Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Emily asking Sandhya to get justice for Purvi. They all ask Purvi not to get scared. Emily tells them that Om and Maasa cheated me, they showed like Purvi is dead, and kept her locked in some room, on the other hand, they made me guilty that I killed Purvi, Maasa made me marry Om by this lie, they killed me by this lie. She cries. They all get shocked. Sandhya says we all are still with you. They all console Emily. Purvi sits down and drinks water by her hands. They all get shocked. Emily asks Purvi to get up. Sandhya asks Purvi to drink water by glass. Purvi says I have habit to drink like this, Maasa does not give me water, I beg Maasa for water, she throws some water in room and I drink this way. Meenakshi asks Vikram how can Maasa do this. Sandhya asks Bhabho about Maasa.

She says no, I can’t believe this, Maasa can be strict, but she can’t behave so bad.

Purvi cries. Emily says even I could not believe it, if I did not see this by my eyes, Maasa has locked her bahu in a room, and hidden her behind cupboard, Purvi got conscious and this truth came infront of me, I have seen Maasa’s true face. Purvi drinks water by glass and starts coughing. Emily asks her not to get scared, this is my family, I m sure you will get justice here. Purvi looks at Sandhya. Bhabho says yes Emily, take Purvi to your room. Sandhya says we have to find out truth, I will call Maasa, she has to come here, how can they do this.

Sooraj calls Maasa and gives phone to Sandhya. Purvi looks on while leaving. Sandhya calls Maasa. Purvi recalls how she has put Maasa’s hand in hot boiling water. Maasa asks her to stop it, I will go to Panchayat and tell your deeds to them. Purvi throws acid and threatens Maasa saying if this acid falls on my hand then, I have also something to show to Panchayat, so that they feel saas has tortured bahu. Maasa stops her and asks are you mad. Purvi laughs and asks her what happened now, go to Panchayat. Maasa asks her to stop it now, one day you have to pay for this, don’t think we are weak, Sandhya Rathi is IPS officer, once I call her, she will punish you, she won’t need any proof, my words are enough. Purvi laughs. FB ends. Purvi thinks Sandhya is calling Maasa for questioning today, now I will get Maasa punished by her fav bahu Sandhya.

Arzoo takes food for Pari. Pari refuses to have food. Arzoo asks her to have food, share anything with me. Vikram asks Pari to say. Pari says I know mumma is in pain, she has fought with Om and Maasa because of Purvi. She cries. Vikram tells her that Lord tests the best people, I know you love Emily a lot, but we elders are here, we will make all tension away, but if you don’t eat food, you will fall weak, then how will you support your mum. Pari eats food.

Purvi gets ready. Emily comes there and asks why are your hands shaking. Purvi says I feel weak, I m unable to tie saree. Emily helps her. Purvi sees the sindoor in Emily’s hairline and turns angry. She thinks Om is just mine, he will be mine always, you have to pay price for having his name sindoor in your maang. She hits Emily’s head to the dressing table mirror. She imagines doing so, and gets dizzy. Emily holds her.

Sooraj tells Bhabho and Babasa that they would be coming now. Bhabho says I always respected Maasa, I never raised voice, not because I m scared of her, but because of respect, today things have changed. Sooraj says we are with you. She says I don’t understand anything.

Babasa says Maasa treated Purvi like animals, she is elder, but respect is given by deeds, not age, today you ask Maasa as Emily’s mother, you have right to ask. Meenakshi comes and says Maasa and Om have come. Bhabho wipes her tears.

Bhabho and everyone go out. Sooraj asks Maasa to come and sit. Maasa asks what happened Santosh, did you forget values, I have come home, won’t you touch my feet. Bhabho cries. Sandhya comes there. Bhabho gets shaken up and greets Maasa. She gets away. Sandhya touches Maasa’s feet. Maasa says our relation is not of bahu and saas, and hugs her. Meenakshi thinks I will also touch Maasa’s feet. Vikram signs her. Meenakshi touches Maasa’s feet and says I will keep your bag inside. Sandhya stops Meenakshi. She stares at Maasa.

Bhabho tells Sandhya that you have to support Emily and Purvi, their hope is linked to you. Maasa looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Richu di!!!!

    R u here??

    dabh rocks

  2. Kompadeesi ye hai mohabatain serial laga purvi Sandhya baby Ni etthukelutundha ? hahaha ??? same leap concept of star plus serials…I hope it won’t happen in this serial


    Day before yesterday I watched spa 2016…totally disappointed ?…full award gone to yhm…..irritating…..they only got international Jodi and best Jodi award…if Raman’s first marriage was at it’s age of 26 and if his son’s age is approximately 15…then now his age is around 41….but Ishita was only 24 or 25 they best Jodi??????????? Sorry if I hate somebody…it’s just my wish…i like yhm.. ..for me first is dabh…sooraj and sandhya are the cute and best couples…….they only suited for this….my love is always there for dabh………..

  4. Superb Episode.
    Purvi’s truth is coming out one by one.Hope they don’t drag this track unnecessarily.
    Good Precap.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    But plzzz end this track soon.Plzzz….

  5. Nice episode. DABH is always different from other serials. Well said lovely serial DABH. I am also very much disappointed. This year SPA award is very worst, very parciality and not deserved candidate (pati, patni jodi awards ).

  6. Pls Mr directer ! Don’t make sandya disrespect massa if masa is not at fault . It would be fun if everyone go against massa and only sandy supports her !! Be cuz sandy has an eagl’s eye and knows the culprit . In arzoo’s case she was misled by arzoo’s suspecious dreads ! I hope this time it won’t happen.

  7. Purvi is behind all this n she did this to herself n i think Maasaa is afraid of her but wat her motive behind sandhya

  8. raman n ishita like a uncle and aunty bt look our soosan jodI my fav couple

  9. Can someone tell me who maasa is – what is the relation?
    I always thought maasa was bhabho’s saas, but that doesn’t make sense as Om would have to be Arun’s brother then….?

  10. Purvi seems to be an arch villi and sandya should discover the real character of Purvi.


    Yes u r absolutely correct sitharad….I agree with u…

  12. No om is maasa’s grandson and arun rati is maasa’s son only.

  13. Arun rathi is massa’s nephew( brother’s son) remember when they took sandy as a bride to meet her massa then she said ‘ u forgot your massa when ur parent passed that was me who raised u’ so massa has younger children than babasa ! And her husband is almost the same age as babasa!


    Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes…dabh rocking….and now its rockzzzzzxx

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