tea. Inspector tells Maasa that he has seen statement of the woodcutter who saw Purvi falling in the cliff, but we did not get her dead body, if we don’t get her body, we will declare her dead and give her death certificate to you. She signs on the papers. Dadusa asks Maasa till when will you play this game. Maasa says just 2 days, once my Om comes, then it will happen as I want. Chandni hears her.

Bhabho makes Ved sleep. Babasa talks to Sooraj. Bhabho asks what happened, what did Sooraj say. Babasa gets silent. Inspector tells commissioner what Sandhya did in his police station, she behaved strange, don’t know what was going on in her mind, she got a thief released. Sandhya’s missing news flash on news channel. Minister checks this news. Chotu is with Arzoo and talks to her via the recorder. Sooraj tries finding Sandhya in that village.

Sooraj sees Sandhya sitting with dirt applied on her face. He cries and hugs her. He pours water on her and cleans her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who’s Purvi? Why is this unwàrrated plot brought here? To drag the serial? And at last the story moves sans romance sans heroism sans sans comedy sans sans song and sans singer.

  2. Sad episode! Poor sandya and Emily!! They both are suffering for doing nothing wrong with anyone!!
    Massa is bigger terrorist than Gul! Cheating and harming her own bahu!!!

  3. :'( my sandhya…

  4. Terrible. Don’t understand the serial, don’t watch it. only read the telly update just because i am following the serial for long. what Jeyam says is right. No romance, no comedy, nothing. Only morose trach, meaningless. Don’t the producers understand? All viewers wand Sooraj-Sandhya to be together and happy.

  5. I can think Masaa wants Emily to marry Om and have a life partner hence she had to plot the accident. Well there is comedy from Meenakshi a.k.a Minuri and Babasa. One of the best serials.

    As a family drama, very decent is every manner – from dressing to behaviour and mature romance,

  6. Why can’t the producer give Sandya a bigger challenge to catch Gul and other terrorists rather than making Sandya lament on her mistakes? Why Sandhya is made a weak character ? Diya aur Baati should continue with Sandhya as an interesting and strong character who could carry the story on her shoulders. Don’t weaken her and bore us unnessarily!

  7. Feeling sad for SANDHYA.
    Commissioner’s words are right–“If an honest Police officer do any mistake,such guilt ends their career.”
    So we hope SOORAJ will support SANDHYA & bring her out of her guilt feeling soon & make her fine than earlier.
    But plzzzz end this emotional guilty track.
    Maasa-Emily parts are unnecessary crap as well as I couldn’t understand even a single scene even after reading the written update.
    Plzzz end all bakwas soon.
    We want to see SANDHYA’s romantic,loving,inspiring,action avatars.We don’t want to see our SANDHYA like this. Plzzz end this track as we want see RATHI family filled with happiness,joy,fun, mischiefs of RATHI children, etc.
    Plzzz end this ongoing track. We hate this track to the core.

  8. Vedh beta u so sweet. God blus u my child.

  9. This is really sad.. Not going as expected Sandhya should not have to go through this weak phase and Arzoo made innocent is really crap. I believe Emily will be forced to marry om. Hmm will wait and see.

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