Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Zakir being happy that this time Sandhya can never win. Everyone leave from the base camp to do the task and proceed in different directions. Sandhya feels the compass is not showing her the right direction and its opposite of the map. Someone is watching Sandhya. Zakir runs towards victory to get the flags. Sandhya says am I in wrong path. She thinks of following the compass and is misled. She sees the way closed and slips into the forest. Rahul and Roma are also doing the task. Zakir marks the trees so that he can’t get lost in the jungle. Zakir sees the flag and smiles. Sandhya is still wandering. She hears some animal sounds and takes our her gun.

Dilip’s mum calls Dilip and Chavi for lunch. Dilip tells Chavi to come. Chavi is annoyed and

says i m not hungry. Dilip asks why, are you missing your parents, call them and talk, are you annoyed with me. Chavi starts arguing with him as they could not go on honeymoon. She says you did not ask me what I want. He says Nani died and how can we go on honeymoon in this situation, we can go after few days. Chavi says you don’t care about me. He says I would have not supported you at lahenge matter, try to understand. He scolds her and says I did not dream that you are so selfish. He leaves in anger.

Officer Singh asks Rastogi that the cadets might be coming now, we will teach them to make weapons today. Zakir gets the flag and comes back to the base camp. Officer Singh says congrats, go and keep the flag behind the tent. Zakir says finally I did this task first. He sees another flag already there and is shocked. He says whose flag is this. He says Roma? Rahul? he is shocked to see Sandhya’s name on the board. Sandhya brings some tree barks. Sandhya says congrats Zakir, you also did the task. Zakir thinks how can Sandhya come before me, I damaged her compass, then how. Officer Singh is impressed by Sandhya.

Rahul waits for Roma. Sandhya says I m puzzled how she has not come till now. Zakir says it means Roma, I will check whether the damaged compass went to someone else. Zakir checks everyone’s bags and says it means the damaged compass went to Roma. Rahul tells Sandhya that he will go and find Roma. Officer Singh says I hope she is not in any problem, so we are going to find her. She says you all won’t leave the base camp in our absence, that is an order. Officer Singh and Rastogi leave. Sandhya asks Rahul not tot worry. Rahul is worried.

Officer Singh calls out Roma’s name. Sandhya asks Rahul not to take tension…… Rahul is much worried and praying for Roma. He says why did she not come back. She says Officer Singh will bring her back. Zakir says Roma will be found by Officer Singh, if she sees the compass, Officer Singh will find out that I have damaged it.

Emily comes to talk to Mohit. Mohit is working and does not talk to her well. Emily says I have got a bog marriaage order and the party is giving me Rs. 25000. Mohit gets happy. She says the marriage is in Goa and I have to go there with my assistant. I don’t know what to do, so I came to ask you. Mohit says Bhabho won’t let you go alone. Emily says then let it be, I will cancel the order. He says are you mad, I have one way, I will come with you, I will help you. Emily is happy and says how will you get leave. He says I can do this for my wife. Mohit says its great deal.

Everyone are worried about Roma. Sandhya says Roma met me before going on the task. She had a friendship band which will shine at night, we have to tell Officer Singh, it will help her. I will go and tell her. Rahul says don’t go, Officer Singh asked us not to go. Sandhya says maybe Roma is in danger and needs help. Zakir says Sandhya is right, we should go to find Roma. Rahul agrees and says we all will go. Zakir thinks I have to reach Roma first and get the magnet back from her compass. The terrorists take Roma to their camp.

Officer Singh sees Roma and runs to her. The terrorists looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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