Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit saying Ved went on Sandhya. Ved says no, I went on my dad and kisses Sooraj. He asks Sooraj to talk to Sandhya. Sooraj goes to talk to her and says Ved has eaten all the ice, we have to bring him on right path. She asks how is he complaining today. He laughs and says yes, I understood your point to make him discipline. She says I always tried. He says he found a way, to put him in any good school, he will learn good habits and says about some high school. He asks everyone about it. Bhabho says you and Sandhya decide. Sandhya says this school is also nice.

Sooraj recalls Ved’s words and says the same, that many things are taught in big schools, which is also necessary. Sandhya and Sooraj discuss and he asks her to think. He says there are many games in the

big school, its good for kids, Ved looks short, I want him to be tall 6 feet like me. Ved comes and Sandhya says his height is perfect for his age. Sooraj says the school has skating ring. Sandhya says so, you both have cooked this khichdi. Ved says that school is very nice, say yes. Bhabho and everyone ask Sandhya to agree.

Ved tells all the kids that Sooraj is making him get admission in big school and praises it. Sandhya refuses and says if we agree to him, he will ask for something else. Sooraj says he will pay the fees. She says no, its not about fees, once we get his admission done, he will ask for some other school, we are his parents, he can’t decide and tell us. Sooraj says whats the problem. She says I will arrange for his skating. He says send him there. She says no way and argues with him. Ved looks on. Sooraj tries to convince him. She gets angry and says we should make him habit to hear no, to make him strong.

Ved says she is very bad, I have to go in that school. Its morning, Bhabho scolds Misri asking not to take more selfies and they laugh. Sandhya thinks about Sooraj. Pari says Mohit has headache and tells Emily. Emily says wait and gives medicines. Pari says balm will be better, I will apply. Emily says your hands will be hurt. Pari says its fine, I told him to leave job and he came, its fine if I apply. Bhabho says its such relation with fathers.

Sooraj goes to school to take admission for Ved. He is unable to talk in good English and laughs talking to the staff lady. She asks his profession. He asks what. She gets angry and he comes out. He sees Sandhya and Ved there. Ved gets glad and asks Sooraj about his admission. Sooraj gets teary eyed and recalls in FB that the lady gave him ENT specialist number, asking him to get well and come again. Sandhya sees it and gets angry.

She asks Sooraj to come with her and makes Ved sit outside. She scolds the lady and says she is Sandhya Rathi, she wants Ved Rathi’s admission in 1st class, and asks for admission form. She talks in pure hindi and the lady asks what the hell is this, I don’t understand a single word. Sandhya asks is she deaf and gives the same number note back to check her ears. The lady says I don’t have any hearing problem, I m not able to understand your language.

Sandhya calls Sooraj and says he is my husband, you could not understand me, he also had same problem, and scolds her saying hindi is out national language which he knows well. Ved looks on. Sandhya asks her to ask Sooraj in his language and he will answer her.

The lady says sorry and talks to Sooraj. Ved says mumma is great. Sooraj answers everything. She asks why does he want to get his son get admission in this school. He says he could not study by family reasons, and he does not want his son to face such things, and wants good studies, playing and activities for him. She says congrats and gives the admission, and asks him to go to counter and submit the form. Sooraj says Ved will be happy and tells him that his admission is done. He opens his arms and Ved runs to hug Sandhya saying she is good. Sooraj says I told you your mumma is best. They smile.

Sandhya asks Ved to study and another guy hugs her, saying she felt she is his mum. His parents come and they are shocked seeing his parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. vansh parents must be ankita and ankur……
    they might have found him and kept it as a secret…..

    1. I also think same

    2. I think that too

  2. nice episode.

  3. Ved is selfish like Bhabo.when Sandhya
    not agree with Sooraj.He blames own mother, when his admisson finalised, then his mother best.
    Such a selfish but not surprised,all rathi family are selfish.

  4. I am Waiting To see what’s next!

  5. If anybody hate this show,they should stop watch this show.It became bore during hijack drama & kidney drama.Bt now there is lot of suspense & i waiting for the episodes those suspense going to be revealed.

  6. when Ved & Vansh are kidnapping, someone ordered kidnappers to run away. Is this stranger Ankur ????

  7. Wht a stupid drama… it gives no gd msg to d spciety

    1. Why half educated person has no right to teach child for higher education ?

  8. Half educated person has no right to see , his child is admissoned in big institution. Because another enviroment had to affect him dangerously.

    For show . today’s episode is nice to see. But briefly updated.

    1. i don’t think so.once most of the people were uneducated.if they didn’t have started learning then no one in this society had been educated.all people have equal right.

  9. I think so that boy name is vanish.he would be the adopted son of ankur and ankitha from orphanage.
    I think so,there will be a twist that ankur and anikta will be unaware that the child belongs to sooorya.
    Anyway, now a days this became a useless drama .

  10. Even though ankur and ankitha are parents of that boy…they will says..adopted a boy and named vanish becoz of Bulbul. .
    It will be a big crap. ..
    Don’t know how these type of idiotic ideas…by director

  11. For watching , episode was nice.

  12. How did the whole serial become about Ved? He can’t even act. At least I am not impressed by his acting. I have been disappointed since Sandhya allowed Suraj to give away her child. Maybe that’s why Vansh got kidnapped. They should have kidnapped Ved and left Suraj and Sandhya with no baby.

  13. I have a gut feeling that sandhya aka deepika will soon join our govt of India.. .. Same as smriti irani… I wish her she shud..

  14. Even I think so I don’t like ved’s acting he doesn’t deserve to be soorya’s son.there is no innocence on his face instead they should bring the little Nash from yrkkh

    1. I don’t think so, Ved’s age in show is right, there are matched Ved’s mature word with others .
      small age and mature word sometimes makes audience angry.

  15. Sooraj is not the selfish and babasa bhabho are family take carer so they are like that should not say sishir

  16. How come hindi is mentioned as National language……..Absolutely false……….Even in RTI , it is mentioned very clearly that there is no national language for India……………Stop spreading false information

    1. In general knowadge , Hindi & other 17 language is admired as national language. But Hindi is first elected as national language.

      1. Maybe right……bur there is a difference between ‘admired as a national language’ and national language……….As per Article 343 of the Constitution of India, India’s official languages shall be Standard Hindi…………..The Constitution of India does not give any language the status of national language—FYI…………Please refer…………………….Anyways my only point is that when there is a debatable point already prevalent in the society…,,why to use those things in the serial and create a debatable situation…………I think the dialogue writers should be more careful

  17. I think This child is not real Vansh.Sooraj Sandhya give adopted file about Vansh to Ankur Ankita. But when Vansh is missing , they took another child illegaly and issue him infont of all as Vansh.

  18. your thinking is complex minded. Don’t run your mind in this way like as horse , Tonight 9 PM you watch that show . I wish your well health.

  19. whats this guyzz???

  20. I cant stand bulbul

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