Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arpita taking Sandhya to record room. She says I did some investigations about Mansi, based on your bytes, and got these potli near the mountain cliff. I got her clothes, id card and this suicide note. Sandhya reads the suicide note. Arpita says its Mansi’s handwriting, I got it checked, now there is nothing left in this case, we should tell this to her parents. Sandhya asks did you get her body. Arpita says no, that cliff is so deep that its impossible to get body. Sandhya says by seeing her medical tests, I felt she got targeted by s*x racket, I can’t believe this suicide thing.

Neeta asks Amit when will Sandhya find Mansi. He asks her to have some patience, Sandhya will work hard and do her work. She says fine, but I m scared if they come here then. The goons

come to them. The goons enter the home and beat Amit. Amit says I m not lying, she has run away, give us two days. Neeta says leave him, we are trying hard to find Mansi, we will give her to you, give us time. Amit says give me one week time, I will find her. The goon says just he will decide for your life, you are the culprit.

Arpita asks how can you be sure. Sandhya says check suicide note, when person has to die, why will she write letter well, it seems its written in all senses, I feel Mansi wrote this in all her senses. Arpita agrees and says it looks so, but why did Mansi write this, or did kidnapper make her write this. Sandhya says no, if kidnapper had to do this, he would have sent this 2 months ago, I think Mansi wants to declare herself dead, maybe she did all this.

Arpita asks why will she do this. Sandhya says just her parents can answer this, we will go and interrogate them. They leave. Makrand talks to Amit and Neeta on video call, and scolds them asking to find Mansi else they won’t be spared. Amit says we will find Mansi, we work for you since long time, we lost this girl, I will find her, trust me. Sandhya and Arpita are on the way. Makrand gives them 48 hours. He ends the call. Sandhya and Arpita come there and see the goons. The goons hide all the guns. Sandhya thinks who are they.

Sandhya asks Amit are these men of landlord, who want to catch Mansi, Arpita stop them. Neeta says no use, they are pressurizing us, Mansi has threat to her life. save her.

Maasa and Sooraj have a talk. Sooraj recalls Vansh and cries. Maasa sees Sooraj and asks what happened. Sooraj says nothing, I recalled Vansh, he is angry and annoyed with us. Maasa consoles him and says true love is like growing a plant, when true love showers on plant, it grows, I m sure Vansh will understand everything and come to you, he will have smile on face and respect in eyes. Sooraj smiles.

Sandhya asks Neeta to have patience, I promise nothing will happen to Mansi, I will get her, give me 2-3 days, Mansi will be infront of you, this is my promise. Amit and Neeta get worried as they have just 48 hours to find Mansi and handover her to Makrand. Sandhya and Arpita leave. Amit thinks when Sandhya gives Mansi to us, we will give Mansi to Makrand, then this fake parents drama will end. Amit and Neeta smile.

Maasa helps Emily and fixes a glittering butterfly sticker on her back. Emily goes. Maasa says now it will be fun, Om dislikes all these things. Emily goes to room. Om sees that and changes place as he dislikes that sticker thing. Emily and Om ask each other whats their problem. She asks him to sit at one place and work. He says I m not able to work because of you. She asks what did I do. He shows her back. She sees the butterfly. He asks are you college going girl. She says I did not fix this, I don’t know. He turns her and says I don’t like to touch you or help you, I hate seeing this, so I m removing this. He removes the sticker. Emily goes and lies down to sleep.

Arpita tells Sandhya that Mansi has diabetes, she will need insulin, if we keep medical camp, Mansi can come there, or kidnappers can get her. Sandhya says no, I don’t think this will work, they know police is finding her, so they planted this suicide note, I don’t think Mansi will come out this way. Arpita asks how will we find out then. Sandhya asks her to see suicide note carefully again. Arpita checks.

Meenakshi tells lady that she is ready to send Misri to Dubai. A girl is shown dragged by goons.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The story has failed miserably in entertaining the viewers. Kidnapping, cheating etc are all repetitions that rub the salt into our wounds. On the whole it’s tiring to watch indeed.

  2. Superb Episode
    I suspected Amit & Neeta in their intro scene itself bcoz DABH team shot that scene such a way.Now my guess turned true.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes to see how SANDHYA gonna save the girls & defeat this dirty bastard child traffickers.
    (I called real life child traffickers BASTARD,not the actors playing such characters in movies and serials)

  3. Great! Sandhya will be succesful in this case. But i dont understand what’s the traffickers’ aim to kidnap Mansi and how Mishri will be caged………..Yeah eagerly waiting
    Love DABH

  4. I am sure arpita is acting……if it is so than it would be very bad.i want sndhya and arpita to be friends and solve the mistery together….

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